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Default Free Axel Moeller!

Freedom of Speech and Political Oppression = Prison in Germany
Free Axel Moeller!

Axel Möller’s closing statement before the Rostock District Court in the Altermedia Trial on October 24th, 2011

When I now pass up the plea of my lawyer, it is not because of dissatisfaction on my part with his work up till now, or that I have an issue with him as a person, rather it is purely and simply for the reason that I deem such a plea where the outcome as we know has already been determined, a merely superfluous charade. Hence, I therefore thank him at this point for his efforts, and will now take over the remainder of the story myself. The court may wish to take this declaration as a personal plea and last word of mine in one.

It is not my intention to bore the court or the audience with endless national narrative, the denial of freedom of speech, or similar, by citing constitutional freedoms of which I know that these are either not granted to people of my political persuasion at all, or if so, only after a series of long and undignified squabbling through all possible court appeals. Thus, the text of the indictment is as far as I am concerned, already enough proof to illustrate the absurdities and ridiculousness the court deems necessary, in order to temporarily pull me from circulation. I would have wished that the public prosecutor had found at least some serious reasons for my being temporarily removed from society, than such a petty ragbag of witless, simplistic and naive perfidy.

Therefore, at this point, I would like once again confirm explicitly the fact, which during the reading of my "confession" by lawyer Blume, may have come across insufficiently, namely that among the charges that I am accused of, there is not one single article which I would regret in hindsight or even change – not even if I were promised a penal reduction.

As far as my articles are concerned: Everything that I have written and for which I am here accused, is meant as it was written.

In regard to the comments: I must concede that my activating them, thereby granting perhaps too much leniency in matters of freedom of speech in general, may in hindsight have been a fault; yet it should not be forgotten at this point also, that the activation of comments also included political opponents.
In spite of that I do not regret them, even though they will affect the case to my disadvantage, as I am penalized now additionally for charges for whose contents I am basically not responsible. Nevertheless, I would like to state to that effect that I still hold the view that an opinion cannot be taken as an occasion to suppress arbitrarily, only because it maybe determined silly or false by me or by others.

Hence, I assert that my attitude would be no different than the one during the time, when I activated these comments.

All the more, since I cannot detect anything in the comments that I am charged with that would be punishable in any way.

In fact, it was exactly on the first day of the trial where I learned that it is apparently opportune in this country, to smear threats of violence or murder onto public buildings, as was done for example to the local district court, since the perpetrators can obviously be certain that neither the media nor the court will take official notice and will just let the whole thing fizzle out.

It is, however, conceivable that public threats of violence or murder against my person for political reasons is seemingly of lesser importance, than imagined and fancied murder threats towards public prosecutors or other contemporaries by some wanton chatterboxes in the comment columns of Altermedia.

I would like to ascertain moreover that if I had the need to want to see some public prosecutors or others of my political opponents dead, I would not lack the possibilities to put this wish into action. If I refrain from such action, it is not because I suffer under scruples, but quite simply, because such contemporaries with their increasingly repressive, narrow-minded and naïve politics in Germany, cooperate with my political interests unwittingly, by sawing off themselves the branch they’re sitting on. Hence, it is difficult for me to see, why I should remove or have removed such opponents, just because they are naïve enough to make fools of themselves. Apart from that fact I would like to think that even a politically so prejudiced court, does not assess me that stupid that I would announce or even discuss such matters in some virtual Internet blogs. I have no intention to ennoble the folly of such persons by an undeserved martyrdom.

Some irritation occurred after the first day of the trial among the media and the general public due to the assumption that the defendants had cut a "deal" with the court. I declare for my person alone that at no time during the trial was I to deny even one of the actions that I am accused of, therefore I view the "confession" demanded by the court, not as a “confession”, as already described in the beginning, but rather as clear commitment and – I will tell you: a very proud one in addition.
Thus in the articles charged to me I have merely described the things as they are and not as some contemporaries would like them to be.

Apart from that, in my present court procedures and particularly in the last appeal proceedings before the county court of Stralsund, the district judge there instructed me, that it is completely immaterial whether or what I say in my defense, since the verdict is certain in any case, one way or another. –So, why waste time with nullities in order to postpone something, which is unavoidable anyway?
When I began with my journalistic activity, I knew from the outset what I would get involved in and where this way would lead me. So, why drag out this story here artificially via juridical feints which would attest to the same pettiness as are the charges raised against me? There is no reason for that from my perspective.

Instead, I am of the firm opinion that a really free man must be ready to stand by his actions, even if the consequences might be unpleasant for him. It poses no problems for me to go to prison for some years to come for my dissent. I am after all convinced of the fact that the day will come that the absurdity of accusation against me and my co-defendant will sooner or later fall back on the originators.

Now it is up to the court, to either wisely acquit me, knowing of the invalidity of the charges held against me, and in this way to pay me a favor, or to lock me up for the coming years, faithfully adhering to state order and thereby lending proof to my honor that Axel Möller, is not a man who writes trite articles from the Internet’s safe distance that he quickly and conveniently forgets when faced with a significant headwind, but that he is truly a man who is ready to pay the prize of his freedom, for the therein represented Weltanschauung [conviction/ philosophy of life] and –I may assure you – if it had to be, pay for it with his life as well.

At times such as these, however, I prefer the honor before the favor, for that reason enact over me as you wish.
Nevertheless, at the closing of this explanation I would still like to assure you that I shall continue my fight against your political system, no matter where I may be in the future, whether on the street, in an enterprise, at the computer – or, even in the lonesome dreariness of a prison cell, wherein I will still be freer than you, who are outside it because I know that true freedom is not dependent on exterior accommodation circumstances, but on one’s mental attitude.

As a political offender by conviction, I reject any extenuating circumstances for my person with disdain, since I see myself in every regard in the right, and therefore do not intent to haggle with people like you over the right on freedom of speech. If I have learnt something since 1989, then that also in a democracy like the present one, the freedom of the word is not given as a gift, but rather that one must take it when the opportunity presents itself.
I was able to do this more than twelve years nearly every single day, by having the honor to be allowed to participate in projects which in contrast to the current media, and in spite of preconceived ideological orientation never failed to also permit the political opponent, to shed his arguments in the fullest extent.
So much the more, because I am of the opinion that my Weltanschauung is strong enough to also endure views and opinions which do not correspond with my conviction. Such an extended span of freedom void of paternalism and censorship has of course its price and I am glad and also in a way grateful to my fate, to be allowed to pay it off today, by seizing the opportunity to also commit to my thoughts publicly, since I behold the penalty which you will before long impose on me less of a penalty, but rather as a kind of slightly different Pulitzer price.

I would like to close this "plea" with a verse of the German poet and literary historian Adolf Bartels whom I personally respect greatly.

A verse, which in my view most fittingly describes the present state of democracy in Germany, even though it was written as early as 1912:

Freedom resembles the sunshine,
For which fresh leaves are the gratitude.
Yet, what use is the sun to the tree
If its deepest root is diseased.

I thank the court for its attention and stand now with my person completely on hand, no matter the forthcoming verdict.


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