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Old November 6th, 2014 #1
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Christopher Sandau (Canada)

Canada: Brave White Man Fired for Posting “Nazi Propaganda” and Openly Denying Holohoax

Marcus Cicero
Daily Stormer

November 6, 2014

Christopher Maximilian Sandau, a popular children's hockey coach, was fired after his National Socialist imagery was revealed. In a later interview, he openly denied the fantasy nonsense of the "Holocaust."

Christopher Maximilian Sandau, a popular children’s hockey coach, was fired after his National Socialist imagery and exposure of the fake “Holocaust” was revealed.

A heroic White man was fired from his job as a beloved children’s hockey coach early this week, after his openly National Socialist and anti-Jew worldview became known through multiple Facebook posts, which have since been deleted.

Thirty-three year old Christopher Maximilian Sandau, a resident of British Columbia and a former professional hockey player, had made his rock-solid understanding of history, Third Reich policy, and the West’s crippling Jewish Problem a major component of his online persona, often releasing “memes” that condemned the terrible “Brother’s War” that devastated Europe at the behest of the International Parasite.

According to those spineless vermin and traitors in positions of power, Sandau’s intelligent truths constitute “extremism,” and violate the the local hockey league’s stance on “popular role models” for some vague and entirely undefined reason.

When confronted by representatives of the press, Sandau refused to back away from his beliefs, and instead launched into a rebuttal of the Jew-devised fable known to most as the “Holocaust,” the denial of which can be treated as a “hate crime” punishable by arrest and/or fines in Canada.

An example of Christopher's political and social awakening. Not one letter of
this can be disproved by those who wish our race's destruction.

An example of Christopher’s political and social awakening. Not one letter of this can be disproved by those who wish our race’s destruction.

Vancouver Sun:

A North Delta minor hockey coach has been fired for posting Nazi propaganda to his Facebook page.

“You can’t be a Nazi and coach kids hockey,” said one concerned parent.

The North Delta Minor Hockey Association fired Christopher Maximilian Sandau, 33, from its rep hockey program on Saturday (Nov. 1) after receiving information about “disturbing” public social media posts.

“The posts contained extreme and objectionable material believed to be incompatible with an important purpose of our minor hockey association — to promote and encourage good citizenship,” Anita Cairney, president of the NDMH, said in a prepared statement.

“The NDMHA requires that our coaches present themselves as positive role models for our children athletes,” she added. Cairney said the association’s board of directors voted to “relieve this coach of all association” with the NDMHA effective Nov. 1, and that alternate coaching arrangements have been put in place.

Sandau’s Facebook page is largely a shrine to Adolf Hitler and Nazism. Included is a swastika over which Sandau wrote “may god be with us and the truth prevail,” another swastika with the message “If this flag offends you you need a history lesson,” and a photoshopped image of an astronaut standing on the moon, doing a “sieg heil” salute to a Nazi flag.

There’s a photo of Hitler, with the message “Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told,” and many other postings of similar subject matter that were still on his Facebook page at deadline Wednesday morning.

Sandau said he played professional hockey in Germany and has visited the memorial sites of concentration camps like Dachau. As for the Holocaust, Sandau maintains, “There is no such plan, there was no idea.”

He claims the prisoners shown in newsreels were bald because of a “brutal lice infestation” and emaciated from disease. “These people died from typhus. The Germans were actually doing their best to save these people.

“These people were not that evil as we’re told.”

Instead of engaging in spirited debate, which is utterly impossible due to the absurdity of the drivel pushed forward as fact, those engaged in chronic sedition feel it necessary to demonize and attack men and women who abhor the concept of submission and complacency.

This example to us all should be treated as a vanguard fighter in the slow awakening of White folks the world over. He is now facing personal ruin for his decision to stand for his beliefs, entirely truthful and unassailable, and his now-outspoken disgust at what the Jew has done to our once-prosperous societies.

May many more follow Christopher’s lead in shattering the lies and myths drummed into our heads from the earliest possible time, and may the stranglehold of the Christ-killing subversive at long last reach its conclusion.


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