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Default Family: today and yesterday

Family: today and yesterday
The family of yesterday based upon traditional roles where women played their role as caregiver and homemaker as well as supportive companion serving as the glue which binds the family unit together, the men as defenders and sustainers through external relations with the larger society deriving the resources which uphold the integrity of the family unit through involvement with that outside of itself with it being the focus and orientation.
Both respected their traditional roles and knew the necessity of those same as the necessary condition of the continuance of their lineage and the eternal life of their oversoul in its evolution through incarnation of forms.
The stereotypes of masculine and feminine were the pillars of support of this great work, around which circumambulated the generations of posterity weaving their coloured ribbons around these maypole totems of fertility based upon the solid foundation of nature.
Thus the sexes were not chums or ‘comrades’ in a communist kibbutz but were separate in their function working in a unified way in harmonious synchronicity for the achievement of this purpose. Tradition was (and will always be) the entelechy of culture that sustains that of the biological beings (races and race members) who are the bearers of culture.
So begins the destruction of the family unit with the destruction of tradition by the mind manipulators / black magicians who have through this means of illusion generation broken apart the fabric of the family unit and left it in tatters, have struck with the axe of cultural degeneration the pillars of Jacin and Boas thereby nearly toppling the temple of the family unit and thereby the bases of society.
This leads to the so-called family or ‘fam’ of today which is one of infamy not of holiest of holies; a sacrilege against nature, an abomination which leaves desolate, and sowing the seeds of its own destruction results in a white sepulchre of its own fabrication thus a ruined temple of spiritually dead quasi-life, the temple of the living dead.
Hence is seen the bending and breaking of sex-gender correlations where the natural union of behaviour and biology is severed in the name of freedom and substituted for a chaos of floating signifiers which are chique today and passé tomorrow wreaking havoc amongst those they influence through the irreparable damage caused (sex change operations, vasectomies, insemination of foreign dna and mixed-race children, etc.).
The family unit of today is the hollow mockery of yesterday; the castration of men (psychical and even physical, but certainly hormonal through chemical means and malnourishment, etc.) and the phallicization of women have served to invert nature along Luciferian lines substituting the illusion of freedom (to be anything, do anything) for the reality of life, being freedom in its negative moment, i.e. under the limitations of natural law not its violation in the name of life beyond life, a mystico-magical illusionary false reality portrayed as the height of heights when it is the bottom of life, the grave.

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