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Post Anne Frank Diary Fraud Finally Admitted

So, finally they admitted the long time fraud publicly. Anne Frank's diary was co-authored by her father and thus the credibility of the book finally comes to an end.

The Basel, Switzerland, Anne Frank Fonds (Anne Frank Fund), which controls the copyright to the Diary of Anne Frank, has admitted that the book was in fact at least co-authored by Otto Frank, Anne’s father, after the war.

The admission proves that the book, which is still heavily promoted as a "holocaust memoir", is in fact largely a postwar fabrication which contained parts of the young Anne’s diary with extensive additions added by her father. This is obvious from even a cursory look at the actual diary. See, for example, the image below of two pages from the diary, which shows both Anne’s real youthful handwriting and her father’s obviously adult handwriting, although he signs his entries as “Anne Frank.”

[photos at link]

Normal copyright on books extends only 70 years after the author’s death. As Anne Frank died of typhus in Bergen Belsen in February 1945, the book theoretically entered the public domain in February 2015. But, as the New York Times went on to say, the Anne Frank Fonds has now decided to try to extend copyright on the book past the 70 year cut-off period by admitting that Otto Frank, who died in 1980, was indeed a "co-author" after all.

Foundation officials "should think very carefully about the consequences", said Agnès Tricoire, a lawyer in Paris who specializes in intellectual property rights in France, where critics have been the most vociferous and are organizing a challenge. "If you follow their arguments, it means that they have lied for years about the fact that it was only written by Anne Frank."

People already knew that the dairy was written with a BIC ballpoint pen, which was only a prototype at that time and was in no way industrialized, let alone sold on the market. They were commercialized in 1951. This already permitted many people to determine the book to be a fraud as it was physically impossible, unless, Anne Frank had a way to travel through time, to the future and then return with a BIC ballpoint pen...

Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank made millions out of the death of her daughter. This is a disgusting display of macabre money making, thus by doing so he shows no respect for her daughter or her memory, while non-Jews are supposed to cry out for the faked, fantasized story this man made us believe was true. I truly hope this new victory of truth will open the eyes of many about the true nature of Judaism. It is not moral, it is a barbaric ideology of supremacy, hatred and lies.

Well be to you all,

read full article at source:
Old February 19th, 2016 #2
Jerry Remy
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Jerry Remy

It's about time...
Old February 21st, 2016 #3
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So, maybe he thought it needed some editing, he also survived the Holocaust, perhaps he wanted to add some perspective. Stuff like this happens all the time, nothing in the world is genuine.
Old February 21st, 2016 #4
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The real Anne Frank was a two-bit tranny whore who sucked dick for beer money out behind the seediest Berlin bars.
The ink of the learned is as precious as the blood of the martyr. For one drop of ink may make millions think.
Old February 21st, 2016 #5
EDLIE Stampton
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Originally Posted by brutus View Post
The real Anne Frank was a two-bit tranny whore who sucked dick for beer money out behind the seediest Berlin bars.
If she was a he I want my money back.
This will my third time taking those jew fuckers to small claims.

My genuine little Anne Fwank dentures ash try and my little Anne Fwank nipple skin table lamp were the other times.

The court told me to fuck right off.
This time I have a good chance of getting my two bits back.

I will be canceling the genuine little Anne Fwank genuine arse ring ring with 100% genuine gold alike plating.
Old February 21st, 2016 #6
Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

This doesn't mean the jews will immediately stop acting like the story is true, or stop having it read in schools. They've made way too much money off it and instilled too much White guilt to stop, along with the rest of their Holohoax industry/religion. A small victory for us, but the jew as you know, won't shout uncle just yet.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor

anne frank, holocaust fairytales, holocaust fiction, holocaust heresy


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