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Old February 6th, 2018 #3621
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I did not know the NA board members tried to get rid of williams, if that is the cade he should obviously not remain as a chairman, the purpose of having a board instead of a single individual is to prevent a single individual from destroying everything, unfortunatily it is probably too late now.

Originally Posted by Bob DeMarais View Post
A Paltry 20%

Williams is annoyed that a measly 20% of his members returned his membership survey; in Dr. Pierce’s day, the number was essentially 100%.

Perhaps, the other 80% of his members fear giving the William’s their personal information. Anything that the naive give to Williams can and will be used against them.

Williams turned on me and on many others; he is a snake. He may spend years trying to destroy the peace and happiness that you have. The vindictive Williams has been stalking Harold Covington for 20+ years.

Williams sends his Flying Monkeys to search the internet. His agents may even visit your relatives’ homes. He has hired private detectives for his purposes.

Williams will grasp at any apparent dirt on you, twist it, and blow it out of proportion. Williams and his Flying Monkeys will use it to publicly proclaim you are crazy, unstable, a thief, a liar, and/or a defrauder.
I have a similar experience with the nordic resistance movement except that it probably was low level members/supporters that went after me, these nazi cults are very counterproductive, the end result is s few in the top getting rich while many lives get's ruined, one guy "esa holappa" broke down completely and will now candidate for a green party.

I have examined both creativity, creativity is actually repranded nazi garbage mixed in with bad health advice. Cosmotheism and libertarians are two examples of moral system based on an assumption you cannot make.

Pierce are actually a bit overrated, he as an individual impresses me but his ideology are flawed and he avoided topics such as monogamh vs polygamy, genetic engineering, etc.
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Randolph Dilloway
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Default Alex, I'll take Michael "Can't be away from my dog Miracle" Storm for $100

Photo from the SPLC article Chaos on the Compound.

Michael, did you know your dumbass called up my folks, getting them all upset prior to Dr. Heidi Beirich's visit?

Dr. Beirich showed me the above photo and asked me if I knew you.

Told her yes. That's the piece of shit that called my elderly mother and got her all upset.

Michael, how did the SPLC get your name and photo prior to meeting me? Will Williams?

Michael, did you not think someone would not eventually pass along the following email to me?


Will Williams <[email protected]>

05/05/15 at 9:04 PM

michael storm

Message body

Interesting stuff. We've been on the phone with an Indian named Shawn with Yahoo security for the last couple of hours and he was also talking to Mike, who will be here physically tomorrow afternoon. We'll know more tomorrow, but had to pay Yahoo $800 for their services and software protection. Shawn says RD was accessing my and Lana's computers from his Yahoo email address. Mr. Randolph Dilloway is going to be a very special case before this all plays out.

I need his mother's birthplace and the name of his favorite movie in order to gain access to his email, which HAS now been blocked from his access. His folks may live in Howell, MI -- that's where he went to high school. If you can get hold of her with a clever pretext call, she might tell you her son's favorite movie. Anyway, getting her birthplace should be easy through one of those genealogy sites. If the fool has a Facebook account, he probably lists his favorite flick (American History X or Romper Stomper, or some such), knowing him.

I'll have to get back to you on other email. No time today for emailing.

Cc'd: Mike


For the numbnuts out there, note the date of the e-mail - TWO days after I left West Virginia.

I imagine most of you keyboard warriors out there, Crowe, for example, probably have no family, but how do you look in your mother's eyes and tell her that no harm will come to her?

Will Williams has posted my mother's full name and home address @ CensorFront last February, not once, but twice. Will Williams sent, along with the title to my truck ten months late, a letter to my mother one can see a threat between the lines March 2016.

Wake up people! Will "crazy checks" Williams has serious mental issues.

Michael, I tried telling you what Will Williams was when we watched the sun go down in the garage between the Farm House and Memorial Hall mid April 2015.

Should have listened to me, eh?

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Old February 7th, 2018 #3623
Randolph Dilloway
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Default A Shout Out To Will "Chicken Shit" Williams

March 2017, Willy had a mental breakdown and begged @ CensorFront moderators to shut down the Willy Alliance soap opera thread.

A year has passed, and it is past time for Willy to reopen his soap opera thread @ CensorFront and debate me openly like a man.
Old February 8th, 2018 #3624
Randolph Dilloway
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This Just In: Will Williams goes back to trial Friday, February 9th @ 9:00am (This Friday)

If you missed the first trial, here is Dr. Bob's report:

Originally Posted by Bob DeMarais View Post
William W. Williams Convicted

Williams was convicted of battery, despite long and cruel cross examinations of the State’s witnesses by Paul Detch, Williams’ attorney. Detch is a prominent West Virginia civil rights attorney.

During the trial, Williams twitched and “acted out” almost continually – occasionally making broad open-arm gesture’s with his hands, quietly pounding the defense table, not so quietly smacking his palms on the table, and maniacally staring at the witnesses.

When he chose to take the stand in his own defense, Williams strutted to the witness chair like an African football player who had just scored a touchdown. All of our people were kept out of the courtroom during Williams’ testimony, so we can only imagine Williams’ performance.

The trial lasted about three hours. Williams courtroom antics failed to carry the day.
The first trial, Willy was the only defense witness. This time his wife, and partner in crime, Svetlana is slated to testify for Willy.

This is going to be good. Make your reservations now and enjoy the show.

The 2015 Willy Alliance thread starts here:

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Old February 9th, 2018 #3625
Randolph Dilloway
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Willy should be up by now and have his false teeth in, getting ready to attend his retrial for his conviction of trying to strangle my female co-worker back in September 2015.

This has to be the longest dragged out misdemeanor case in the history of West Virginia.

Willy thanks all his supporters for paying his legal bills.
Old February 9th, 2018 #3626
Dr William Pierce
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Dr William Pierce

"Willy thanks all his supporters for paying his legal bills."

And his bed & breakfast bill as well.
Old February 9th, 2018 #3627
Randolph Dilloway
Join Date: Mar 2016
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The first hearing, over two years ago, as reported in the Pocahontas Times:

National Alliance chairman arrested at Mill Point

December 23, 2015

William White Williams, II, 68 [now 70], of Mountain City, Tennessee, was arrested December 16 at National Alliance headquarters in Mill Point on a charge of battery, a misdemeanor.

The warrant for his arrest stated that probable cause had been found that Williams committed the offense in Pocahontas County September 30, 2015.

The Criminal Complaint states that Pocahontas County Sheriff’s Deputy B. L. Kelly, along with Sheriff [David] Jonese, spoke with Garland E. DeCourcy about the incident December 2, 2015, and recorded the following information:

“Ms. DeCourcy stated that she worked for the National Alliance, located in Mill Point and worked for William White Williams, II.* Ms. DeCourcy stated that on September 30, 2015, she entered her office at Mill Point and Williams met her. Ms. DeCourcy stated that Mr. Williams lunged toward her and began choking her, and that Mr. Williams’ force knocked her into the corner of the room, away from the door.”*

According to DeCourcy, Michael Oljaca, who also worked for the National Alliance was present during the incident and pried Williams’ hands from her neck and pushed him away.

Oljaca stated that he was standing outside the doorway to DeCourcy’s office and saw Williams get up from his chair and lunge toward DeCourcy while making a motion with his left hand to “smack her.” Oljaca stated that Williams began choking DeCourcy with his right hand. Oljaca said he pulled Williams off of De Courcy and had to physically restrain him to prevent him from doing further damage.

A warrant for Williams’ arrest was issued December 16, and he was picked up that day.

Williams appeared in Magistrate Carrie Wilfong’s court where he pleaded not guilty to the battery charge, and a cash bond was set at $1,000. He was remanded to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail that day, and was released on bond December 17, under the following terms: “To have no direct or indirect physical or verbal contact by email, social media, phone, text or by any third party by methods listed, with Garland DeCourcy and Michael Oljaca…”

No hearing date has been set for this matter.
A January 7, 2014 article on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch website identifies Williams as one of two former senior National Alliance members who “announced their intentions to bring what was once America’s most influential hate group back to its glory days by relaunching it in another state under their own leadership.”

That relaunching plan was to utilize a barn on Williams’ remote property in Mountain City, Tennessee.

It was noted that Williams is a retired Army Special Forces Operator.
Old February 9th, 2018 #3628
Randolph Dilloway
Join Date: Mar 2016
Posts: 1,165
Default And it drags on.....

Willy's trial was taken off the docket at the last moment.

Trying to gather more details.

Did Willy enter a guilty plea, or was too chickenshit to go through another trial?

David "Pocahontas Mountain Nigger" Pringle just returned to Mill Point, WV after a five week absence. Looking forward to his January 2018 Report from the Mountain when he wasn't even there for the entire month. Pringle can tell Willy's fan club about Jay Hess' conviction for shoplifting two weeks ago.

Maybe the mountain nigger can tell us what happened today?

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Old February 9th, 2018 #3629
Randolph Dilloway
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Default The last time the National Alliance was at least functional


For three years, Willy "Chickenshit" Williams, David "Pocahontas mountain nigger" Pringle, and Jay "five finger discount" Hess has done just about nothing but goof off or commit crimes.

I, and others, want to see proof of what Willy and Pringle claim to have done to improve the former NAHQ.
Old February 9th, 2018 #3630
Randolph Dilloway
Join Date: Mar 2016
Posts: 1,165
Default The Willy Alliance Love Your Race Campaign - A Total Flop?

For months now, the Willy Alliance has been urging its supporters to pass out flyers this Valentine's Day, the Love Your Race flyer that I and other National Alliance members passed out by the tens of thousands in 2004.

This speaks volumes as to what the National Alliance has become today under Will W. Williams' mismanagement, or more likely, Willy's continual looting of the remaining once great brand, and destroying an organization Dr. William Luther Pierce spent his life building.

So far, I see little real activity, besides arrests and convictions. Willy may be able to fool others, but he cannot fool me. I was the one who helped him move Dr. Pierce's library to his pole barn back in March 2014. I was the first person to move on The Land back in early December 2014, after it was abandoned for three or four years.

I do have videos of what the "Cosmotheist Community" looked like when Willy was emailing some of you a bunch of bullshit.

Over the past week, I have been thumbing through three years of Willy Alliance Bulletins, laughing my ass off,

"Are Willy's remaining supporters that clueless?"
Old February 9th, 2018 #3631
Randolph Dilloway
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Originally Posted by carl_sebastian View Post
I did not know the NA board members tried to get rid of williams, if that is the cade he should obviously not remain as a chairman, the purpose of having a board instead of a single individual is to prevent a single individual from destroying everything, unfortunatily it is probably too late now.
I do not think it is too late, but it's close. I'll save that for another post.

Yes, the National Alliance board of directors voted Willy out of office at the end of September 2015.

That occured four months after I left The Land and did not find out until March 2016.

That was when Willy tried to choke to death my former co-worker Garland, shouting 'I've got to kill her, she knows too much.'

I also know too much.

Willy lasted about 15 months at the NAHQ before Dr. William Pierce showed him the gate. Old timers tell me Dr. Pierce was irritated seeing Willy's abandoned trailer parked by the Farm House every morning heading to work.

Willy left so fast that he forgot a few things. Dr. Pierce had it boxed up and Garland and I found it in the archives room in an old box.

Willy was no Green Beret.

His story of heroism, was actually his greatest shame.

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Old February 12th, 2018 #3632
Randolph Dilloway
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Default NA Bulletin - November 2017

NA Bulletin - November 2017

Will W. Williams:
It is rumored that xxxx's sole heir, her son xxxx, has told people that he "wants to fulfill his mother's wishes" as to the disposition of her library and her and her husband's political archives....Anyone reading this who can throw some light on these rumors, please write to Chairman Williams.
Will Williams providing way too much information for a bulletin, but what does he care? (Cut most of that section out.)

The above was immediately followed by a two page legal update on Will Williams suing my former coworker for allegedly stealing $2,200.00 in office equipment. Never mind this allegation was said to have occurred TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO.

This reminds me.....

Erich Gliebe and Shaun Walker actually caught a National Alliance staffer who stole over $1,000 in tools and equipment. They let him work it off and fired him.

"Dues Brothers" - 1
Pope Willy - 0

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Old February 13th, 2018 #3633
Randolph Dilloway
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Default Chairman Willy @ his playpen today.....

Will Williams

Anti-National Alliance sites removed

Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:00 pm

I tried to search White Biocentrism for the acronym 'NARRG' and discussion came up only in the Moderators' Forum. That shows we were disciplined enough to not pollute WB with the usual nonproductive "Movement" gossip until NARRG's $2,000,000 lawsuit, brought on 2 January, 2014, against NA was adjudicated.

NARRG's mendacious anti-NA blog and the NARRG Facebook page have finally been removed a year and a half after their bogus lawsuit was dismissed by a Virginia court, with prejudice. Since that dismissal of their lawsuit, whenever one would Google 'national alliance' the disgraceful scribblings of NARRGsters would be the top hits.
But not disciplined enough to get to work on a Monday morning like most normal White people.

The above post was much longer than what I quoted above. I estimate it took Will Williams, at a minimum, four hours to make the above post.

Will Williams is THAT slow in more ways than one.

If he had Googled his name and the National Alliance, over the past year, this thread shows right up there near the top, every week.

(Should we tell Willy?)

For those of you interested in more information on Will W. Williams than I can provide here,

Google: Will Williams SPLC Snitch

The website you will be looking for will be at the top.
Old February 13th, 2018 #3634
Randolph Dilloway
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Default WTH, I'll reply to this e-mail.....

I can be reached @

[email protected]


Hail Victory!

First time I heard of Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt was when I was living at the CSCS compound, from V.S. Herrell himself at the dining room table back in 2005.

Last I heard, by 2011, Herrell was being doped up on pills by his two sons, both physicians, so the family can have some peace. Also heard he basically lost his mind by then too, if not before.

No, I never was best buds with Will Williams. He sent me emails just about every other day for eight years. Unfortunately, like many others, I ignored most of them.

But when he needed something done, he knew I was willing to help.

Will Williams wanted to gather a group together to help clean up Ben Klassen's necropolis back in March 2008 after years of neglect. Told him I can make the time.

John McLaughlin and I helped Will Williams move Dr. Pierce's library from WV to Will Williams' pole barn in March 2014. I had the week off, Craig's car and $300 from Stan Diggs for gas and cigarettes.

And living on The Land from early December 2014 to May 2015.

Yes, I help saved Craig Cobb's new car and other valuables. No, I never stole anything from Craig.

Craig's brother hired a mexican crew to ship Craig's car back up to ND. I TOLD Stan Diggs to mail the valuables and get a receipt. The shithead Diggs, after it was stolen told me, "they showed up early and I hid it all in the back seat."

First thing I did was call up Craig Cobb and told him what I knew and did not steal anything from him.

Stan Diggs kept a running total of what Craig Cobb owed him for "helping" Craig out, I took care of Craig's car, driving it mainly to work and back, a new car dealership, a ten mile round trip. Letting a new car sit too long will damage the car battery. Cleaned and maintained the car. Never asked Craig for a dime. Last I heard, Stan Diggs still wants $950 from Craig, after collecting $560 a month.

Wasn't involved in Cobb's and Diggs' financial arrangements, and can't really say what Diggs received in total for "helping" Craig. But I think Digg's should thank Cobb for reimbursing him for the week long trip from Louisiana to North Dakota and back. Nice hotels, plus fuel for both vehicles on the way back.

Not sure if Craig knew I was the one who had his WalMart debit card and withdrew the money every first tuesday of the month, first thing in the morning, so the satellite company didn't get their $400 while he was locked up at a prison for the criminally insane, awaiting trial, an hour west of Fargo, ND. And then drive to Stan Diggs' place to give him the money because Diggs couldn't count on himself to get his lazy ass out of bed one day each month.

Yes, I am the dumbass who got up before 7:00am every first Tuesday of the month to withdraw some $560 from Craig Cobb's WalMart debit card (where his Social Security was deposited) so that the company who charged Craig Cobb $400/month for internet service at a house in Leith, North Dakota, in violation of code for having no indoor plumbing, didn't take it first.

Not really sure spending $400 a month for satellite internet to tell us all about his plumbing problems was the best decision on Craig's part.

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Randolph Dilloway
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Default Court updates, vital warnings, and other information....

(I am taking tonight off, the following is an update sent to me on the two active court cases.)

February 13, 2018

The illegally filed Fraud upon the Court, Civil case Willy personally filed in HIS name 9/9/2016 as Felony Victim/Witness intimidation, Felony Obstruction of Justice, Coercion, and Larceny was yet another in his long history of criminal law-fare, perjury, lies and Bullshit.

Willy lied, and continues to lie to all those non critical thinking suckers out there he and fellow thieves Pedo Strom, drunkard/druggie David Pringle, and now druggie shoplifter "Jay" Hess can bilk out of their hard earned money and VERY misplaced trust so they can live off it like the disturbed and dysfunctional parasites they are.

They all lie all over the net, in person, emails, begging bullshit laden phone calls, the yellow rag "Bulletins", broadcasts, etc and claim that people need to send in money because the NA et al is being sued. FALSE! (all matters of public record) It is Williams himself who himself caused and initiated all Court matters both Civil and Criminal. Several times done because Williams has specifically tried to use the Court to STEAL from the NA et al by any lie or means he deems necessary.

THAT is how far from the TRUTH all of their desperate whining lies are. Willy and his Gang of defectives are the worse of the worse who each have long history of screwing people over, violence, thieving, outing them, working with the enemy, and running cons and rip of schemes as their own welfare system of ripping off White folks.

There was a Civil Hearing scheduled for 2/14/18 but according to the docket has been changed. The Judge started a jury trial today in Greenbrier county, WV. As a result, the hearing scheduled for tomorrow in Pocahontas County, WV has been continued. It is now reset to 3/14/18 3:30‎ PM as of today.

One of Willy's Criminal trials for which he is VERY guilty has been rescheduled with a Motions Hearing now set for 4/26/18 @ 1 pm.

These matters and the fully public Courts Dockets, or Many Case Files in many States and Jurisdictions (even the Canada case which the Gang lies about) are all public records. Though Willy has spent fortunes in money he has no right or claim to and misuses in many Court Cases over the years trying to have portions of records SEALED (hidden) with Orders of Protection due to all the profound damning evidence of HIS, and his Willy Alliance Gang's crimes and cons that are in them.

Think about that!

Understand the ONLY people lying to you are Willy, Svetlana, Scott/Spiedel, Strom, Pringle, "Jay" Hess, and pill popping Streed (because Willy personally owes him MANY $10's of Thousands of dollars he can only recover if Willy runs and pulls off his crimes/cons; and they are tied into many serious Federal crimes together); and their equally guilty and complicit in the conspiracy and Criminal Gangs activities, or kool-aid drinking minions. They hide truths, vital information, critical information to continue their massive crime sprees, many VERY violent crimes, and parasitic ventures. All while putting every single person who has ANY form of contact with them in profound harm and danger, while ripping people off to pay for the pleasure of being setup and sold out.

We as Aryans and as We The People of this Republic and World are standing up and demanding truths, accountability, punishments, end to corruption and treason etc from our Governments and everywhere.

Why the hell would we tolerate it from Willy and his Gang? THEY all literally ARE a REAL part of The Swamp in so many ways that will someday be revealed.

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It seems to be our business to root out the liars. Needing natural aptitude, not difficult to present.
Old February 14th, 2018 #3637
Randolph Dilloway
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Default National Alliance Bulletin - January 2018

Pages 2-3.

Willy's Cosmotheist sermon on bequests:

We can report a new specific bequest to the National Alliance this month in the Last Will and Testament of a long time supporter. It's these generous bequests that will ensure the Alliance continues its revolutionary mission into the future.

It may take decades to achieve our goals, to defeat our enemies, and begin rebuilding a White world. Many of us will not live to see our final victory, but that victory is no less important to us because of that - and we can continue to fight for our goals whether we see them or not. Every member should take the necessary steps now to ensure that his own commitment to a White future will not end in his death. The procedure is simple: Make a will with the National Alliance as beneficiary with either a specific bequest or a remainder interest if other beneficiaries are named. A reliable attorney can draw this up properly and have it witnessed and dated. It's very helpful to mail a copy to the National Office, so please do so, but in case a copy does not reach us for any reason, be sure that you have named a thoroughly reliable executor to fulfill your final wishes.
Amen, pass the collection plate, Pope Willy has spoken.
Old February 14th, 2018 #3638
Randolph Dilloway
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Default National Alliance Bulletin - January 2018

National Alliance Bulletin - January 2018

Page 5.

Chairman Will: [SPLC informant XX] is sure obsessed with you. The guy should get a life, but I guess he's being very well paid to rant and rat. By the way, I thought the last BULLETIN was one of the best...
- A.H., Florida
"A.H." was triggered by the following post on this thread three weeks ago:

Pope Willy Williams responds:
A.H., don't allow what Alliance-haters say about us on anti-Alliance Internet forums, blogs, or whatever else, to affect you, especially from the admitted SPLC-paid informant and his allies...No Alliance member should waste his or her time and energy responding to these defamers, particularly on anti-Alliance sites.
LMWAO, Willy just about your entire January 2018 Bulletin is a reaction to what I have posted here on this thread.

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Randolph Dilloway
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Default Alex, I'll take YOU for $200....

Over @ Willy's playpen an hour or so ago.

Yes, they are talking about you Alex Linder.

[Anyone still thinks Will Williams does not suffer from a mental illness?]


Will Williams

Re: Anti-White Rally "in response" to Davenport flyers

Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:22 pm

Wade Hampton III wrote:... I posted on VNNfor many years, before it became obvious to me he was an agent provocateur.
That's reason enough to dissociate oneself from the provocative jerk. Maybe Dr. Pierce figured out the same about him when Linder was lobbying him hard to be given Kevin's job as Media Director and failed? Who knows? Who Cares?

Linder is one of several sworn enemies of the Alliance today, Wade. Fact! Didn't he "permaban" you from his forum soon after you started defending NA on his anti-NA forum? He did that to several other NA defenders.

He nor his other anti-NA provocateurs can foul our little WB forum, thanks.

Last edited by Randolph Dilloway; February 16th, 2018 at 01:37 AM.
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Randolph Dilloway
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Default Will Williams @ his playpen after lunch today....

Will Williams:
It has been two months, Jim, and I haven't heard a word from the Negro pastor Hendricks, the Muslim Iman, or their leader Rabbi Carp...

The rabbi's "former National Alliance member" buddy could also be "White nationalist" Alex Linder, who works with Dilloway and a couple of other SPLC informants, giving them a forum platform to attack the National Alliance.

LMWAO! This thread is open to the public and my user title is "Former NA Employee."

Let's see, we now may have a negro preacher, a Muslim Iman, and a rabbi reading this thread. Apparently FBI and law enforcement too, according to Willy (see below).

See this post:

And this:

Will Williams also posted the following today:
The Executive Committee of One Human Family QCA has been in ongoing communication with both the Davenport Police and the FBI about this matter. Both law enforcement agencies took this warning very seriously, especially since we did not know what “a big push” meant. It could be anything from increased flyer distribution to acts of violence. Just yesterday, in separate phone calls between me and the representatives of these law enforcement agencies, we each expressed relief that up until that time, nothing had materialized. All we had to do now was get through Valentine’s Day with nothing happening and we could mark the warning as a false alarm.
Big push? Here is where they may have gotten the idea:

January 25, 2018 over @ Willy's play pen....

Hard to keep up with the idiocy of the Willy Alliance nowdays.

Today over @ Willy's playpen, a thread was started, titled, Understand Your Rights While Spreading Our Message, reposting an article written back in June 25, 2004.

With the big push for all remaining ten members of Will Williams' "alliance" to hand out the Love Your Race flyers in the Quad Cities area of Iowa, and maybe in another area, one would think Will Williams is prudently reminding his gang how to follow the law.
Two weeks ago:

Originally Posted by Randolph Dilloway View Post
Willy Williams' letter to the editor

Willy was triggered by this editorial:

Willy doubles down on the Love Your Race flyer campaign in the Quad Cities.

With his only known activist in the area, Jim Mathias out on bond, facing a five year felony for carrying a gun on school property, who's going to pass out the flyers?

Pringle?* He doesn't even have a valid driver's license.

Kevin Strom? He still has ten years of probation for kiddie porn.

Jay Hess?* He rather shoplift small white family owned businesses in Pocahontas County.

Will Williams? He is still out on bond for his conviction for battery against my former female coworker.

What's the over/under for the week long Willy Alliance campaign?

A few hundred flyers?

Looks like no flyers went out.

Chairman Willy, instead of admitting his National Alliance is down to his few remaining friends and other associates, now wants his fan club to believe his months long campaign in the Quad Cities ended in complete failure because, according to Willy "crazy checks" Williams - 'Alex Linder is working with me and other SPLC informants.' Anyone believe this nonsense?

At least four long posts today by Willy. I estimate he worked on those posts 6-8 hours. Much of it dillusional bullshit.

When was the last time the VA gave Will Williams a mental health evaluation? They really ought to do one soon, I don't think Willy is in his right mind, or has been for quite some time.

Last edited by Randolph Dilloway; February 16th, 2018 at 01:29 AM.

kevin alfred strom, national alliance, will williams


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