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Old September 23rd, 2019 #1
Jock Lewes
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Jock Lewes
Default Another approach to teaching Whites about Jews

The Noticer on Telegram is doing a great job:
He/she simply identifies individuals who have posted anti-White tweets and identified themselves as Jews. The Noticer has also thrown up some of the most degenerate individuals I have ever seen - people proud of their multiple degeneracies.
The Noticer has also been noticed:
Old March 6th, 2020 #2
rod crowley
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rod crowley

Truly priceless.This is a must read.
Old March 6th, 2020 #3
Dawn Cannon
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Dawn Cannon

You are doing great work Noticer
Old April 30th, 2020 #4
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Every Jewish group has lists of white nationalists right. So we wns have the right to do the same thing. We don't have $60 billion stolen from the virus bailout fund like the ADL. Nobody here is spreading false conspirancy theories about Jews we are just telling the truth about them. Actually it is the Jews who are constantly spreading false conspiracy theories about white people.
"To Undo a Jew is charity and not a sin."
-Christopher Marlowe


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