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1st Edu
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1st Edu
Default More ideas for TAA

I think putting STD facts about blacks and the biohazard white skin piece of shite whores that bed with them pose to the community, or drawing attention to the growth of interracial couples will get peoples attention. It is natural instinct for men to be replused at this sight, and a lot of people think things but don't say anything. Then explain how the jews are behind this and why.

Also to expose the jews some more where it hurts them. The untouchable political topic of money creation. Kennedy touched it. The fed reserve is how the jews get their power to buy billion dollar media corps., fund 100 million dollar filth for the goy movies, tv shows, etc. They can print all the money they need or want, buy politicians.

Finally we have to hammer at the jews domination, ownership, and control of the mass media. WLP kept trying to drive this home to everyone. Once people realize this and the extent of the brain washing, the false realities, unnaturalness, filth, fucked up politics, cultural decay, poision, american decline will all make sense. Did I mention homosexual fags, and black white couples or images.

jewdeoChristianity is another topic to attack to break the mental and spritual chains of jewish enslavement. This is possibly a worst enemy than the jews but divisive among whites because alot of whites are jewchristoons.

just some thoughts.


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