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Tom Atherton
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Tom Atherton
Thumbs down Jews Attacking the Amish Again

Happened to catch a commercial for the new ‘Paranormal Activity’ movie that’s just been released to the cattle in time for Halloween a few days ago.

Commercial depicted a white girl in the 21st century going back to her ancestors’ abandoned home somewhere out in the sticks, for seemingly no reason other than for the ‘adventure’, and ‘fun.’ They show flashbacks of a perfect, yet ‘creepy’ all-white Amish family saying cultish chants at a dinner table, then return to the modern day white girl being stalked by some kind of demon in the house. To add insult to injury, the girl even appears to have a wirey-haired, hair helmet sporting nigger buck in tow that is presumably her boyfriend.

We know kikes have a seething hatred for white goyim, but it seems they have a special hatred in their black hearts for insular white religious groups that want to be left alone. They even blatantly point out that the family is Amish in the preview, LMAO. So cliche and jewish!

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