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Default Institute for Historical Review Meeting Held in Virginia on November 20

Mark Weber, director of the Institute of Historical Review (INSTITUTE FOR HISTORICAL REVIEW -- For a More Just, Sane and Peaceful World), spoke at an IHR meeting held at a rented venue in Arlington, Virginia, on the evening of November 20.

Mr. Weber spoke on the subject of "How and Why Did It All Go Wrong? The Passing of the Founders' America."

In his address, he compared and contrasted the racial beliefs of the Founders of the republic with those of today's political elites. Jefferson, Lincoln and others, he noted, had beliefs based on first-hand experience and on racial realism. Today's politicos, on the other hand, espouse racial policies based on their own selfish political interests and on anti-White ideologies that are divorced from reality.

Mr. Weber also noted that White Americans in general place extreme emphasis on the doctrine of individualism. This prevents them from seeing the world through a racial perspective, which in turn inhibits them from championing the collective interests of the race to which they belong.

The speech lasted for a little over one hour, after which there was a question and answer period.

One audience member asked, "Do you think that the ruling elites today are competent or not?" Mr. Weber answered, "no." The guest then asked, "Do you think the ruling elites are honest men or are they corrupt?" Mr. Weber said that they are corrupt. "Then how is the situation we are in today going to end?" was the third question, to which Weber answered simply, "In collapse."

Most of the audience remained to socialize after the meeting was formally adjourned. A selection of books and other printed material printed by the IHR was available for sale.
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