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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl
Default The Jews of Star Wars

The Jews of Star Wars

N.B. Links are in the original article.

Not too long ago I wrote an article pointing out the preponderance of jews among the cast and crew of the latest Star Wars film (see here) and I think it is important to follow this up by looking more broadly at the issue of the scale of jewish involvement in the Star Wars franchise.

To begin with we can look at the cast and when he see the list of the main actors and actresses in Star Wars: the number of jews involved really is quite phenomenal.

They are:

Natalie Portman (who is Padme Amidala in Episodes I to III) [see here]

Frank Oz (who is the voice of Yoda in all six episodes) [see here]

Carrie Fisher (who is Princess Leia Organa in Episodes IV to VI) [see here]

Harrison Ford (who is Hans Solo in Episodes IV to VI) [see here]

You also have Anthony Daniels (C-3PO in all six episodes) who I suspect is jewish, but I cannot find any comments on his familial origins that explicitly state this although several things reading his biography make me think it likely that he is of such an origin.

While the non-jewish actor Ewan McGregor (who is Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episodes I to III) has a jewish wife (as did Alec Guinness who played Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episodes IV to VI) and is bringing up his children to be jews.

This means that of the other main actors and actresses you have the following who are not jewish.

Mark Hamill (who is Luke Skywalker in Episodes IV to VI)

Jake Lloyd (who is Anakin Skywalker in Episode I)

Hayden Christensen (who is Anakin Skywalker in Episodes II, III and VI)

Kenny Baker (who is R2-D2 in all six episodes)

Peter Mayhew (who is Chewbacca in Episodes IV to VI)

This means that four out of twelve of the main cast of the Star Wars franchise are jewish, while another two are married to jews and another is a possible jew. If we leave out the possible jew and the two actors married to jewesses: then this means that 33 percent of the main cast of Star Wars are jews. If you include the three other more controversial individuals (i.e. Alec Guinness, Ewan McGregor and Anthony Daniels) then it hikes this figure to an astounding 58 percent.

Scary: huh?

When we turn to the crew we see a similar trend in the disproportionate representation of jews in the Star Wars franchise. These are:

Irvin Kershner (Director of Episode V) [see here]

Paul Hirsch (Editor of Episodes IV and V) [see here]

Peter Suschitzky (Director of Photography of Episode V) [see here]

Lawrence Kasdan (Screenplay Writer of Episode V and VI) [see here]

This means that four of the twenty-two senior members of the crew for the individual Star Wars episodes have been jewish, which translates to an impressive 18 percent.

What we can derive from this is that the Star Wars franchise is disproportionately dominated by jews and that as such it poses quite the intellectual problem for those who claim that the disproportionate representation of jews in Hollywood and the media is either merely a 'coincidence' or 'is a meaningless conspiracy theory'.

How do you explain the jewish domination of the Star Wars franchise using these two rubrics?

Simply put: you can't.


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