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Old July 13th, 2004 #1
Fredrik Haerne
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Default Is there any comedian worse than Roseanne Barr?

I mean, seriously. There was a show on yesterday where she appeared in several sketches, and she sounds like a squealing pig. And she couldn't stop smiling and giggling during the sketch, even when she was supposed to look angry or annoyed; I have seen pre-school kids with better acting skills.

IMDB describes her as "probably one of America's funniest comedians" -- writing that is a ticket to the noose on Rope Day.

The only thing that speaks in her favor is that she allowed Tom Selleck on her talk show (one of few episodes aired in Sweden, and the only episode I watched), where he affirmed that he was strongly in favor of the Right to Bear Arms: "I'm in favor of the Second Amendment ... and of the first, the third." Rare to see an actor who doesn't deserve a noose. (or does he...?)

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