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Ian Smith son
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Ian Smith son
Default Obama's Father: Frank Marshall Davis?

I tend to avoid conspiracy theories unless they have evidence to back them up and this one seems very plausible to me: Barack Obama's father may not be Barack Obama Sr. but instead a

man named Frank Marshall Davis.

Davis was a Black American communist who spent a large amount of time with Ann Dunham before she became pregnant. He was a close family friend of the Dunham's and he appears to have possibly

used Ann as a model for his pornographic ventures (video below)

Here's a comparison of Davis, a man who Obama credits in Dreams From My Father as a mentor - and a man who spent a large amount of time with his mother Ann during her college studies - next to Obama:

Obama Sr., Obama Jr., and Davis:

Obama Sr. and Jr.:

Obama Jr. as a child with Ann Dunham:

My analyses: Obama's facial features are more similar to Davis's, Obama has a high forehead as opposed to an extremely sloped one like Obama Sr., his nose structure and lips are also more

similar to Davis's.

Obama also has rather light skin, which appears more along the lines of the skin seen in American mulattos as opposed to someone who is truly half African.

Because Davis himself likely had some White ancestry (like most American Blacks), this would meanthat if he is Obama's father then Obama Jr. is not even half African. This actually fits his high level of

skill and his psychological traits.

I can't say that I'm sure Davis is his father, but it would make sense. The story provided by Joel Gilbert, who has investigated this issue, also makes sense. He claims that Dunham and Davis essentially

pinned their affair on Obama Sr., who was finishing his studies and would therefore be going back to Africa. Considering that Dunham was from an extremely leftist family and was sleeping with Black men

during the 60's, it would not surprise me if she had an affair.


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