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Old September 4th, 2019 #1
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Default Eddy Morrison skint again....

Starts up another joke party as a an excuse to earn a few quid selling merch and "vintage" magazines....

Same old shite, same old shitebag...

On the other forum, he even compares himself to Soros ffs. Does he not see the irony in that comparison??

"For any future banal insults I'm just going to ignore them. The accusation that I am too old (at 70) is hardly an argument. Soros is 92!!!

"Yes, some of my exís have been ugly. I admit Iíve been with some pretty ropey women" joefrombradford
Old September 5th, 2019 #2
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"What we believe.....the NPGB Statement of Policy

After our 'democratic ' Parliament has been shown that it has no interest in what we, the people believe - the withdrawal from the EU being a particularly good example of how they regard YOU , the British people as just 'vote fodder'
Enough is enough! The time in take back power into the hands of the people of Great Britain is long overdue and so we ask you to consider our policies for a free and independent Great Britain.
We do not expect you to agree with every single item in our Statement Of Policy but if you agree with the majority, as we think you will,, then your ace is in the ranks of the NPGB- the National Party Of Great Britain!

Statement of our main policy points
1. The ending of the current system of rule by direct election and in its place a system of the much fairer Proportional System of voting.
2. The Long overdue abolition of the House of Lords. Hundreds of retired and near senile fat cats, after decades of selling their country down the drain, now live in luxury at vast expense paid for by YOU!
3. The ending of both laisez-faire Capitalism and it's twin brother the vile creed of Marxist Socialism with a newly constructed economic order embodying the much fairer principles of Economic Distributism and the construction of a Corporate State.
4. The closing of our borders to the vast Third World hordes now knocking at this overcrowded islands gates and the ending of all non-white immigration. This will be followed by a well planned and fair system of repatriation of all none British Third World foreigners now living here and often abusing both our free NHS and the staggering billions of YOUR money they are given in benefits. This is causing an immense strain on many aspects of our deeply embattled economy.
5. The pledge of eternal union with our British brothers and sisters in the province of Ulster and the continued outlawing of the murderous IRA and it's offshoots.
6. The reintroduction of the death penalty for the crime of murder, treason, gang grooming and war crimes such as those committed by Tony Blair and his American puppeteers.
7. The revocation of all laws that attack and undermine the family unit. These include the recriminalisation of both homosexual and organised pornography which is currently polluting this nation to the detriment of the Family Unit.
8. The abolition of abortion on demand which we consider to be nothing less than the murder of healthy White babies UNLESS very special circumstances make it a medical necessity.
9. The destruction of the Liberalistic and politically motivated system of education at all levels and a return to traditional and useful teaching standards where as an example science replaces 'sociology ' and mathematics the teaching of 'sex education '.
10. A wind of change blowing through our whole educational system where students learn and earn proper degrees and not the
fake disciplines of for example 'gender studies'
11. The rebuilding of Great Britain's armed forces so that we once again become a salient power in this world.
12. The reintroduction of National Service either in the armed services or on land work and public construction.
13. The formation of a British Youth League with its teachings of a healthy family life and the dangers of drug abuse.
14. The nationalisation of all forms of gambling including the National Lottery. All monies so raised to be reinvestated in the Folk State.
15. The ending of Usury. The termination of private loan companies - all this work to be carried out by a reformed Bank of England. Low rate loans to newly married couples.
16. The encouragement of the widest policy of home ownership possible.
17. The withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union; NATO and the United Nations and the freeing of our country from the curse of Globalisation.
18. Britain to become as self-sufficuent as possible reducing our reliance on unnecessary imports.
19. The removal of the Pound from the swindle of the Federal Reserve Bank and the encouragement of alien financiers and their ilk to quit our shores as they have been made to do before.
20. The abolition of all laws that restrict freedom of expression and freedom of speech, thought and action.
21. The criminalization of all who use our Nation to plan terrorist activities and their swift removal from our Society.
22. The recognition that Britain is first and foremost a Christian nation and the discouragement of the teachings of alien religions and their often publicly paid for observance. An end to the building of mosques, temples and non Christian places of worship using public funds.
23. The ownership of the land in accordance with the principles of Distributism by the majority and not the often hereditary minority.

We propose a series of pamphlets covering in more detail aspects of the above policies. We shall endeavour to have the widest range of literature available.
This Statement is by no means comprehensive but does cover our main points of Policy."

Lol. I bet they are quaking with fear in Westminster...
"Yes, some of my exís have been ugly. I admit Iíve been with some pretty ropey women" joefrombradford
Old September 5th, 2019 #3
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Methinks he has at least one thing in common with Soros, if you "nose" what i mean.
Old September 8th, 2019 #4
Owain Jones
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Owain Jones

Another dinosaur role playing the 1980's in a nostalgia trip, that tips it's hat to previous decades.

He should launch a musical arm, RASTWLKB (Rock against something that would leave kids bemused) & sell button badges & sew on patches & then people would be able to identify the "enemy" before they steam in to battle against Luddites, Charterist's & the Roman empire, on football terraces, that no longer exist & everyone could maybe wear top hats when the waddle of to church on a Sunday, to join the minorities in their pews, praying to a bearded man, who reclines on clouds & who has been dead for centuries.


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