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Old June 3rd, 2019 #1
Kevin Goudreau
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Kevin Goudreau
Default Peterborough police, paramedics respond to 13 opioid-related overdoses, 2 deaths in 72 hours,Execute Drug Dealers!

We need to be like China and execute drug dealers that deal fentanyl, Purple Heroine, heroin and harsher punishments for crystal meth and crack. China has no drug problem. Ironically fentanyl and carfentanil are made in China which is used to make Purple Heroine that are killing Canadians, I suggest we do what we do in South and Central America and carry out strategic air strikes against Chinese factories that produce these drugs to end it at the source.

We must end the Methadone programs that is a more addictive and a dangerous substitute, its a multi-billion dollar industry for the "Legal Drug Dealers" paid for by taxpayers, where most addicts are on methadone for 10 years or more because they are allowed to bring their own doses up or down at will which kind of defeats the purpose of the program that they conned us into. I personally know a few people that have been on methadone for over a decade, the doctors should not be allowed to up[ their doses at all, it should only go down and should be off it in 6 months, instead if a junkie says they don't feel good their dose goes up however much they want. These doctors in methadone clinics should have their license revoked, they aren't helping anyone, doing more damage than good but filling their pocketbooks from kickbacks from the methadone producers, there is no oversight or proper laws to govern them.

needle exchange places need to be shut down because they are enabling junkies to use more with needles and crack-pipes, the only way in Canada you should be able to get free needles is through having a prescription for Diabetes in need of insulin for example. We need the death penalty to end this madness for people that import, manufacture and distribute these hard drugs and to be considered attempted murder or murder. Four acquaintances I know have died so far, one was my boss that had everything left behind a wife, kid and farmhouse in Norwood the other was just a friend that lived in my building and both I gave CPR to and tried to revive, Countless others lives iv met ruined and failing health, missing teeth, livers shot and she died at 24 and all are on the brink of death because of these drugs. Kill your local drug dealer.

Peterborough police, paramedics respond to 13 opioid-related overdoses, 2 deaths in 72 hours - Peterborough |

National Chairman, Canadian Nationalist Front
(705) 808-1488 [email protected]
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