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Default Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Power. A Thing of the Past?

I will now smash the cults of coal fired power plants, nuclear power plants, photovoltaic solar panels, wind farms, dams to produce electricity, etc.

Back in the late 50's, early 60's, The U.S. experimented with nuclear powered rockets. They operated at 5600 F. And despite being built light enough to fly, they were expected to create 600 hours of constant thrust. Or 25 days of thrust. So the engineering in this is around 60 years old.

Now 2% of water or steam will disassociate into hydrogen and oxygen atoms at 3600 F. Disassociate as in combust and create heat. Now I'm not sure on this next point. But I would have to guess that the percentage of water or steam that would combust would rise sharply from there without all that much of an increase in temperature. So that at say 4500 F, all of the water or steam would disassociate-combust. Possibly, even at a lower temperature than that.

Now let's say that a furnace was built and preheated to 5000 F. Then had water or steam injected into it which would then combust. And with this furnace being built much more robustly than a nuclear reactor being designed to be light enough to fly, it could withstand such temperatures basically for however long you want it to last. Also, in the past 60 years, it is quite possible that a different alloy or compound has been discovered that can withstand heat even better than the material that the nuclear core of rockets were made of.

Another thing is that in using this process to create pressure that could be utilized, I discussed this idea with a college physics professor once. He told me that the disassociated hydrogen and oxygen atoms would almost immediately recombine into H2O molecules. But I know that at the very least, this will create more heat. Because such a thing is what goes on in hydrogen and oxygen powered rocket engines of the space shuttle. Those atoms combine into H2O to create thrust. And the space shuttle rocket engines operated at 6000 F. That is at least 1500 F more than what would be needed to disassociate the water or steam injected into it. In fact, steps might be needed to be taken to keep the furnace from melting.

On top of that, the gasses coming out of the furnace would be so hot that they would almost be in a plasma state. If such gasses were run through a magnetohydrodynamic device, that could quite possibly produce electricity itself. Afterwards, the exhaust could be used to heat water to create steam to produce electricity. Which is just what a coal fired or nuclear power plant does. But with this process, after the initial energy to heat the furnace, it would require no more outside energy to work.

Lastly, I started a thread in the general discussion section asking if there were any White Patriots around here. Anybody here feel like replying to it?


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