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Ty Grant
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Ty Grant
Default Out Line Of Ron Paul

Notes on Ron Paul: Money

There has been a Shift on wealth from west to east… Hence the current rhetoric in China, Japan, and just an overall Aisin Interest…
There has been also a release form the “Gold Standard” to elevate politicians of the disciplines the gold standard imposes,

The lack of any responsibility were money has to be backed up in a sense frees “Business” but again we are people. People cannot be trusted hence the perfect Checks and Balances of our republic..

M-3 is no longer available to… gives us trends of our money makers…
????Congress has no Worry about this????

NO audit for the sales of gold in the 1960’s so no one can be sure.. Gold was 35 dollars an ounce..
In 1924 20 us dollars bought an ounce of gold

Market keeps imbalance our federal reserve or money. This system keeps consumers spending spreading in check by creating artificial market bubbles and housing bubbles…

Politics are in a sad state… and are compared to a drug addict who in relation to Federal Deficit i.e., our interest on our reserve notes
Or “green Backs”
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