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Default Extracts from FAEM - White Leadership Academy Strategy


In this particular piece Mr. Hoffman makes three profound and simple points.

1. "It will take a revolution... to make things right."

2. "But revolution... is a lost art."

Maguire recommends non-movement movement writers nearly as often as he gives out investment advice, which is about once in every six blue moons. Michael Hoffman is a professional journalist and he produces good copy, all of which is thought provoking. He makes some excellent points in the above piece and many more good ones his January-February 2001 newsletter. That newsletter itself is a review of the Feral House book "Snitch Culture", by Jim Redden. A subsidiary point Hoffman hit bullseye dead center on the x has been the extremely poor counterintelligence on the 'right'.

3. Mr. Hoffman's third point can be paraphrased as "The true revolutionary is an honors student of history." Are you? If you wish to be, then start with the many fine archives Robert Frenz has posted in Contents. Scan all of Eric's letters. They're laced with favorable mentions of worthwhile books.

Real History of the World War II era is essential, but it's neither the starting or ending point for real historical study for a revolutionary. Within that Holocaust Revisionism is worth a chapter at best. If you are a white patriot somewhere in North America I want to leave you with two thoughts:

a. The First American Revolution (this emphatically includes the pre-revolutionary period), the War of 1812, the White Texas Independence struggle of 1836, the First Mexican-American War, the White Holocaust of 1861-1865 and all the Indian Campaigns from the 1790s until 1890 remain an essential foundational fields of study. The reason is all these battles took place on this very ground.

The Second American Revolution will have many familiar features from the first. Our plight bears many similarities to the period prior to the First American Revolution. The structure of society and law is still strongly influenced by the old superseded Constitution. We are a collection of disunited communities ruled from an Imperial Capital. The political struggle will take place on the same ground.

b. There are also some striking differences because of the vast changes that have occurred in the genetic stocks of North America and the subsequent continental settlement. The First Revolutionists were almost entirely white Anglo-Saxons from England, as were most of their enemies. At the current time the majority white bloodstock of North America is derived from Germany. The principal authors of the racial war against whites in North America are also the same authors of the racial war against Germans, Russians and all other whites in Europe. Our plight therefore also bears some similarities to those of Germany after the First War To Kill White People. It is for those reasons the National Socialist period in Germany, which I define as starting on November 11, 1918 and ending about April 30, 1945, deserves intensive study.

As you do your historical study bear in mind that in geography and economics there is not the slightest comparison between Germany and North America. Hitler was trying to establish the Urals as Europe's barrier against Asia. In many ways German history can be subtitled "A Perpetual Search for Stable Frontiers". In North America God has already provided 'Arcadia' with two strong continental mountain chains to anchor itself on. Germany has been a net importer of food since the late 19th Century. The persistent agricultural problem in North America is excess production. So as you study look for true lessons and avoid comparing apples and oranges.

The starting point for study followed by reflection is Robert Frenz' article "Face to Face With George Lincoln Rockwell" followed by the Alex Haley Playboy interview with Rockwell.

Now for those who tune in to F.A.E.M only for the entertainment value and since we mostly don't trash white males here, be patient. 'Overseer' and much other humor is coming real soon.

For The Committed White Patriotic Revolutionary: 1948-1995 After Action Review

Today's guest lecturer is Jewish Professor of Sociology Jeffrey Kaplan. We are fortunate to have Professor
Kaplan present to us his own enemy's historical analysis of precisely how they defeated us starting in the early
1930s and continuing onwards to today's low nadir. While already somewhat dated by the advent of the
internet Professor Kaplan's sociological-historical analysis is still a classic.

Military veterans who have exercised actual leadership will instantly recognize the 'After Action Review' and 'Lessons Learned' aspect of today's lecture. So don't any of the rest of you get your pwecious wittle feewings hurt. Approach this in the spirit of General Lee's statement to General Stuart: "You must take what I have said and learn from it, as a man does."

Pay particular attention to Professor Kaplan's discussion surrounding the Anti-Defamation League's adoption of the strategy of 'Dynamic Silence'. Although Professor Kaplan errs in suggesting this was adopted only in the early 1950s (it was embryonically employed in the early 1930s) his description of it is still the best available. In an attempt to defeat this 'Dynamic Silence' Commander Rockwell, the son of a vaudevillian performer, adopted what we'll term the 'Hollywood Nazi' strategy.

Another key lesson is the discussion concerning "Delegitimation as a Mutual and Reciprocal Process." When we consider this we learn that the infrequent exceptions that occur to 'Dynamic Silence' come not because 'we are suddenly gaining headway' but are precisely calculated by ZOG to further the delegitimation of white patriots among the general white population.

Professor Kaplan...

Thank you very much, Professor Kaplan. <applause>

During his lecture Professor Kaplan stated a fact we are all familiar with but will be a tidbit of use in spreading truth among still deceived whites. He baldly stated as fact that the Jewish establishment does indeed control what is seen, said and printed in the American mass media:

"Making a virtue of indecision, the strategy which both the ADL and AJC eventually arrived at was termed at the time "dynamic silence." Championed by Rabbi S. A. Fineberg of the AJC, the idea was to close off all access to the public media -- and thus the larger culture -- to "rabble rousers" such as Smith.[5] This decision would mark the moment in time when the radical right would gradually fade from direct access to the popular media, and thus the public consciousness, leaving the 'watchdog' organizations such as the ADL and AJC in a position to assume stewardship of the public exposure of the movement."

The phrase 'dynamic silence' is in fact another of rebbe's many oily lying euphemisms for the machinery of his hate filled, brutal and genocidal dictatorship. The honest word is 'censorship'. They chose to censor their opposition starting in the late 1940s. And it is necessary to recognize they in fact had the power to impose this censorship policy on the major media of that era, which were ABC, NBC, CBS, the major newspapers,
magazines and the major wire services.

When we consider the overarching strategy of 'Dynamic Silence' we also realize that the anarchic and random violence of 'Leaderless Resistance' played directly into the strategy of 'Mutual Delegitimation' by providing grist for ZOG's propaganda mill. The alternative to all this, for which Michael Hoffman has been crying out for years, is to rebuild our own media. It was furthered along by the ZOG informer network of agents provocateurs infiltrating into our groups. We also see why so many of the most spectacular acts of incompetent terrorism originated with ZOG police informers.

Classical revolutionary theory has long posited that in order to succeed the revolutionaries must first delegitimize the ancient regime in the eyes of the populace. In various time and places regimes have sometimes defeated this delegitimation process by 'reforming' or 'liberalizing', which is to say eliminating the principle sources of mass discontent. For instance, Czar Nicholas II defeated the 1905-06 Revolution in this way with the Stolypin Reforms. But broadly speaking, delegitimizing the ancient regime in the eyes of the governed is an essential prerequisite to any revolution.

ZOG, consisting of Jews and degenerate genetic canaille, was unwilling to liberalize or reform, which would have involved ceasing in important ways to be Jewish. It instead hit upon the brilliant device of simultaneously delegitimizing alternative white leadership among discontented whites. We have thus arrived at our current position. Less than 25% of the eligible voters would have supported the winner irrespective of whether Bush or
Gore truly won the electoral college. Another 50% of the eligible electorate didn't even bother to cast a vote. Yet the regime is as stable as ever.

It is not only our task to delegitimate the ZOG regime. In most essential aspects it has already done this work for us simply by being itself. Our bigger task, as Professor Kaplan teaches us so well, is to legitimate our alternative leadership.

For The Committed White Patriotic Revolutionary: "What time is it?"

I. Political Definition

II. Defining "Revolution"

III. Assessing the Times: After Action Review Part II: 1993-2001

I. Political Definitions.

"I'm not a subversive Commie Jew pinko feminist Revolutionary!!! I'm a red blooded patriotic American who believes in God, Country, Family and the Sacred 3Ms of Motherhood, Marriage and the Marine Corps! I'm want to protect and conserve all that. I'm pro-life and anti-abortion and am out to protect the white race. I'm not trying to make a RE-vol-lushun! I'm outta heah!"

Before you storm out, let's look at some first principles (courtesy of my Webster's II New Riverside Desk Dictionary)

con-serv-a-tive adj. 1. Tending to oppose change. 2. Moderate: cautious. 3. Traditional in style or manner.
4. Belonging to a conservative political party.

rev-o-lu-tion n. 1. a. Orbital motion about a point [Saturn's yearly revolution around the sun.] b. Rotational motion about an axis. 2. Abrupt or sudden overthrow of a government or group of rulers. 3. Sudden or radical change in a system or state of affairs.

rev-o-lu-tion-ary. adj. 1. Of, relating to, or promoting revolution. 2. Marked by or effecting radical change.

In the 1920s in the mass movement Ku Klux Klan, the anti-immigration movement of the era, the anti-Communist and the anti-Jewish defense reactions we see true political 'conservatives' opposing change to the demographic, political and social arrangements (white, majority white rule and racial separatist and anti-miscegenationist) of America. These true conservatives suffered a string of defeats beginning with Roosevelt's election, continuing through their failure to keep American neutral in the Second War to Kill White People and continuing to final defeat in 1954 in the Brown v. Board of Education ruling. From that moment on ZOG became the ruling regime and Judeo -Masonic Communism the official ideology of the nation. And at that moment all white American patriots became the real revolutionaries.

The policy of 'Dynamic Silence' (i.e. media censorship facilitated by the concentrated media oligopolies) covered up the true 'Silent Revolution' or 'Silent Coup'. Consequently whites still thought they were 'conservatives' while many Communists thought they were still revolutionaries. ZOG itself reinforced this mass popular delusion with its social 'Revolution From The Top' in the 1960s for the 'left' and a series of false flag operations such as the John Birch Society and CIA fronts like National Review Magazine for the 'right'. While everyone was looking elsewhere, ZOG finished up destroying its remaining real political opponents.

The 1960s thus saw a profound split in the white movement in the U.S.A. In the south the Ku Klux Klan was still resisting final ZOG occupation in cooperation with southern political establishments and politicians such as the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, Lester Maddox and George Wallace. These groups still deemed themselves 'conservatives'.

In other parts of the U.S.A. George Lincoln Rockwell was attempting to energize White Revolution and correctly understood himself to be a 'revolutionary'. As a tactic to defeat the active censorship of Dynamic Silence this son of a vaudeville performer adopted the costume of the Hollywood Nazi. Unfortunately Rockwell was assassinated before he could run his course and unfold his full design, leaving behind followers who mostly didn't understand the grand design. There were a few genuine leaders among Rockwell's followers but mostly they were mere extras for his staged media events. Rockwell tolerated them because they served their purposes in his political theater. In conjunction with his calculated political Vaudeville roadshow Rockwell was actively developing alternative media.

Changes in patterns of white habitation (almost entirely suburban now as opposed to urban), media technologies and mass tastes have since made most of Rockwell's old media strategy obsolete. As always there are political Luddites who simply don't get the word and engage in sabotage (throwing their wooden shoes, 'sabot', into the machine to stop progress) while trying to continue the Old Ways.

Meanwhile cells of KKK imitators occasionally spring up and promptly start imitating KKK version 2 of the 1920s-1960s. These groups almost all fail to notice that the state and local political establishments Klan II (Klan I was 1865-1869) cooperated with are long gone. Klan v.2 was itself part of a uniquely southern political strategy that preserved an apartheid political and social system while permitting inter-racial cooperation. Klan v.2 was the political police component operating under 'plausible deniability'.

At the present time (March, 2001) everything is done to reduce the numbers of the white race and diminish the power of those members who do struggle through to life. Abortionists legally operate white baby killing mills under the false flags of 'pro-choice' and 'medical care'. White working and middle class men are legally second class citizens under the Orwellian rubric of 'Affirmative Action' and 'Hate Crimes' and are systematically denied a living wage. White women are constantly raped by negroids and otherwise socialized into voluntarily destroying their genetic heritage and posterity either by the grotesque process of miscegenation or the genetic dead end of feminism. They are otherwise physically and mentally worn out by work at ZOG clerical and store jobs for the sake of ZOG financial profit. These jobs, which they work at to make up for the living wage stolen from their family, steal away the female vitality that belongs by right to their children.

Homosexuals and other perverts openly parade through the public schools recruiting, seducing and molesting children into their pathetic anti-life. The ZOG schools systematically degrade white children through forced integration and psychologically damaging anti-white racist hate teachings drafted by the Jews and their anti-white coalition.

The military forces are degenerate, ill-trained, ill-disciplined and organized largely on mercenary principles. More capable white male officers are passed over for promotion in favor of less qualified negroes as a matter or policy. Whenever the forces do straggle out of the barracks, the missions they are given are to the further benefit of Jews, Zionists and their political allies, and not their own people. The border on the Rio Grande is unguarded and subject to a constant immigration invasion which is encouraged by the ZOG regime. The first fruits of the weapons industries go not to American forces but to foreign Jews in Palestine. Justice has been commoditized and is openly hawked like any other ware in a bazaar. We no longer live under the rule of law, we live under the rule of lawyers. It's possible to expand on the above but that's enough for now.

The above state of affairs is not something I wish to 'conserve'. I am a white revolutionary. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are conservative political parties since they do wish to 'conserve' the above situation.

Up to know we have undeniably been pursuing the first definition of revolution. That is, we have been running in circles and chasing our tails. We definitely do desire to "overthrow a group of rulers" and effect "a radical change in a system or state of affairs". We are white revolutionaries.

II. Defining Revolution.

Returning to Webster once more we see:

rev-o-lu-tion n. ... 2. Abrupt or sudden overthrow of a government or group of rulers. 3. Sudden or radical change in a system or state of affairs.

There was nothing abrupt about the First American Revolution. It was an eight year struggle that followed on a previous lengthy pre-revolutionary period. Ultimate success followed a series of military victories culminating at Yorktown with the surrender of Lord Cornwallis to General Washington. The Continental Army that defeated the British (with French assistance) was the military wing of the Continental Congress, itself an amalgam of earlier organizations known as Committees of Correspondence. The Continental Congress was the only possible political successor since it had already thoroughly organized itself before the outbreak of armed hostilities, possessed a monopoly of military force and possessed the laurels of victory. In addition to Brit-ZOG forces and attached mercenaries the Continental Congress also defeated local loyalists in a civil war fought alongside the larger struggle.

The French Revolution of 1789, the First, Second and Third Russian Revolutions and the German Revolution of 1918-1933 took different courses. The Ancient Regime first experienced a systemic failure triggered by either severe external military defeat or financial bankruptcy. At that point the weight of an ossified social system and bureaucracy caused the entire structure to implode. This left a power vacuum in which many new parties and factions struggled for dominance. We will be looking at each of these events in greater depth in the future to determine which models and which tactics are best suited to our own struggle.

The first important lesson we learn is that in each case the Ancient Regime was already delegitimized in the eyes of large segments of the population. Which agencies accomplished this delegitimization varied but in every case the Ancient Regime was its own primary delegitimizer through its failures.

We are white revolutionaries. This requires very deep understanding. White revolutionaries use very different tactics from Jewish revolutionaries. Jewish revolutionaries get great gratification from violent uprisings which set gentiles to killing each other and destroy governments and entire social systems. It satisfies a primal urge in their makeup. Killing large numbers of gentiles and the 'best of the gentiles' is always a primary goal of Jewish revolutionaries. It's a racial religious imperative straight out of the Talmud.

White people in aggregate abhor violence and disorder in their living space. The National Socialist Party of Germany came to power precisely to end such conditions of economic, social and physical anarchy in Germany and to restore the order necessary for the propagation of the white race. White revolutions are made by a political conjunction of the white working and middle classes. They seek not to overthrow government systems but groups of corrupt rulers. This was true both of the First American Revolution and the National Socialist Revolution in Germany.

The white revolutionary never seeks to 'overthrow' a social system. His (and her) goal is always directed to the restoration of legitimate national (a nation is a biologically related group of people) authority in the face of an unlawful usurpation of long established natural right by alien and alien subservient elites. This was the goal of both the First American Revolution and of the National Socialist revolution in Germany. The historical models for the white patriotic revolutionary therefore are the successful white revolutions of the past.

The ravings of Karl Marx, of the syphilitic V.I. Lenin, of the sex addict Mao Tse Tung, or of 'Uncle Ho Chi Minh', whose attempts at revolutionary uprising in South Vietnam were militarily destroyed (South Vietnam fell to a conventional military invasion, not revolutionary guerrillas) have no place in our theoretical models. These are models for non-whites to rebel against whites or for non-whites to ascend to ruling whites. We still need to study these events for historical lessons while avoiding the adoption of tactics and intermediate goals that will work against our real goal, which is the restoration of legitimate national authority.

Ideologically our position is simple. We white patriotic revolutionaries in North America are the true heirs of the Founders, of the pioneers, of the Constitution of the United States and of the United States itself. We owned it before, we own it now, and we will always own it. After victory there will no doubt in anyone's mind that we are the lawful, legal, legitimate successor authority of that nation and government. We struggle on behalf of natural right. We may decide to change the name of the country and heavily modify the Constitution itself. The national borders may contract in some places and expand in others, and even the national capital may move. But there is not and never will be a question of a disputed succession.

That fact that corrupt gentile elites swindled Rebbe by selling him something they didn't have legal title to is their problem and his. He should have known better than to buy a defective title. A policy of 'legality' is not just tactically necessary but mandatory because of the social nature of white people.

Understanding the Jewish Political Warfare Model.

The first and still the most succinct description of the standard Jewish political warfare tactic is in the Book of Acts 17:5 in the New Testament: "But the Jews were jealous, so they rounded up some bad characters from the marketplace, formed a mob and started a riot in the city."

It's quite clear from the context that these human dregs were hired rioters. In ancient times the marketplace not only had sellers of products but sellers of labor. These included everyone from day laborers to prostitutes to slaves for permanent sale.

Described in Acts 17:5 in a nutshell is everything from the Revolutions of 1848 to the Paris Commune to the Bolshevik Coup d' Tat to the 'Civil Rights' movement of the 1960s to the modern rent-a-mobs that endlessly torment Zündel, Irving and many others.

This model is custom tailored to the unique political needs of the permanent minority that desires to rule supreme as the 2% majority. They cannot afford allies larger or as cohesive as themselves. That's because this ally would rule and not them. Consequently they must always operate with the dregs. That's why they reach out to 'minorities' and dysgenic members of the majority such as feminists, homosexuals, criminals and sex perverts. We easily see that this model is utterly unsuited to the revolutionary needs of the white working and middle classes. All attempts to apply it or use it on behalf of whites will fail.

Whenever ZOG achieves success using the above model it finds itself in a position of permanent instability. It's allies by deliberate selection are self-extinguishing rather than self-propagating. This, and not just the natural rebelliousness of Jews, is why societies subjected to ZOG rule find themselves in a state of perpetual upheaval. If no suitable social allies exist, ZOG must create them.

III. Assessing the Times.

As Professor Frenz learned and told us so eloquently in Face to Face With George Lincoln Rockwell, no revolution ever comes before its time. And that remains true today and forever. If it's not time then we're wasting our time to attempt to force the event. A large enough part of the population has to be ready first. This does not mean all or even 50% but it does mean something larger than 10%.

We therefore have to assess the state of the times with brutal objectivity. This assessment is the starting point for deciding what to do next. Is Revolution in fact on the horizon? Dissatisfaction by itself never brings about revolution. We do see that whites are being increasingly alienated from a ZOG system that is ever more openly hostile to them. We will not use the fickle whore of transient public opinion polls. These are nearly useless to us. They are not true measurements of public opinion. Their purpose is to operate as multiple choice tests to gauge the effectiveness of the propaganda delivered under the censorship called 'Dynamic Silence'.

We will instead check those 'polls' that involve whites voting with their hands, feet, time and money. Mere opposition indicates nothing. Consistent white majorities of 80-85% opposed school busing to achieve racial mixing ever since the late 1960s. Both the policy and ZOG remain in place.

Are sufficient numbers sufficiently alienated yet? The collapse in military recruiting (despite the downsized military and growth in total population) is one strong indication. The vast rise of the 'home school' movement is another symptom of profound white middle class alienation. The decline in political party identification with both parties and the collapse in voter turnouts is still another indicator. These are all long term indicators of something.

We saw a recent significant event. It was reported that "82 percent of the White students in a 50/50 mixed school played hooky the day a 'black history' program was presented in the Whiteville, NC, high school. Their parents wrote out 'doctor's appointment' excuse slips for the most part. Interesting name, Whiteville. Are there any Blackvilles around? Those honky kids should be a little more tolerant. After all, it only takes about an hour to present 10,000 years of Black history."

This is a significant instance of local white rebellion against ZOG orthodoxy. Not only did whites act in unison on behalf of white interest (as opposed to individualized white flight), but the cooperation was multi-generational. This kind of unity is essential. Because of 'Dynamic Silence' (ZOG media censorship) we have no idea how many more such events take place weekly.

So we are undoubtedly closer to the necessary conditions than we were before. But exactly how close are we? To help us answer this question we've invited a very special guest today.

Mr. Leaderless Resister, the floor is yours....

"Imagine that! Me of all people appearing at F.A.E.M. I thought you college educated white boys was too smart and accomplished for the likes of white trash like me. Well shitheads, the feeling is mutual. But you are the first ones who've finally tried to really listen to what I've been saying the whole time.

"You know, I've been around for a bit now, ever since the late 1970s. That's about 22-23 years now. I actually do work for someone believe it or not. She's a lady play producer named History. I have to tell you, she is one mean bitch. She never lets anything happen before she's good and ready.

"When I was hanging out at Butler's place I was reading about that fake Jew revolution in the 1960s. That was stage managed from top to bottom. It was just Jew money, Jew rabble rousers to stir up those shows called protests and civil rights marches and what not and Jew media to put it on the tube.

"Here's the funny part to me. Some of those rich gentile kids the Jews got to help them in the SDS got disappointed that no real revolution seemed to be coming along from the masses. So those kids started something called The Weatherman, which later became the Weather Underground. Those university kids had read their history books so they figured they had to be me to get what they wanted. Now they were right but they were also wrong. I always first (so the boss lady tells me), but no one can ever become me by just deciding too. They didn't get anywhere and after just a few years they gave up and became Yuppies.

"To be me you have to be BORN me. Those rich kids weren't born me. I'm shaped by genetics, by birth, and by History, that $%&^$% bitch. It's always the same. You can tell it's me because I go the whole route, right to death, and I don't care who I take with me. That's because that's where I want to go. It's not so painful as life.

"Being me is a piece of crap. I don't ever get anything. Nothing ever goes right for me. Ever. You think I really care about your precious PEEPHOLE? Nope. I never get a good woman, or kids, or home or any of that heritage and posterity stuff. I never knew my daddy and my momma smoked pot most of the time and screwed whoever came along, spics and niggers included. So if you think I care about yours you are DEAD wrong! I just hang out with you guys because you're white and I'm white. But I don't really fit any better with you than anyplace else.

"I'll tell you a funny story from early 1980. I'd just showed up in town and was coming out of a Country Western bar. You'd never guess who I ran into. It was David Horowitz, the professional Jewish revolutionary himself. You know, he was born to Jewish Commie parents and he learned Revolution with his momma's milk. He looked at me real funny and said he thought I looked familiar but wasn't sure, so he asked my name. I told him.

"I still laugh about that whenever I think of it. Then Davy Horowitz, his oriental slant eyes got round as silver dollars. I thought his jaw was going to hit the street, it fell open just that far. And then he actually shit in his pants. Only time I ever saw that. It was terrible. Hahaha. Then he said, "I waited all my life to meet you. But you're wearing the wrong uniform for me. You weren't supposed to come this way. " I didn't know what he meant. I was just wearing my blue jeans and cowboy boots and Mack Truck hat.

"Would you believe I was once a Khazar Jew a long time ago? Now I'm an Aryan through and through. Test me any way you will. I'm as white as snow. Nothing but white genes. It's true. I'd thought Davy would be happy to see me since we were kin once. But he wasn't a bit happy. He acted scared like someone had walked over his grave.

"Then he said goodbye and left to clean himself, I guess. I heard later he joined the Republican Party, broke with his old pinko friends and sponsored something called 'Second Thoughts'. Funny the things people do.

"Later I read something by a guy who got shot before I was born, someone named Rockwell. He said 'Your skin will be your uniform'. Maybe that's what scared Horowitz so bad. I dunno. I was just being me. I never did nothing personal to him.

"I've had a lot a fun in my 20 odd years. Now me and Tim McVeigh, we had a really good one in 1995. Best one ever. I got me a few more years to go, but 20-25, that's all History ever gives me when she lets me come. History, she let me wear some other costumes. Said it was okay since they didn't cover up my real identity. So I played at being a Minute Man, and a Phineas Priest, and a member of the 'Order'. I was in the National Alliance for awhile but old man Pierce always tells everyone what to do. Awhile back some guy named Louis Beam talked a lot about something called 'Leaderless Resistance'. Then everyone started calling me a Leaderless Resister and blaming me because I wouldn't listen to them. I was already here before Beam started spouting his bullshit.

"You asked me a question but I can't answer it. I'm not a prophet and I don't have your fancy education. All I can tell you is what Boss Lady History named me. Hah. I fooled all of you real good for awhile, you calling me Aryan Warrior and Leaderless Resister and Phineas Priest. Now Horowitz, he's one smart Jewboy. He's the only one I know who recognized me the first time he saw me.

"My real name, the name History gave me, is REVOLUTIONARY ANARCHIST. Now see ya, cuz' I got better things to do. Billy found a couple of cool bitches to tool around with on our hogs tonight."

Throughout history the spontaneous appearance of the Revolutionary Anarchist is the unmistakable calling card of the beginning of the pre-revolutionary period. His form, race and class are the indelible markers of the group destined to make the next revolution. This anarchist himself does not make it, lead it, participate in it, speed it up, slow it down or cause it. He's just the first dip in the barometer before the storm, the first kernel to pop in the popcorn popper. He is the true Weatherman pointing out the sign of the historical times.

The same pressures that shape him are at work in mass form on all the rest of his group. He's the red line on society's tachometer marking the point past which lies a blowout.

The Weather Underground and the Symbionese Liberation Army attempted to force history artificially by becoming anarchists since they knew that the appearance of anarchists was an historical prerequisite. They failed and soon gave up. That's because they operated from an academic analysis and not emotional drives created by the nature of their lives. The simply attempted to stage the sequence of revolution as everything else in the 1960s was staged.

Viewed in perspective the New Left plastic 'anarchists' appear clownish and comical. They didn't want to die, and they operated more like American infantry squads than real anarchists. They thought they would force history by first being violent anarchists, survive to quickly change costumes to revolutionary leaders and finally rulers. They acted like typical spoiled American baby boomers wanting to have it all.

What drives the revolutionary anarchist is an alienation so profound he can't quit and prefers the anaesthesia of death to the pain of life. They are created by the circumstances of their lives. They are born, not trained. They find in radical politics a justification for doing what they already want to do anyway. What they want is escape from an intolerable situation and some revenge as they go out. They apologize for nothing.

Timothy McVeigh stands as probably this cycle's exemplar. Except for the children in the day care center, he remains unrepentant. He's been writing essays from prison, many of which are on the internet. His whole program is to destroy the federal government and the current structure of society. Beyond that he has no program. He's the 'angry white male'.

How has the 'Ancient Regime' responded to all this? A January 16 editorial by the Tampa Tribune is a classic in reactionism. The self-styled right thinking progressive editor lambasted McVeigh as a 'monster', which is true enough. But it's old news. This ZOG hack and his media and academic colleagues have been blasting Timothy McVeigh as a monster from the day he was born.

The overall response of the 'Ancient Regime' to white anarchism has been to increase repression. It has accelerated the anti-white and anti-male agenda, calling this 'progressivism' and 'change'. Political speech codes and censorship have been strengthened, not diminished. There are attempts at disarming the populace. However they are labeled, these are all the textbook reactionary responses of an Ancient Regime faced with a pre-revolutionary situation.


The Fake Russian Revolution of 1991: The ZOG is dead. Long live the ZOG!

For white revolutionaries the events in Russia from 1985 provide many useful lessons and insights applicable to our current situation.

In 1985 a unique political event occurred in the U.S.S.R. Mikhail Gorbachev became General Secretary of the Communist Party Soviet Union and successor ruler of the Empire of Lenin. Gorbachev's accession to power marked the first time since Czar Nicholas II that a gentile leader with a gentile wife ruled in Russia. Gorbachev introduced real changes in the intellectual life of the country with his policy of glasnost (openness) in political discussion. We of course see that this policy served the historical purpose of regime delegitimation by its candid discussions of the many failures and genocidal crimes of the Jewish-Bolshevik Imperium.

Gorbachev's economic policy, perestroika (restructuring) had less impact since it was principally another public relations theme unaccompanied by systemic personnel changes. Underneath the surface of politicians cavorting through staged media events real change was eroding the foundations of the U.S.S.R. The Russian population percentage of the U.S.S.R. had declined to just over 50% of the total population. This racial transformation alone had profound effects on the continued viability of the U.S.S.R. as a unified political entity.

Meanwhile overall energy production was falling due to the exhaustion of the old Baku oil fields, the internal failure to develop new sources in Siberia, failure to maximize enormous coal resources and the general industrial-technological decline. While exacerbated by the inherent inefficiencies and corruption of Marxism, this decline came from a previous peak achieved during 'Communism' and paralleled the demographic shift. The decline in oil production moved the U.S.S.R. from being a petroleum exporter to a position of oil deficit compounded by industrial inefficiency in utilizing available natural gas, coal and nuclear resources.

With the completion of the natural gas and oil pipelines to Europe, German reunification was 'negotiated' and Soviet troops withdrawn from East Germany. But ZOG's energy control mechanism on Germany and continental Europe is useless unless it can deliver energy. The middleman cannot thrive unless he has something to broker.

National revolutions broke out across Eastern Europe. In the provinces, the internal nationalities, sensing their moment had struck, were straining against the Russian center. Huge demonstrations broke out in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In the Moslem republics, mullahs and clerics subsidized by Iran and Saudi Arabia gathered adherents.

Intellectually 19th Century Marxism as a marketing plan for ZOG dictatorship was discredited worldwide. International Socialism as an economic theory had been replaced by International Finance Capitalism. Many Birchers would argue that's always what it was. We won't quibble with that so long as it's clearly recognized that 80% of the 'Insiders' are Jews and the rest Zionists.

The old USSR therefore approached a triple crisis and also began to present a mortal future danger to the self-Chosen. Internally it was at the point of political collapse because of the emerging majority of minorities. Industrial efficiency had concurrently dropped with the increase of the minority (i.e. non-white) component of the population. Externally the old model of Marxism-Leninism was dead as an advertising gambit. Of importance to the Jews were two factors. First, the USSR could no longer fulfill either its control role in continental Europe from a position of energy deficit while recycling hard currency energy export earnings back to London and New York.

The second danger was the changing nature of the Russian Communist party. A socialist party that ceases to be 'International Socialist' becomes a 'National Socialist' party by definition. And this is not mere word play. This phenomenon has been seen several times in actual practice and illustrates the false nature of ZOG's proffered political spectrums. In the late 1920s & early 30s in Germany, declines and increases in the Communist and NSDAP votes mirrored each other very exactly. In the 1990s when the French communist party collapsed its white voters went straight over to LePen's Nationalists, thus proving the Nazis and Communists had indeed been trading votes in the 1930s.

It was clearly time for the U.S.S.R. to go. And go it did.

August in Russia brings stifling heat to the cities of interior Eurasia. The Gorbachevs, like many Russians do in the Dog Days of Summer, fled the heat of the cities for the countryside cottage on the shores of the Black Sea.

The early pre-dawn hours of August 19, 1991 saw unusual traffic on Moscow's upscale Kutuzovsky Prospekt, home in those days to the nomenklatura owners of the U.S.S.R. Instead of chauffeured automobiles, columns of tanks streamed past the Napoleon Victory Arch headed for the city center and the Russian parliament building called The White House. On television the movie ballet Swan Lake was playing. Special announcers on state radio were reading communiqués from the "Committee For the State of Emergency". The KGB had drawn up large arrest lists of political opponents and had assigned teams to follow these people and seize them on command. Paratroop regiments and the KGB Alpha Commando were brought up surrounding the White House. It was Perevot, the Russian word for 'coup'. Or so it seemed.

And then nothing. For three days the world watched transfixed on CNN, which was allowed to broadcast out of Russia despite internal censorship, as the forces of the Soviet state faced a drunk with a Jewish wife standing on top of a tank.

Instead of striking decisively at 0400 on August 19, the forces of 'Putschists' simply joined the audience. The KGB did not implement its extensive arrest plans. Gorbachev did not die of 'natural causes' or 'suicide'. The only real shooting event occurred spontaneously when a mob threw molotov cocktails at infantry transports and frightened conscripts fired back. We are told the KGB Alpha and Paratroops refused orders to assault after three days of the drama. Why they simply didn't seize the White House in the pre-dawn hours of August 19 has still not been credibly explained.

Then the "Committee For the State of Emergency" dissolved. Some of its participants turned up dead while others jetted to Gorbachev's seaside dacha (why not to China?) for reasons that are still inexplicable. The All Union Treaty went into effect and the U.S.S.R. dissolved on December 31, 1991. The 15 constituent republics became independent with 12 minus the Baltics forming the 'Commonwealth of Independent States'. The surviving putschists received light or no sentences and have all played more significant subsequent roles in Russian politics than Gorbachev himself.

The explanations given for the hesitancy of the 'Putschists', when combined with the subsequent results, have still not received the skeptical examination they deserve. Here were people steeped in the history of the Bolshevik coup of 1917. Beyond that many of these men had been direct participants in the 1968 suppression of the 'Prague Spring' and the 1980 coup in Kabul, Afghanistan. They certainly had both theoretical training and operational experience in conducting coups. Yet they choked. Two years later the heavily Jewish regime of Boris Yeltsin showed no such hesitation. When the white Russians of the Communist Party reacted against the emerging nature of Yeltsin's Organizatsiya junta, Yeltsin's people responded with tank fire and paratroop assault against that same Russian White House. Boris Yeltsin's new 'Russian' regime displayed some remarkable characteristics. It saw a concentration of Jewish personalities unmatched since the original Bolshevik coup of 1917. Yeltsin's own wife is Jewish, as is his daughter Tatyana Dyachenko, long reputed to be the power behind the throne. Of Yelstin's Prime Ministers Kirienko and Primakov are known Jews (Kirienko is a dual national Russian-Israeli) while many Jews were subsequently found in Viktor Chernomyrdin's (PM from 1993-1998 and GAZPROM senior statesman) family woodpile. Other prominent personalities included the Chubais brothers, Boris Nemtsov and a string of lesser kosher lights in ministerial posts. At various times as much as 44% of the Russian cabinet have been dual national Russian-Israelis.

The result of industrial 'privatization' was the vast concentration of wealth in the hands of the mainly Jewish oligarchs.

These privatized businesses were typically closed and then asset mined in a manner reminiscent of Michael Milken's leveraged buyout operations. With the de-industrialization of Russia proper and the conversion of the republics into external customers, energy surpluses, exports and hard currency earnings all returned. The media came under open Jewish control under people like Berezovsky and Gusinsky, bringing in its train the usual flood tide of pornography and degeneracy. This same privatization schema played out across Russia in thousands of small retellings of the same story. Former nomenklatura reappeared in the guise of independent business owners with plenty of capital and connections to international traders for the supply of consumer goods.

International ZOG also showed itself extremely helpful to the Yeltsin regime. The personalities involved included not only people like Soros. Even agents of the same families active in the first Bolshevik coup, such as the second generation Armand Hammer bondservant and Schiff family father-in-law Al Gore appeared in Russia with bundles of cash. The USSR's $100 billion in external debt was handled with finesse. Yeltsin, on behalf of the 50% Russian population of the former USSR, assumed responsibility for 100% of the USSR's external debt. The alternate plan suggested by Richard Nixon of canceling this debt by having western governments directly repay the holders was not adopted.

Instead ZOG, led by Clinton, poured in hundreds of billions in 'aid'. The Yeltsin regime then recycled it to the foreign debt holders in the City of London and New York. This preserved their relative privacy as well as their influence on the Russian government and banking system. The rest of this flood of money, along with most hard currency earnings of the 1990s simply 'vanished' in 'corruption' that diverted it 'outside the country'. Meanwhile Jewish organized crime based out of Russia exploded across the world stage, far outstripping the Sicilian Mafia in the scale of operations and ferocity of its violence.

What have been the results for white Russians? A second Russian holocaust is the only description. Pensions for retired workers have declined to $20 and even less. With deindustrialization work also has dried up. Access to medical care and the quality of medical care has declined for the vast majority of Russians. Importation and use of heroin and cocaine has soared, abortions are up, prostitution is commonplace and the white Russian birth rate has fallen far below replacement level.

What lessons do we draw from the above?

1. The break-up of the U.S.S.R. was inevitable given the demographic changes in percentages of the component racial groups. The original Bolshevik Holocaust against white people and the explosion of non-white birth rates left the Soviet Empire without an essential homogeneous majority. Just as Rome perished from a 'lack of Romans' so too did the USSR perish from a relative lack of Russians. The absolute numbers of Russians and the birthrate only started their precipitous decline after 1991. Until then they were at replacement value and slightly above. The non-whites, mainly Muslims, were reproducing as non-whites always do when given access to white technology.

2. Because of internal group cohesiveness, pre-existing organization and the availability of external ZOG aid, the Jews in Russia were able to leverage themselves into a better and not worse position despite imperial collapse. External strategic considerations, the actual course of the August 1991 events and subsequent results show that 1991 was certainly managed by ZOG from the beginning.

3. White revolutionaries at this period of history will face both internal and external enemies. This was the experience of the National Socialists in Germany, upon whom the external Jews declared external war in 1933. The potential white national socialist party in Russia was similarly defeated by a combination of internal Jewish subversion, delegitimation from association with the Ancient Regime and external ZOG intervention. International ZOG will always act to support its local allies and tribesmen.

4. As in the First American and Second Russian revolutions, the successor regime pre-existed politically prior to the events catalyzing the destruction of the Ancient Regime. The Continental Congress, the Bolshevik Party and Yeltsin's RFSSR government were all in existence prior to the events that removed their respective opponents' regimes. Even today the next largest political force in Russia is the white part of the old Russian Communist party. The 1920s experience in Germany of a white party successfully forming during the revolutionary period and not before it, remains something of a historical fluke. It would be unwise in the extreme to count on a repeat of this event. The larger lessons of history say that successor regimes
emerge from political groups already organized before the Ancient Regime collapses.

In summarizing, we can see nearly identical trends in the U.S.A. as were seen in USSR-ZOG in the 1980s. Demographically USA-ZOG is going the way of USSR-ZOG as the non-white population percentage increases. Both industrial production and efficiency are plummeting as the non-white gene counts are rising. Energy production crises have already appeared in California. Economic chaos is spreading as the imaginary economy of stock-jobbery and has their plugs pulled by contact with reality. There is an absolute necessity for a pre-existing pro-white patriotic party. Merely by organizing ahead of time and surviving throughout Ancient Regime collapse such a party can become a serious contender for power succession.

WHITE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY - Lesson 4 On Real 'Stormtroops' and the Futility of the Militia Movement, Leaderless Resisters and Lone Wolves


A number of books constitute core holdings in every white revolutionary's academic and intellectual armory. One of these texts is Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. Don Black of has very generously made an English translation of Mein Kampf available online at this url:

This book is of great interest not only for its historical value but its timeless political insight. Some parts are clearly anachronistic in the modern day, such as the analysis of Germany's post 1918 eastern foreign policy. While we are impressed with the acuity of Hitler's 1924 vision in foreseeing that possession of the French coast was essential for a submarine war against Brit-ZOG, this observation offers us little today.

Other parts relating to fundamentals of political action are timeless and offer us sound counsel today. CHAPTER IX: FUNDAMENTAL IDEAS REGARDING THE NATURE AND ORGANIZATION OF THE STORM TROOPS is one of these. The assigned prerequisite homework prior to reading the rest of this lesson is

You will understand nothing without completing this assigned reading. I recommend reading the entire chapter at least twice and preferably five times. If you have previously been active in the blightwing since Commander Rockwell's assassination, print it out and read it 10 times before proceeding and once every day thereafter.

As we study the nature of those who claim to carry the banners of the white race in North America in 2001 we encounter the most astounding paradox. Those who most openly identify and costume themselves as being 'Nazis' are those who have heeded the advice of CHAPTER IX the least. They not only violate the civil and criminal laws of towns, counties, states and ZOG, but they also defy every last principle laid down in Mein Kampf for pro-white political activity and the conduct of a successful white revolution. They are indeed the Revolutionary Anarchists we previously identified them as being.

I. The Modern American Militia Movement

The modern American 'unorganized militia' movement claims to find its roots and precedents in the state militias of the early American Republic and the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The best we can say for them is that they are half right and half bright. The militia partisans are quite correct in saying every able bodied white American man is legally a member of the 'militia'. The early American Republic, like the Roman Republic before it and the German People's State after it, considered the duty to bear arms an indivisible component of citizenship.

These modern militia demagogues are quite incorrect though in thinking that this militia ever had any legal or practical power to generate its own leadership apart from the state. We will take as our contra example one of the most famous American militia leaders, General and later President Andrew Jackson.

General Jackson was one of the youngest veterans of the First American Revolution. He saw action against Brit-ZOG forces as a member of the South Carolina militia and was captured at the age of 13. In 1802 he was elected Major General of the Tennessee Militia. This military office was a legal Office of the State, with powers of command and punishment. We see a continuation of such state offices in a few American states today in the form of elected state Adjutants-General who are in effective command of the local Army and Air National Guards and their unfederalized State Guard Reserves. These Adjutants-General and their predecessors possess real resources in the form of public funds and disciplinary authority such as the ability to compel drill attendance on pain of being locked up in the county jail.

This practice of election only continues in a very few of the smaller states. Most state Adjutants-General are now appointed. They also face a second political reliability screening in the form of 'Federal Recognition' of their commissions by the National Guard Bureau. USA-ZOG thus long ago relieved Military Force from any duty of responsiveness to the Will of the American (i.e. white) People. This was a very wise precaution on ZOG's part. If elected Adjutants-General were still widespread, a large number of candidates would have already gained office on the promise to use the State's military power to repel foreign Mestizo invaders from Mexico and the rest of Central/South America. Such military commanders responsive to the People would also have previously deployed military force to prevent the invasion of little white children's schools by uncivilizable

Our modern American 'militias' which Morris Dees inflates to scare up the dollars are thus in no way comparable to the true American state militias. The State Militias still exist legally and Constitutionally despite ZOG suppression and its artful Talmudic law twists. So what are the 'Militia of Montana', of Michigan (recently disbanded) and their many imitators? They were and are strictly voluntary 'defense' organizations. Their ostensible purpose is local defense against 'tyranny' and 'invasion' at some apparently unidentified point in the future against a yet to be identified enemy. Many have formed and most disbanded without ever firing a shot at the foreign invaders daily swarming across the undefended southern frontier, or at any other subverter of the
lives and liberties of American whites.

This exercise in futility is unsurprising to us. The employment of death-dealing military force is a political act. The eternal prerequisite for such use is the political identification of a discernible enemy that can be destroyed. The very identification of an enemy is a POLITICAL and not military act. What are the 'politics' of the modern 'Unorganized Militias'? Many of them proclaimed themselves apolitical (hence neutralized from the start) upon their formation. This non-partisan basis was even touted as a virtue and used as a recruiting tool. Both at the sub-conscious and conscious levels the entire movement based itself on explicit and implicit promises never to require its members to actually do anything.

What political basis these militia groups do have is limited to a general allegiance to the Constitution, a specific allegiance to the Second Amendment plus an admixture of John Birch Society nonsense about some overarching conspiracy of never identifiable and endlessly morphing 'Insiders'. Robert Welch intentionally formed the JBS as a political organization dedicated to never intervening in politics. JBS conspiracist tomfoolery was therefore the ideal political viewpoint for military organizations also founded on the implicit premise of never engaging in the only activity suited to their design. No wonder combat veteran and
revolutionary anarchist Timothy McVeigh refused to join any of these militias after evaluating them.

At this point a quotation from Mein Kampf is instructive:

"On purely practical grounds it is impossible to build up a national defense organization by means of private associations, unless
the State makes an enormous contribution to it. Whoever thinks otherwise overestimates his own powers. Now it is entirely out
of the question to form organizations of any military value for a definite purpose on the principle of so-called ‘voluntary
discipline’. Here the chief support for enforcing orders, namely, the power of inflicting punishment, is lacking. In the autumn, or
rather in the spring, of 1919 it was still possible to raise ‘volunteer corps’, not only because most of the men who came
forward at that time had been through the school of the old Army, but also because the kind of duty imposed there constrained the individual to absolute obedience at least for a definite period of time.

That spirit is entirely lacking in the volunteer defense organizations of to-day. The more the defense association grows, the weaker its discipline becomes and so much the less can one demand from the individual members. Thus the whole organization will more and more assume the character of the old non-political associations of war comrades and veterans.

It is impossible to carry through a voluntary training in military service for larger masses unless one is assured absolute power of command. There will always be few men who will voluntarily and spontaneously submit to that kind of obedience which is considered natural and necessary in the Army.

Moreover, a proper system of military training cannot be developed where there are such ridiculously scanty means as those at the disposal of the defense associations. The principal task of such an institution must be to impart the best and most reliable kind of instruction. Eight years have passed since the end of the War, and during that time none of our German youth, at an age when formerly they would have had to do military service, have received any systematic training at all. The aim of a defense association cannot be to enlist here and now all those who have already received a military training; for in that case it could be
reckoned with mathematical accuracy when the last member would leave the association. Even the younger soldier from 1918
will no longer be fit for front-line service twenty years later, and we are approaching that state of things with a rapidity that
gives cause for anxiety. Thus the defense associations must assume more and more the aspect of the old ex-service men's

(note: See . The reporter relates how Arizona militia members "... reveled in new weapons and old war stories." Exactly as happens at the American Legion halls of old ex-service men every weekend.)

But that cannot be the meaning and purpose of an institution which calls itself, not an association of ex-service men but a defense association, indicating by this title that it considers its task to be, not only to preserve the tradition of the old soldiers
and hold them together but also to propagate the idea of national defense and be able to carry this idea into practical effect, which means the creation of a body of men who are fit and trained for military defense.

But this implies that those elements will receive a military training which up to now have received none. This is something that in practice is impossible for the defense associations. Real soldiers cannot be made by a training of one or two hours per week.
In view of the enormously increasing demands which modern warfare imposes on each individual soldier to-day, a military service of two years is barely sufficient to transform a raw recruit into a trained soldier. At the Front during the War we all saw the fearful consequences which our young recruits had to suffer from their lack of a thorough military training. Volunteer
formations which had been drilled for fifteen or twenty weeks under an iron discipline and shown unlimited self-denial proved nevertheless to be no better than cannon fodder at the Front. Only when distributed among the ranks of the old and experienced soldiers could the young recruits, who had been trained for four or six months, become useful members of a
regiment. Guided by the ‘old men’, they adapted themselves gradually to their task.

In the light of all this, how hopeless must the attempt be to create a body of fighting troops by a so-called training of one or two
hours in the week, without any definite power of command and without any considerable means. In that way perhaps one
could refresh military training in old soldiers, but raw recruits cannot thus be transformed into expert soldiers.

How such a proceeding produces utterly worthless results may also be demonstrated by the fact that at the same time as these so-called volunteer defense associations, with great effort and outcry and under difficulties and lack of necessities, try to educate and train a few thousand men of goodwill (the others need not be taken into account) for purposes of national defense, the State teaches our young men democratic and pacifist ideas and thus deprives millions and millions of their national instincts, poisons their logical sense of patriotism and gradually turns them into a herd of sheep who will patiently follow any arbitrary
command. Thus they render ridiculous all those attempts made by the defense associations to inculcate their ideas in the minds
of the German youth.

Almost more important is the following consideration, which has always made me take up a stand against all attempts at a
so-called military training on the basis of the volunteer associations.

Assuming that, in spite of all the difficulties just mentioned, a defense association were successful in training a certain number of Germans every year to be efficient soldiers, not only as regards their mental outlook but also as regards bodily efficiency and
the expert handling of arms, the result must necessarily be null and void in a State whose whole tendency makes it not only look upon such a defensive formation as undesirable but even positively hate it, because such an association would completely contradict the intimate aims of the political leaders, who are the corrupters of this State.

But anyhow, such a result would be worthless under governments which have demonstrated by their own acts that they do not lay the slightest importance on the military power of the nation and are not disposed to permit an appeal to that power only in case that it were necessary for the protection of their own malignant existence.

And that is the state of affairs to-day. It is not ridiculous to think of training some ten thousand men in the use of arms, and carry on that training surreptitiously, when a few years previously the State, having shamefully sacrificed eight-and-a-half million
highly trained soldiers, not merely did not require their services any more, but, as a mark of gratitude for their sacrifices, held them up to public contumely. Shall we train soldiers for a regime which besmirched and spat upon our most glorious soldiers, tore the medals and badges from their breasts, trampled on their flags and derided their achievements? Has the present regime taken one step towards restoring the honour of the old army and bringing those who destroyed and outraged it to answer for their deeds? Not in the least. On the contrary, the people I have just referred to may be seen enthroned in the highest positions
under the State to-day. And yet it was said at Leipzig: "Right goes with might." Since, however, in our Republic today might is in the hands of the very men who arranged for the Revolution, and since that Revolution represents a most despicable act of high treason against the nation – yea, the vilest act in German history – there can surely be no grounds for saying that might of this character should be enhanced by the formation of a new young army. It is against all sound reason."

II. Leaderless Resisters and Lone Wolves Baying At The Moon

In Lesson Three we identified the true identity, motivations and purposes of those Leaderless Resisters and Lone Wolves who have "taken it to the max" and engaged in lethal violence. As these words are written the somber event of Timothy McVeigh's execution lies six days in the future. Timothy McVeigh has already done very well at writing his own eulogies. We would not presume to speak for him. We do wish to make one thing perfectly clear however. Upon the restoration of legitimate national authority based upon the People we will no longer punish such terrorist acts in a hidden execution chamber similar to the abortionist's den. Judgment will instead be executed on a gallows on the public square.

There are those claiming to speak for North American whites who advocate yet more terrorism and individual anarchy as a way of creating secure living conditions for white people. These self-proclaimed white racists themselves stagger from pillar to post (some literally intoxicated by strong drink). The prime movers of that non-movement, such as Terrible Tommie Metzger and Louis Beam, had previously organized a uniformed 'voluntary' border patrol defense organization claiming to turn back the Immigration Invasion on the border in San Diego. Now they have tried to reinvent themselves as 'National Socialists', decorate their Paytriot websites with swastikas (except for the Shopping Cart modules) and pretend to offer counsel to young white men
trapped in the urban hells on earth created by ZOG social policy.

At the present time there are two racial conditions in any locality in North America. Whites are either in a majority or in a minority. The degree of racial mixture is trackable with scientific precision merely by reference to the crime index for any particular zip code. The savage urgings latent in non-whites combined with a ZOG which actively defends and legally favors non-white violence against whites is the biggest daily security problem faced by the people. As anyone experienced in urban conditions knows, violently minded non-whites overwhelmingly travel and operate in groups. Not only does this give them an advantage in morale and absolute physical strength but it also confers a legal advantage when the time comes for the next 'Hate Crime' trial. In the ZOG Courts and ZOG Media it's the word of many politically correct species members against the word of one politically incorrect skin colored white.

Confronted with the above facts what strategy does Metzger and Curtis hold out? 'Lone Wolf! Owoooo-ooohhh!!!' White men, alone and outnumbered, are supposed to creep out and secretly commit violent acts against targets chosen at random with an equally random selection of weaponry and tactics.

"Lone Wolf?" The 'Lone Wolf' is an echo of the Jewellywood distortions of the 'Old West' as presented in some John Wayne and all Clint Eastwood movies. We can now see the real purpose of the Jewellywood promotion of the amoral Man With No Name. It was to promote the intellectual concept of separating from white men from helping each other. Ever hear of 'Divide & Conquer'?

The lone gunfighter of movie and Louis L'Amour fame was an outgrowth of the Code Duello. These were rules for white men to settle personal differences among themselves. They were never applied to confrontations between whites and other races. Even L'Amour's real ideal was his continuing series about the extended Sackett family that always banded together in times of danger. The most famous individual heroes of American military history didn't start out as 'Lone Wolves'. They were members of a group who displayed extreme personal courage in combat in pursuit of group goals. Very often that heroism was for saving their comrades.

The 'Lone Wolf' rarely exists in nature. When one does occur it's either a genetic defective or is rabid. Real wolves travel and cooperate in extended family packs. This is as true of the canine variety as it was of the U-Boat variety. That's why they're so dangerous. The real natural order is 'Wolf Pack'!

Lone Wolves also often end up in jail or dead. Theoretically there might be some or many who succeed. An intrinsic part of being a successful 'Lone Wolf' means keeping 'veewy veewy quiet' after the illegal deed is done. So whether they are captured or not, 'The Five Words' (I have nothing to say) are an integral legal component of every Lone Wolf's strategy. Perhaps The Five Words are just Metzger's application of his own lesson learned after serving as his own attorney against Morris Dees.

By its premises the Lone Wolf strategy in itself is a prescription for political failure. By definition politics involves multiple human beings. The prerequisite for every revolutionary movement is popular support. This popular political support can only be generated by words in the billions matched with actions conforming to the words. The entire package must be directed to answering the people's real life and death needs.

Even implemented successfully Lone Wolves merely raise the general level of violent anarchy and cause people to look to government for law and order. No wonder ZOG media promotes them so heavily. I also find it intriguing that Tom Metzger, with his ZOG-Morris Dees judgment strapped to his back, now promotes exactly the kind of anarchic violence Dees and the SPLC claim to fight. The excellent white racialist novelist Harold Covington has offered on theory on what might really be transpiring there.

IV. A True Place for Modernized 'Storm Troopers' and the Real Needs of North American Whites.

Where did the name 'Storm Troops' as applied to certain members of the National Socialist Party originate? Our best assessment is that this name was a direct contribution by General Erich von Ludendorff prior to his betrayal of National Socialism in 1923. The first 'Storm Troopers' appeared in the German Army on the Western Front in France in 1918. They were special infantry detachments trained in using new tactics of bypass and infiltration to break the trench deadlock. They were the tactically successful spearheads of each of General von Ludendorff's five strategically failed 1918 offensives.

Subsequently there was a body of young men in the National Socialist German Workers Party called 'Storm Troops'. The name of this sub organization was clearly intended to identify them in spirit and esprit with the Imperial Army Storm Troops of the last year of the First War To Kill White People.

(note: Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale has achieved this superficial level of understanding with his unimaginative carbon copy brand name positioning of his WCOTC 'White Rangers' and 'White Berets' (thereby offering a McDonald's choice to young ZOGlings.) See . But Hale, like Metzger and Curtis, then proceeded to confuse the true function of these personnel both in purpose and equipment with Clint Eastwood's portrayals of The Man With No Name and Dirty Harry by requiring each candidate to own a handgun. Hale thus reveals both his lack of military experience and also limited legal knowledge. Rifles and shotguns are not only more effective weapons but are legal to own and transport in far more jurisdictions in ZOG-USA.)

What was the function of these post First War Storm Troops of the NSDAP? Let us first examine what their role was not. Their role was not that of a 'voluntary defense organization' or militia. Again reverting to Adolf Hitler:

"The troops for the preservation of order, which were then formed under the National Socialist Movement, were fundamentally
different from all the other defense associations by reason of the fact that our formations were not meant in any way to defend
the state of things created by the Revolution, but rather that they were meant exclusively to support our struggle for the creation
of a new Germany."

Nor was their role the physical defeat or conquest of political opponents. Mein Kampf, Volume II, Chapter IX delimits their purpose very clearly.

(note: When the 'Second Revolutionist' and apparent homosexual pederast Ernst Rohm attempted to take the Storm Troops past their clear boundaries and supplant the national Army by threatening or attempting a coup, Hitler had him shot for treason. These 'Second Revolutionists' are also the source of the modern myth of a 'Holocaust' against 'Pink Triangle' homosexuals. An outraged Jewish inmate of the labor camps later related that virtually all queers in the camps were members of the Rohm underground terrorist faction in the S.A..)

Hitler again:

"I have already described how practical experience in our young movement led us slowly to organize a system of defense for
our meetings. This gradually assumed the character of a military body specially trained for the maintenance of order, and
tended to develop into a service which would have its properly organized cadres."

Emphasis here on 'slowly'. The 'Storm Troops' were among the the last, not the first, of the NSDAP organizations to appear.
They 'slowly' appeared in response to the refusal of the then existent authorities to provide police protection in the course of the
NSDAP conducting legal political activities. They were not and never were the principal purpose of the Party. They were a
defensive response to the long standing Jewish-Communist tactic of violently disrupting opponents' political gatherings in
accordance with Acts 17:5. (But the Jews which believed not, moved with envy, took unto them certain lewd fellows of the baser sort, and gathered a company, and set all the city on an uproar, and assaulted the house of Jason, and sought to bring them out to the people.)

Question. Does that condition completely prevail today? Answer. It does not. It partially prevails. The Jewish funded 'Anti-Racist Alliance' and similar groups stand ever ready to provide rent-a-mobs of human dreg rioters to oppose any white patriotic activities. The actual experience of the non-Movement shows that state and local forces currently will mostly uphold their Constitutional duties to protect First Amendment exercises. Indeed, the pathetic imitations of the Storm Troops (aside from their poor physical conditions and Salvation Army level uniforms) are usually protected BY the local and state police from ARA style groups, rather than protecting a mass political meeting of whites from racial enemies.

Such displays in themselves are confessions of weakness, not strength. The purpose of a mass political meeting is to display strength, not weakness. Attempts to directly import the SA concept also run up against the distributed and suburban nature of most white residential patterns in North America. An SA parade of companies and battalions would be witnessed by hundreds of thousands in heavily urbanized Germany. An identical parade (assuming we had such formations) in ZOG-USA would only be seen by hundreds or a few thousands in North America due to the much lower population density.

Against this copy-cat response to a largely non-existent threat, white revolutionaries fail to meet actual white needs and especially the needs of young white men and women. No German in 1923 was attacked merely for being German and white. That is the daily experience of thousands of whites today in ZOG-USA in racially mixed urban areas and schools. Against this real need there is no difficulty in the peaceful spread of white revolutionaries' message (if they have a real message) in the remaining white suburban areas.

We therefore certainly don't need any analog to the 'Storm Troops' currently. Whenever a mass following (or even 10,000) are present in one place this assessment can be revisited. Against this non-need there is a desperate current need for daily protection against physical but largely non-lethal assault by non-whites. We clearly need organized groups for white self-defense. Repeat, that is self-defense, not attack by white vigilantes against non-whites. The form and organization of these groups is worthy of profound consideration. They will definitely form part of any successful white revolutionary movement.
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.

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The American Militia

"In the United States the case is altogether different. The People, not the Government, possess the absolute sovereignty." James Madison, Report on the Virginia Resolutions, 1800.


Before attempting to purchase firearms check all laws that currently apply to you. A starting point for researching your local laws is this NRA website on state and local laws: If you are still uncertain then consult competent private legal counsel.

Before starting any program of physical exercise consult your professional medical advisor.

Constitutional Basis of the American Militia.

The English word 'militia' derives from the Latin root of 'miles', which means 'soldier'.

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were honors students of ancient and modern history. In writing the Constitution and setting up the social institutions they carefully considered the lessons of the past from the Classical histories of Greece and Rome. They also took into account the Old Testament Biblical history of Israel from the time of the Judges to the end of Solomon. They even considered more modern lessons from the 18th Century English Civil War.

In each case the same lesson stood out. The citizen soldier is the foundation of all free republics. In the ancient republics there was no difference between being a soldier and being a citizen. To the Framers of the Constitution the two nouns "militia" and "people" merely described the same groups in the different conditions of war and peace. This armed citizenry was and remains the most proven safeguard against external foreign invasion and internal domestic tyranny.

The citizen soldier was the cause of Hannibal's defeat in the Second Carthaginian War. Hannibal won tremendous victories, including the Battle of Canae where he destroyed 50,000 Roman legionaries although greatly outnumbered. But this was still only a fraction of Rome's citizenry, or military manpower. The Senate and People of Rome were unbowed by this disaster. They called out fresh legions and placed them under the command of Fabian. Hannibal lost the war.

In the later times of the Roman Republic ultra rich conspiratorial elites (of a type the corporate mass media endlessly assure us do not exist today) plotted to undermine the liberties of the Roman citizens and to subvert the Roman Republic. One of their methods was to substitute smaller standing armies of paid professionals for citizen soldier formations drawn from the whole body of the citizenry.

In the so-called Greek city-state democracies the condition was the same. Only men who served as soldiers in the phalanx were eligible to vote as citizens in the assembly.

The father of Alexander the Great, Phillip II of Macedon, also known as the Hegemon, began suppressing this practice as potentially subversive of his dictatorial rule.

The Old Testament records a similar devolution of liberty when the regime substituted small numbers of paid professionals for armed citizen soldiers. In the time of the Judges the army of the 12 tribes of Israel was composed of every able bodied man. Later the second king of the tribe of Judah, Solomon, suppressed this citizen army and substituted in its place a small standing force of cavalry. Unsurprisingly the king of Judah also developed into a greedy tyrant who crushed the people with heavy taxes. At his death the 10 tribes of northern Israel revolted against his son Rehoboam and ended the united monarchy. Left with only a tiny army, scant resources and no army of the people Judah was then rapidly conquered by an Egyptian king called "Shishak."

In the 17th Century the English military dictator Oliver Cromwell (the same man who readmitted the Jews to England) came to supreme power at the head of a professional army called "The Ironsides." The problem of bringing these Ironsides under control comprises the entire history of the later part of the English Civil War. After this lesson the English Parliament refused to support large standing armies. The English Parliament instead relied on a Militia composed of the free citizens with a small standing military force to delay invaders (should the Navy fail to stop an invasion) until the Militia could mobilize.

The Framers of the Constitution derived a number of lessons from the above episodes. Their first conclusion was standing. Armies were the ever ready tools of ambitious tyrants and dictators and always a grave threat to the lives and liberties of the people. Their second lesson was those standing armies were a sometime necessary evil that could only be controlled with certainty by a far larger militia based on the whole people. Their third lesson was the only sure security of a free nation lay in a military power based on the entire citizen population capable of bearing arms and nothing less than that.

The Militia in The Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers were originally newspaper essays written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison, three of the 39 men who signed the Constitution in Philadelphia. These essays were addressed to "The People of New York" as part of the ratification drive for the original Constitution. The three authors collectively signed themselves as "Publius".

Alexander Hamilton in The Federalist No. 29 on the militia

``The project of disciplining all the militia of the United States is as futile as it would be injurious, if it were capable of being carried into execution. A tolerable expertness in military movements is a business that requires time and practice. It is not a day, or even a week, that will suffice for the attainment of it. To oblige the great body of the yeomanry, and of the other classes of the citizens, to be under arms for the purpose of going through military exercises and evolutions, as often as might be necessary to acquire the degree of perfection which would entitle them to the character of a well-regulated militia, would be a real grievance to the people, and a serious public inconvenience and loss. It would form an annual deduction from the productive labor of the country, to an amount which, calculating upon the present numbers of the people, would not fall far short of the whole expense of the civil establishments of all the States. To attempt a thing which would abridge the mass of labor and industry to so considerable an extent, would be unwise: and the experiment, if made, could not succeed, because it would not long be endured. Little more can reasonably be aimed at, with respect to the people at large, than to have them properly armed and equipped; and in order to see that this be not neglected, it will be necessary to assemble them once or twice in the course of a year."

One thing is utterly certain from Hamilton's statements in The Federalist No. 29. 'All the militia' is comprised of the whole body of the citizenry and lesser part. The Militia is simply another name for the People in their role as citizen-soldiers. The phrase 'well-regulated militia' appears well prior to the drafting of the Second Amendment.

This is a happy usage since it clearly defines what is Constitutionally meant by this hitherto divisive phrase. What does Hamilton mean here by "well-regulated militia"? He means well trained and equipped as individuals as well as units. His last quoted sentence above unmistakably envisions guranteeing the entire citizenry is armed. In the context of The Federalist Papers the phrase "well-regulated" in connection with the militia has a completely opposite meaning from what the modern tyrants in Washington and their marketplace mob claim it to be.

"Well-regulated" applies to federal, state, local and private efforts to strengthen the militia. This phrase grants no power to any government in the United States to try to intentionally weaken that portion of the militia's strength arising naturally from the individual efforts of its members, who are the whole People. Governments may fail in their Constitutional duties to properly form and lead the militia. Governments may not go in the opposite direction and attempt to suppress the militia.

The only Constitutional "gun control" for the government is making certain every citizen has arms. In the 1980s the city government of Kennesaw, Georgia resumed its Constitutional duties towards the militia. The municipal council there enacted an ordinance requiring all adult citizens to procure and maintain a firearm with suitable ammunition in their home. This government was rewarded for its loyalty to the Constitutional peoples' militia with an instant dramatic drop in the crime rates.

In contrast the government of Australia recently disarmed the entire citizenry on the claim this step would create a safer environment for the citizenry. The natural order of Nature's God instantly punished this Marxist rebellion against the old English Common Law. Instead of dropping crime rates, and especially gun crime rates, soared. The proverb "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns" was proven true once again. This proof was made at the cost of the citizens and to the profit of the criminals.

Better "well-regulated" parts, called "select corps" in the 1780s, of the militia may exist and are again increasingly prudent for the government to nurture. But such "select corps" are not the entire militia. The federal government does not possess any power at all to arbitrarily designate a better equipped and trained portion as being the entire militia and then suppress the remainder of the militia by falsely claiming this select corps is the only "well-regulated" Constitutional militia.

Hamilton continued to say in No. 29:

``But though the scheme of disciplining the whole nation must be abandoned as mischievous or impracticable; yet it is a matter of the utmost importance that a well-digested plan should, as soon as possible, be adopted for the proper establishment of the militia. The attention of the government ought particularly to be directed to the formation of a select corps of moderate extent, upon such principles as will really fit them for service in case of need. By thus circumscribing the plan, it will be possible to have an excellent body of well-trained militia, ready to take the field whenever the defense of the State shall require it. This will not only lessen the call for military establishments, but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow-citizens. This appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army, and the best possible security against it, if it should exist.''

Hamilton again makes clear the interchangeability of 'militia' and 'nation' in Constitutional usage. And when Hamilton says "nation" he means the whole People. Nation in constitutional usage is not a synonym for "government". Five years later in the Militia Act of 1792 the government indeed directed its attention as soon as possible to the "formation of a select corps of moderate extent". The Framers, now Presidents, Governors, Senators and Congressmen, defined this select corps of the militia as all able bodied white male citizens between the ages of 18 and 45. They listed certain specified exceptions such as members of Congress, the Vice-President, postal and transit workers.

Hamilton here is discussing practical military policy when he talks about a "select corps". He is not defining the total extent of the militia as something less than the whole nation. Were a government to attempt to embody every member of the militia and march them out of a district the civil society would collapse. Crops would fail, children would starve and women would be left vulnerable to the predations of the "merciless savages" mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.

Even standing bodies of state troops are not considered to be militia in The Federalist. See Hamilton in The Federalist No. 28:

"Suppose the State of New York had been inclined to re-establish her lost jurisdiction over the inhabitants of Vermont, could she have hoped for success in such an enterprise from the efforts of the militia alone? Would she not have been compelled to raise and to maintain a more regular force for the execution of her design? If it must then be admitted that the necessity of recurring to a force different from the militia."

We see here that even individual STATES cannot raise a standing body of troops, claim this body to be the state's "well-regulated" militia and then suppress all other parts of the state militia. Hamilton here is contemplating the possible future existence of standing state military units. This is another remarkable display of foresight by a Framer. Such state military companies later appeared in different states at different times. And yet despite anticipating their appearance Hamilton still differentiated such forces in his mind from the "militia".

In The Federalist No. 46

James Madison made crystal clear the intended Constitutional role of the militia in controlling the federal government and its standing armies in the event of attempts at establishing unconstitutional tyrannies:

"Extravagant as the supposition is, let it however be made. Let a regular army, fully equal to the resources of the country, be formed; and let it be entirely at the devotion of the federal government; still it would not be going too far to say, that the State governments, with the people on their side, would be able to repel the danger. The highest number to which, according to the best computation, a standing army can be carried in any country, does not exceed one hundredth part of the whole number of souls; or one twenty-fifth part of the number able to bear arms. This proportion would not yield, in the United States, an army of more than twenty-five or thirty thousand men. To these would be opposed a militia amounting to near half a million of citizens with arms in their hands, officered by men chosen from among themselves, fighting for their common liberties, and united and conducted by governments possessing their affections and confidence. It may well be doubted, whether a militia thus circumstanced could ever be conquered by such a proportion of regular troops. Those who are best acquainted with the last successful resistance of this country against the British arms, will be most inclined to deny the possibility of it. Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached, and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of."

Madison's Military and Militia Mathematics

The total population of the United States according to the Census of 1790 was 3,929,214.

Now go back a few years to 1787 and take the total population of the United States. Remove the non-citizen Negroes and then divide by two to deduct white females. Now subtract the boys too young and the elderly men. We can see where Madison obtained his "near half a million" militia size. It was the maximum number of citizens he considered could be practically mobilized at that time for such a supreme crisis as a tyrannical or alien usurpation occurring in the federal government. Madison repeats Hamilton's view on what the militia is. To reiterate, the militia is comprised of the whole body of the citizenry and nothing less.

With our current historical perspective, Madison's calculations show incredible accuracy. Madison stated "one hundredth" (1%) of the population was the maximum number the federal government could sustain in a standing military force in peacetime. Let's check Madison's theory against modern experimental results. In 1980 the total census of the U.S.A. was 226,000,000.

In that year of Cold War the Department of Defense active duty end strength for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard was 2.2 million. This was precisely Madison's predicted percentage of 1% of the population as the maximum regular force the federal government would be capable of sustaining in peacetime.

Madison also gave another mathematical ratio in The Federalist No. 46. This was the relative size of the practically mobilizable Constitutional militia compared to the regular army. Madison's militia/army ratio was 500,000/30,000 or 16.67 militiamen to 1 regular soldier. Applying this ratio to the 1980 federal active duty force number yields a 1980 Madisonian militia strength of at least 35 million militiamen (2.1 million x 16.67). It's reasonable to argue that in extending sovereign franchise to women the United States simultaneously enlarged the militia. If true this extension doubled the 1980 size to at least 70 millions of militia. The only possible source of such immense numbers is the People themselves.

A modern red warning flag rises when we compare Madison's 1787 militia strength of 500,000, drawn from a total population of less than four million, to the size of the Army National Guard today. This modern "Army National Guard" numbers less than 250,000 compared to a population around 270,000,000 in the Year 2001 A.D. It is less than half the size of the standing regular army. In 1980 the Army National Guard numbered about 350,000 compared to a regular army of over 770,000. This was also less than half the size of the regular army.

Whatever this modern Army National Guard is, it is clearly something other than what Hamilton, Madison and Jay meant by their usage of 'militia' in The Federalist. They unequivocally showed in No. 46 it would be mathematically impossible for the federal government's standing army to ever outnumber the militia. Yet based on some people's explanations of the militia and the Second Amendment here are two instances of the federal army apparently outnumbering the 'militia' 2:1. The entire proposition is false. The argument starts from a defective understanding of what the American militia is.

The Militia in the Constitution of the United States of America

The Constitution did not establish the militia. The militia existed prior to the ratification of the Constitution. The Constitution itself recognizes the prior independent existence of the militia apart from the government of the United States. The Constitution merely delegates to the federal government certain powers solely designed to increase the effectiveness of the militia. The Constitution delegates no power to the federal government to limit the size of the militia to less than the entire people or to attempt to reduce its natural strength.

Attempts by the elements of the federal government to do this, so far from being Constitutional, actually mark the federal politicians and personnel concerned as having evolved into the illegitimate tyrannical regime that Madison designated as the enemy of the people/militia in The Federalist No. 46.

Article I of the Constitution delegates to Congress certain powers to support the militia:

"To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions;

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States, reserving to the states respectively, the appointment of the officers, and the authority of training the militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;"

The Militia powers delegated to Congress are those of an 18th Century army Quartermaster General

The armies of the 18th Century had much smaller general staffs than modern forces. The usual single general staff officer was known as the Quartermaster General. The purpose of this officer was to reduce the administrative workload of the Commanding General. In doing this his clear duty was to take all possible measures to strengthen the combat power of the army. To carry out this duty the Quartermaster General's powers included prescribing courses of training for the army, specifying the tactical organization of the sub-units of the army and issuing regulations to implement the prescribed training and organization. The Quartermaster General was also responsible for ensuring the army was properly supplied. The Quartermaster General possessed no powers of command, such as appointing or dismissing subordinate officers of the army.

It hardly needs to be stated that no Quartermaster General ever possessed authority to intentionally restrict the combat power of the army below the level of available resource. Such an action would constitute sabotage and, depending on the circumstances and motivations, might also meet the Constitutional test for treason.

When considering an entity as large as the nation in arms, there was only possible national Quartermaster General consistent with the Constitution. This was Congress with its powers of taxation, appropriation and legislation. And like all other quartermasters general the Congress received no powers of command such as appointing or dismissing officers of the militia. Since the President's own authority over Congress is very limited absolute, it was necessary to restrict such Congressional meddling in militia commands by including a clause in the Constitution itself.

There is also no delegation of power to Congress "raise" militia. Congress is only empowered to "provide for calling forth" for national purposes an entity that already possesses an independent Constitutional existence entirely apart from the United States Congress. Neither the existence or the size of the militia is dependent on the whim of any U.S. Congress. This is a key distinction because Congress is empowered elsewhere in the Constitution to "raise" standing national armies and circumscribe their strength.

The Constitution only empowers Congress to assist in "organizing" the militia which already exists and indeed predates the U.S. Congress by many years. As will be seen in the first Militia Act of 1792, "organizing" refers to specifying the tactical formations of the nation's militia. In the 1792 Act Congress specified an organizational structure of divisions, brigades, regiments and companies. "Organizing" has nothing to do with "recruiting" militia manpower. American militiamen are never 'recruited'. They are born (and sometimes naturalized).

No power is delegated in Article I authorizing Congress to artificially limit the size of the militia to population segments that minority sectarian political interests may deem politically reliable. The Congress is authorized, and may be Constitutionally required (debatable ground), to take positive action to improve the combat power of the militia. The most reasonable reading is that Congress has a discretionary grant of power to exercise the functions of national quartermaster general whenever foreign or domestic conditions appear to make this a prudent precaution.

Congress however certainly has no power to do anything to reduce the strength of the militia that naturally arises from its base in the People. Nor does Congress possess any power to disarm the militia. Congress cannot even Constitutionally govern that part of the militia that is not called into actual federal service.

Of special interest here is the express prohibition on Congress from appointing officers in the militia. This authority is strictly reserved to the states . This reservation clause in fact strips the modern Army National Guard of any Constitutional claim to be a 'militia' of any nature, organized or unorganized.

There have recently been modern attempts to deny the nature of the militia and limit its size, such as this section of the United States Code in Title 10, Chapter 13, Section 311:

(a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

(b) The classes of the militia are -

(1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia;


(2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

This is merely a clumsy unconstitutional attempt at usurping the People's Constitutional status as the militia. This is not the first time the Congress has crawled out of its Constitutional playpen and it won't be the last. The Constitution itself and its "penumbras and emanations" defines the size of the militia as being the whole body of the people. No Congress has any authority to dictate a lesser size. In setting up this definition Congress also defied Article I of the Constitution which expressly confined its powers of "governing" the militia to that portion actually called into federal service. Congress equally lacks any power to expand the militia beyond its limits by including aliens who are not numbered among the citizens of the United States.

Article II of the Constitution relative to Presidential powers over the Militia merely states "The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States;

This is intended ( see Federalist No. 74 ) to ensure unity of command between the United States Army and those parts of the militia called out by the federal government in wartime. The President lacks Constitutional power to appoint officers in the militia, even when called into federal service. The appointment of officers in the militia is strictly reserved to the states by Article I.

As Commander-in-Chief he probably has a power to relieve militia officers for specific disciplinary offenses. Even when called into federal service he has no power to cashier them en masse simply to replace them with his own officers. His Constitutional power over militia personnel is in fact so limited that the Militia Act of 1792 stated that only militia officers could serve on courts-martial panels trying militiamen for disciplinary offenses.

I am well aware of the modern ceremonial rituals that maintain the charade of 'state appointment' of Army National Guard officers. I am equally aware of the parallel process of "federal recognition boards" of candidates for Army National Guard commissions. No one failing to obtain 'federal recognition' ever receives a state commission. This entire procedure at best is an honorary process by the states towards certain officers of the U.S. Army who are citizens of these states. At worst it's a violation of Constitutional separation of powers. The states are not authorized to meddle in the President's power to appoint officers of the U.S. Army.

The Army National Guard, though falsely labeled as state militias, is in fact a branch of the U.S. Army. When assembled for training these soldiers are paid by the Department of Defense Finance and Accounting Service with funds drawn from the U.S. Treasury. The soldiers' uniforms are identical to regular U.S. Army uniforms, even having the same tags reading "U.S. Army".

Here are three more breaches by the federal government of its Constitutional limitations if the modern claim is sustained that "the National Guard is the militia" or even "the organized militia".

1. The Constitution does not authorize the federal government to pay the militia to train.

2. Training the militia is strictly reserved to the states.

3. Congress has no power to "raise" the militia and thus establish the maximum strength of the militia (it does have such a power over the U.S. Army). Yet Congress annually fixes the authorized strength of the Army National Guard in the defense appropriations.

Congress may prescribe the "discipline" for training the militia but it does not currently do so. The President and his officers, not the Congress, prescribe the discipline for training the Army National Guard. He does the same and to many of the same standards for the U.S. Army. This is more proof the Army National Guard is merely part of the U.S. Army and is not any part of the militia.

On a slightly divergent note, here is a private association of individuals some of whom MAY possess valid state appointments as militia officers:

This private corporation does business as the "State Guard Association of the United States, Incorporated." The only portion of their essay that is correct is their definition of 'militia' as deriving from the Latin word for soldier.

Their assertions that they or their masters have any authority to limit the militia to less than its Constitutional size is patently false. Their authority as state militia officers, if any, only extends to those portions of the militia that legitimate state political authorities have specifically placed under their command. They and their adherents ARE NOT the entire militia. Their claims to the contrary merely mark them as a possible subversive group.

These false claims, and their apparent close relationship to the Army National Guard and the last Clinton Secretary of the Army, Louis Caldera, makes a further investigation into their activities essential. Such an investigation may reveal that a modern cabal inside the federal government has defied the Constitution again by meddling in the appointment of state militia officers. Patriotic citizens with further information on the activities and affiliations of this private corporation or its president, someone styling himself Brigadier General Subhi D. Ali, Tennessee, are urgently requested to write

[email protected]

It might be argued based on the original Constitution that among the President's powers as Commander-in-Chief is the implied power to order his forces or parts of them to lay down their arms and 'surrender'. The case is indeed overwhelming that under the original Constitution a President carrying the Congress with him did possess such power to successively "call forth" into federal service, disarm and dismiss in series selected portions of the militia, all in the space of days or even hours. Presidents who love the People and are united with them in spirit, mind, body and heritage would never do such a dastard deed. Others among the Framers and Ratifiers foresaw that not all Presidents would be like this. It was adjudged by them a certainty that a President and even entire Congresses alienated from the People would one day appear.

As a result of these concerns the first act of the new Congress was to write and send to the states a package of 10 Amendments now called the "Bill of Rights". These were ratified in 1791 and include:

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

James Madison has been described as the "Father of the Constitution". He was a member of the Constitutional Convention that drafted the original document, a principal author of The Federalist Papers written to explain the proposed Constitution and later the fourth President of the United States of America. Madison once wrote:

"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government."

We have not separated text from historical background. We have instead deeply searched out the historical background to put the text into its proper context. Thus armed we can now approach the final Constitutional provision concerning the militia. The single sentence of the Second Amendment reads thus:

A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

To reiterate:

A well-regulated (see The Federalist No. 29 for the Constitutional definition and usage of 'well-regulated') Militia (see The Federalist Nos. 28, 29 and 46 for the Constitutional definition of 'Militia') being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The meaning and intent of this simple sentence cannot be more plain. There is no paradox, no internal contradiction, no confusion of thought in this one sentence amendment. The Militia are the People in time of war while the People are the Militia in time of peace. The People cannot turn out as a "well-regulated" militia if they have no arms in their possession.

Combat effective and powerful ("well-regulated") militias must have arms. The militia being the entire People by another name, this amendment prohibits ANY level of American government from infringing on the People's right to personally possess and carry weapons. The simple reason is that such an action would reduce the combat power of the militia (i.e. cause it to be less 'well-regulated').

It is within the government's power to require every citizen to own arms, such as Kennesaw Georgia does. The government could even require every citizen to practice weekly at a rifle range. Such actions would be reasonably calculated to lead to a militia that is 'well regulated'. It may be Constitutional for the government to pass no laws concerning the militia and to ignore its organization and even its armament. It is Constitutionally completely outside the government's power to prohibit citizen ownership of arms or forbid practice with the same.

Let's dispense with a number of legends about the Second Amendment spread by elements who intentionally deny entire volumes of Constitutional history and practice. These "Constitution Deniers" make a number of unfounded assertions in the following forms:

Constitution Denier Claim #1: "The Second Amendment only guarantees the states the right to maintain a militia which is now called the Army National Guard."

This argument is conjured out of thin air. Article I of the Constitution, in reserving to the states the undivided power of appointing militia officers, had already specifically recognized the right of the states to command the militia and therefore its independent existence in the states. Article II specifically recognized the separate prior existence of the militia, the state centered power of command over it and also that the President would act as Commander-in-Chief of the all the nation's mobilized forces in time of war.

Constitution Denier Claim #2: "The phrase 'well-regulated' allows the federal, state, or local governments to ban individual ownership of guns."

This is another false argument based on absolutely nothing. The phrase 'well-regulated' only delegates specific Constitutional powers to enhance and increase the combat power of the militia by means of federal efforts. Congress with its Quartermaster General powers relative to the militia possesses no authority to arbitrarily limit the militia's strength that arises from other sources in the nation. Congress may judge (or misjudge) contemporary domestic and foreign conditions as not requiring exceptional national efforts to strengthen ("well-regulate") the militia. But Congress, the President, the Courts or all three completely lack any Constitutional power to suppress the militia or limit its natural size.

The Second Amendment expressly denied to the Commander-In-Chief and ALL government officials any power of disarming the militia or of interfering in their acquisition of militarily effective arms.

Constitution Denier Claim #3: "The Second Amendment permits registration of firearms."

This is a gray area. Constitutionality would hinge on the purpose of such a program. Registration might be Constitutional if the government can demonstrate registration is part of a larger effort reasonably calculated to increase the combat power of the militia. For example, a registration program might be Constitutional if it were in the nature of taking a census of weapons. The only reasonable purpose would be to identify unarmed citizens who needed to have weapons issued to them under Congress' Article I power to arm the militia. This is an example of a registration calculated to 'well-regulate' the militia. This would perhaps be lawful if the federal government finally its Constitutional duty to form and equip the militia on the Swiss pattern, which even George Washington viewed with admiration in the 18th Century.

Government attempts to conduct a registration of weapons preparatory to confiscation are not just outside the bounds of Constitutional practice. This purpose would constitute an effort by the government to suppress and destroy the militia, not to 'well-regulate' it. Such efforts do not outlaw the People as the Militia. They instead outlaw the political cabal concerned as a "distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government" to be dealt with by the states and the militia in accordance with the procedures of The Federalist No. 46.

Constitution Denier Claim #4: "The Second Amendment secures states as well as Congress the power to arm the militia. The right to 'keep and bear arms' is a collective right that can only be exercised through the state government."

It's true that retaining state government power to arm the militia independently of Congress was a prominent concern in numerous legislatures during the ratification debates for the original Constitution. The fallacy of the above Communist minded argument is shown by the wording of the Tenth Amendment, the last of the "Bill of Rights":

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

As shown in the Tenth Amendment, and everywhere in the Constitution, the statesmen of that era had no difficulty discriminating between "States" and "People" in writing. When they meant state governments they wrote "states". When they meant people they wrote "People". Those worried that state governments have no independent power to arm the militia can be at ease. Nothing in the Constitution prohibits state governments ("states") the power to arm their militias. The Tenth Amendment specifically this power among many others to the states.

The ratification debates produced many concerns about the militia falling into abeyance from refusals by Congress, the state governments or both to arm it. A large body of statesmen then recognized that wealthy and corrupt political elites always prefer standing mercenary forces to reliance on the People's Militia. The final consensus solution reflected in the Second and Tenth Amendments is that Congress, the States and the Militia ("People") all keep the power to arm the militia.

The ultimate guarantee of the Constitution of the United States is not the President, ephemeral Congressmen or artful lawyers with slick words and plausible sounding rationales. Such individuals did not secure the Independence of the United States enabling the creation of the Constitution. These achievements were won by the citizen-soldiers on the field of battle amid the rattle of musketry and clash of arms. The ultimate guarantors of the Constitution of the People of the United States of America remains the same power that created it. This is death-dealing force in the hands of the People themselves assembled for war as the militia (soldiers).

WHITE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY - Lesson 6 Political Activism In The New Revolutionary Era.

What is to be done at the outset of the current revolutionary period? The current anticipated changes in demographics and our present weak position seem to close off most options. The task of delegitimation continues and is an unstoppable process. The demographic process suggests the real answer. We have to accelerate the pace of ancient regime collapse. The question is how to do this.

I am all in favor of legal public political activism. This activism has to meet several tests.

1. Is the proposed action legal? If you don't know what the law is, then get competent legal counsel (a tall order I know). Richard Barrett is a starting point. Edgar Steele is another source of advice and referral.

2. Don't act in ways contrary to your beliefs, if you have some. For example, the accusation is constantly raised that Zionists will perjure themselves to advance their perceived interests or strike their enemies. Do you read this, do you mouth this and then not act on it? So why set yourself up for that process with a dumb stunt like going to heckle at a Synagogue where you know you are outnumbered and won't find any recruits anyway? The only white people there are mercenaries paying obeisance to foreign gods like Kenneth Lay of Enron used to do. You will neither cause Jews to stop being Jews nor can you outbid them.

3. The activity has to be reasonably calculated to recruit white people. Otherwise it's useless. How many recruits does anyone expect to gain by going to the Shalom Temple and trying to out-Jew the Jews? It's sheer insanity.

4. You must represent well. See for a practical example of this. We have to continue the process of asymmetrically legitimizing our alternative leadership.

5. No Lone Wolf-ism. Leave the Clint Eastwood Man With No Name mentality behind when you shut off the tube. Sure the Anti Racist Alliance is amoral trash. And yes the Talmudists' hate literature sanctions committing perjury when (a) it will advance their cause and (b) they can get away with it. So when you go to public forums to advocate pro-white interests, take friends as witnesses. Take other friends who don't appear to be friends with videocams to capture the moment. Wear a 'wire' or small tape recorder to capture those precious verbal threats uttered by complacent Judeo-Marxist haters. True, the local prosecutors at this point are almost all amoral mercenaries or Judeo-Marxists. Thus in terms of criminal prosecutions nothing will happen. Those snippets of tape though can still win acquittals from juries and dismissals from judges if worse comes to worse. They can also serve as good 'news' to report.

6. Be local muck-rakers. This is most important. ZOG installs compromised politicians both by design and by natural instinct. They're easier to control by means of blackmail and corrupt dealings. So dig out their secrets and expose them yourselves.

These shabbez goy allies that people consider the Zionists' strong point are actually their weakest link. First, Jews combine high levels of intra-group loyalty with total contempt for outsiders. This doesn't stop in their dealings with their allies in aggregate. This is enhanced by contempt for allies who are seen as betraying their own group. The one way nature of the USA-Israel Special Relationship is replicated at the level of individual political relations. This is why there's periodic dust-ups like Hillary's off-color references to "Jews" and "kikes". The alert student of politics noticed that this did not hurt her one bit in her New York Senate campaign. She knows the real deal and so do they. These are political alliances of convenience.

Second, Jews are utterly merciless with 'allies' who've outlived their usefulness. The case of the South Lebanon Army during the Israeli pull-out was a classic example of what's usually termed 'Jewish betrayal'. The Israelis literally slammed the northern border gates in the faces of most of their fleeing former mercenaries and left them to face the music alone with Hamas. The Israeli newspaper rationales were they didn't want them diluting the 'Jewish' character of Israel. The contrast with American (white) reaction to the South Vietnamese in 1975 could not have been more complete. While many view this instinctive Jewish attitude as a strength it can be used as weak point for political attack. Read on.

I've tried to draw attention to this next in the past. The political task of the moment is to eliminate the ZOG false front called the Republican Party. This is the peer competitor for the political leadership of white people. So long as it exists white patriots can never gain the leadership. The case of David Duke in Louisiana should have already satisfied most people on this point. Once Duke started winning legitimately the national GOP openly combined with the Democrats to frustrate the will of the electors.

This GOP entity is not that large in reality. The true number of hard core Republican activists is no more than 75,000 on the most generous estimate. That's right. In numbers the GOP is smaller than the actual members and sympathizers of the non-Movement. It's just better organized, much better funded and better led tactically. This small size is the reason 'soft-money' is so important to it.

At least 40% of these activists are located Inside-The-Beltway in think tanks, on Congressional staffs, headquartering the Washington offices of dozens of 'conservative issues organizations' and in lobbying firms. The remainder are concentrated in the state capitals. The numbers of real GOP true believers is so small they had to fly in Washington staffers to stage demonstrations in Palm Beach and Dade Counties in November-December 2000.

That 'Party' has no real roots in the nation. At this time it's a collection of rich country club a--holes (the 'Moderates') in league with money hungry Zionist Rapture Cult leaders (Robertson's so-called 'Christian Coalition'). The Moderates are the open borders fans. The Zionists preach rewards in the hereafter for their followers, but take cash up front for themselves. The antipathy between the 'Moderates' and the followers of the Rapture Cult leaders is unbridgeable. The GOP Moderate women are openly contemptuous of the others as 'tacky people' who 'shop at Wal-Mart'. The Rapture Cult leaders themselves are mostly off-shoots of the GOP Moderate class. Robertson himself with his Harvard background and Senator Daddy is a classic case.

The temporary loss (most will be back later in a more serviceable and loyal mood since non-whites have no use for them) of these Country Clubbers and their rich men's agendas will be more than made up by the accession of millions of working class whites currently voting their pocketbooks (so they think) with the Democratic Party.

Getting rid of this false front won't be that hard, either. Most political races can be decided by moving just a few hundred to a few thousand votes off to the sidelines. Buchanan almost cost Bush the election as it was. The few hundred or few thousand to split off in each case are followers of the Rapture Cultists. 'Expose' remains most effective among these people. ZOG needs 'help' it really doesn't want, in order to do this. Provide that help by detonating the stink bombs ZOG holds over these guys' heads as control mechanisms. Once you do that, the Jews will instinctively treat them the way they treated the South Lebanon Army. Here's how to do it.

Again see: Marc Slanger has done a good job on Morris Dees with this. There must be an equivalent website for every Republican politician in the country from precinct committeeman on up. Just because the local ZOG papers don't raise a hullabaloo doesn't mean unmentioned GOP politicians are squeaky clean. It means they're subservient. So dig. Dig out their deals in the real estate property records, the state corporate records, the UCC filings and the court dockets. It's what ZOG's own information gatherers do to find dirt. You do the same and then open your information website with fully accurate if not especially complementary info. As you gain more experience you can expand your 'news coverage' by analyzing local government contracting. This is where the real liquidity and real financial dirt is although sweetheart real estate deals remain a popular method of conveying bribes.

Fact: Virtually all city and county governments are just big nests of financial incest between self-interested parties. As long as they take the shekel, pay lip service to the Cults of Holocaustianity and Marxist racial equality and let in the ADL and SPLC to pervert the local police, then they're left in peace by ZOG Media with their squalid deals. The low voter turnouts in local elections compared to state and national elections helps this tendency along, as does ZOG Media's policy of benign neglect.

So gather your base information from the public records, publicize your website a little bit locally, get a P.O. Box and wait. Once it's known you're interested, the real dirt will soon be anonymously and spontaneously sent to you. This is how the big dirt on Morris Seligman Dees (his divorce proceedings) was obtained. An anonymous sympathizer screwed over by Dees mailed it in. Similarly you'll soon get material from disgruntled employees reporting on illegal alien hires, upset ex-sleep-in secretaries, ex-wives, current wives in divorce proceedings, former screwed-over business associates, betrayed ex-political allies, policemen anonymously sending you the names of black prostitutes to locate and interview, etc. Fact check, verify and publicize.

Learn a lesson from the Gulag Archipelago. What made life so miserable for the politicals in the Destructive Labor Camps was not the guards. The guards weren't even allowed to talk to the prisoners. What made life miserable was the NKVD security officer -- the Godfather -- and his corps of prisoner informers (stool pigeons). When the Ukrainian nationalists started arriving they immediately understood what to do. "Kill the stoolie." The Godfather at first took care of fleeing stoolies (just as the Israelis at first let in small numbers of SLA refugees). As the numbers of now 'useless eater' stoolies increased, Godfather stopped doing this. And being a stoolie suddenly lost its attractiveness to the self-seeker. Once this process was well launched the Godfather was cut off from all information.

This is the figurative (not literal, no illegality) political task now. Politically eliminate the Republican stool pigeons. This has to be done a precinct at a time.

All politics are local. So start getting locally relevant.
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.
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