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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl
Default Holocaust Survivor Stories

Holocaust Survivor Stories

(Week Ending: 25/05/2014)

For the links to the sources please see the original article here

I mentioned a while ago that I was going to be starting a few new regular columns on Semitic Controversies and as part of that I took a leaf out of what a friend of mine; who is a physicist, had done. He had set up various alerts using Google and other such services to find all the articles posted on the web on a given day with 'Holocaust Survivor' in them. This has proven to be a useful device as it brings all the 'Holocaust Survivors' you could ever want to your door and this column will simply document their various claims with the touch of sarcastic and irreverent humour that they quite frankly deserve.

To begin with lets take the story of Ernest Fruehauf who has been warping the minds of school children in Indiana this week. His story is obviously heart-wrenching for those who haven't had the critical training to dissect his pesky little plebeian peon. Simply stated: Fruehauf claims that he 'suffered so much' and 'survived the holocaust', but the problem with all that is that he got visas and left Germany as the Germans were supposedly preparing to wipe out the jews from the face of the earth.

More specifically the problem is that he and his family left Germany for the United States on 9th August 1941, which is in the middle of a massive crackdown and rounding up of jews after the 'emigration' option had been closed off. Amusingly Fruehauf doesn't realise that he is directly contradicting the orthodox holocaust narrative.

Whoops: eh?

Raymonde Fiol meanwhile has been claiming in Las Vegas that she 'knows' her parents were 'gassed' in Auschwitz in 1944: yet we don't know even according to the orthodox narrative who was gassed and who simply died from other causes such as disease (particularly typhus), old age, accidents, fights, or during escape attempts etc.

So how does she know?

Well Suzanne Cohn has the answer: psychic powers.

Cohn has been warbling at the Baldwin School in Pennsylvania this week about how she and her sister hid in a utility closet in a factory that her family once owned in Poland for three weeks living on a couple of boiled potatoes and two bottles of water in order to 'hide from the Nazis'.

A feat indeed and it is little surprise that this turned out to be a bad idea as Cohn and her sister 'got very sick'. The fact that Cohn forgets to tell us how two little girls; unless very fat, managed to survive on starvation rations with not enough water for three weeks in a place that almost certainly didn't have any heat or significant ventilation suggests that this story is probably complete pap.

Cohn and her sister probably did hide in said utility closet, but it likely wasn't 'three weeks' more like 'three days'.

Oh and note Cohn's telepathic and precognitive abilities once again: she 'knows' the Nazis 'were going to kill them' because they were jews. Considering the 'holocaust' was supposed to be such a well-kept secret that there is no serious documentation or testimony about it from the German side: how on earth did every jew in Europe seem to know what has going on?

Clearly the jews must have been given telepathy by Yahweh as part of their covenant with him.

Yes: that must be it.

After all a holocaust survivor cannot tell a lie: can they?

One of Oscar Schindler's jews; Moshe Taube, has also been having a whine at nothing in particular this week in the United Kingdom: from what has been reported of it. Taube's presentation was not about his 'experiences' at all (it was sponsored by the Lubavitch Chabad [who if you read their deceased Rebbe's Tanya are an anti-gentile hate group] as far as I can see and since Taube was a labourer in a factory it means he hardly counts as 'witness' or a 'survivor') but rather it is about how Schindler was a 'god-sent emissary' and Taube's own 'religious awakening' that he suffered from in the camps.

More notably Taube describes how he hadn't been lecturing until Steven Spielberg's pseudo-historical opus 'Schindler's List' hit cinemas in 1993, which led to Taube suddenly becoming a speaker in considerable demand as one of the members of Schindler's original list (or Number 22; in an unintentional but apt parallel to Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', as he calls himself).

In other words Taube wasn't making money from being a 'survivor' till 1993 when he suddenly began raking it in as a professional speaker due to an accident of history...

Shoah Business is Show Business.

While in Clarksburg, Massachusetts a jew named Max Glauben was fifteen at the end of the Second World War and yet supposedly 'survived five concentration camps', while his parents didn't (and presumably Glauben claims they gassed by the eternally evil Germans) and has been fibbing to schoolchildren about his 'experiences'.

I can say fibbing quite confidently here for the simple reason that Glauben claims to have survived five concentration camps (which is rather odd if he was barely a teenager when he was in them as he would have been selected for 'gassing' according to the orthodox holocaust narrative) and has been showing off his 'camp tattoo', which; according to the article, consists only of the letters 'KL' ('Konzentrationslager' i.e. 'Concentration Camp') but the Germans tattooed jews (when they tattooed them at all [one of the severe anomalies in the orthodox narrative I might add]) with their prisoner numbers not 'KL'.

Tattooing someone with 'Concentration Camp' makes no sense whatsoever as it means nothing and identifies nothing. It merely implies they have had 'Concentration Camp' tattooed on them at some point: in all probability Glauben's tattoo is one he has gotten done after the war to imitate other survivor tattoos without knowing what such tattoos consist of.

Whoops eh Max?

Oh and incidentally 'Glauben' in German is a slight pun on Max's statements and self-promotion: it (approximately) means 'believe'.

You have to believe Max... you really do.

Would someone with that face lie to you?

Next on the list this week is Bernd Simon; who has been pontificating to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion No. 5, who was imprisoned in Dachau (which contrary to Simon's presumed claims didn't have a gas chamber) and was released when his mother managed to forge documentation to get him released and then he had one of those improbable 'escapes' to the United States (through Cuba this time) which are the sine qua non of 'holocaust survivor' stories.

Now aside from the fact that Simon here provides support for the contention that was earlier tabled by the medieval chronicler Matthew Paris that the jews as a people were expert; and heavily engaged, in forgery. It also suggests that Simon was a political dissident not 'just a jew': this is strengthened by the fact that after the war Simon immediately launched into a career as a 'Nazi Hunter' in spite of having little to complain of (after all he never 'went East' to the 'Death Camps' and was housed inside Germany in a camp that was primarily for political dissidents).

Simon appears from what has been reported to be an old jew trying to up his own importance as he isn't a 'holocaust survivor' in any reasonable definition of the term, but rather is trying to gloss over his own political extremism (which caused him to hunt down people he alleged were part of 'crimes' that are now discarded by history or which remain completely without evidential support other than the fallacy of 'begging the question') and feel important.

Ding ding... we need Doctor Freud here I think.

Moving on we find Siegmund Listwa who has returned to Auschwitz this week and has been blathering on about how he was deported to the Posen concentration camp in 1940 and then Auschwitz in 1942 where he mined coal.

The hilarities start when Listwa claims that prisoners who died at night were 'thrown in the latrine', which clearly not only didn't happen (as the Germans would have noticed lots of jews throwing bodies into latrines and discovered them rather quickly when they started to smell and there were too many bodies to fit in the latrines [if the jews were doing it] and would be extremely unsanitary and stupid if it was the Germans doing it [especially the Germans had cremation facilities built explicitly to deal with the issue of sanitation in relation to corpse disposal]) but is consciously made up (I don't immediately recall anyone ever claiming that method of body disposal before).

Listwa makes the same faux pas as Raymonde Fiol and claims that he 'knows' his family was 'gassed' in Auschwitz (or died in the Lodz ghetto, which he seems to believe varies) even though this is clearly a supposition on his part (as we have no actual proof of individual gassed jews only suppositions based on assumptions that cannot be justified from the documentary evidence or even logic) and is contradicted by his claims that jews were regularly dying at night (i.e. why were his relatives gassed rather than perishing for any other reason and being dumped in the latrine?)

Seems the survivors are truly having trouble keeping their story straight...

Now to round this week off it is beholden to me to note that yet another 'holocaust memoir' (that of Misha Defonseca which was endorsed by the Anti-Defamation League among others) has been demonstrated to be a complete work of fiction and resulted in the author losing tens of millions to their publisher in compensation.

Hardly surprising that the Hoaxers are themselves being Hoaxed: now is it?
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Karl Radl
The Epitome of Evil
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Karl Radl

Holocaust Survivor Stories

(Week Ending: 13/07/2014)

N.B. For the links to the sources please see the original article here.


And we are back; after an enforced hiatus, with more lame-brained, imagined and often simply impossible nonsense from the world's most famous fibbers (aka 'Holocaust Survivors'). Before we begin this week we should first note that Jack Rubin over at bat-shit insane jews anonymous (aka the Jerusalem Post) is now claiming that after paying billions upon billions of dollars in official; as well as billions upon billions of unofficial, compensation: the German people should foot the bill (yet again) for all the 'needs' of 'holocaust survivors'.

Hey Jackie: get your facts right deary.

Germany has paid a huge amount of money to jews and Israel already (probably something close to a year or twos worth of GDP over the course of the last seven decades) for 'crimes' that nobody can show any actual evidence its former government committed. Demanding that Germany pay yet more money when your so-called 'Claims Conference' can't even hide the fact that it has been fiddling its account books for the last decade or so (and still has millions upon millions in assets) so that 'untold millions of dollars' has been lost to 'morally upright' jews who can't resist getting their greasy paws on gentile gold.

It is Shoah business though: ain't it?

If you want more money: how about you show a bit of gumption and ask the international jewish community for donations? You know you really should otherwise you will give the lie the hoary old canard common to philo-Semitic literature that jews are 'great philanthropists' and donate to charity more than gentiles do.

At least one 'holocaust survivor'; Gertrude Stanley, who died recently had a £1.3 million fortune, while an Israeli 'holocaust survivor'; David Azrieli, who died this week had billions of dollars.

How about the jews use that to pay the expenses of the few million 'holocaust survivors' who still seem to be alive currently?

Perhaps you should practice what you preach?

My my... wouldn't that be a change?

Don't hold your breath though readers: Jack Rubin and the circumcised intellectual pond life that actually take his twaddle seriously won't part with any of their fancy five course kosher dinners to support their own kind. Instead they will insist that is all your fault and therefore you should pay for everything (like these gullible Americans in Israel).

It is called a confidence trick and by god are the jews good at it!

Now moving on from a bunch of crazy jews to one who is quite clearly suffering from paranoid delusions that the 'Natzis' were out to get him.

I will quote this verbatim as it has be read to believed.

'In the beginning, Nasya Kamrat recounts, her goal was to memorialize her grandfather’s story. Irving Kamrat’s life was saved by a German guard: Towards the end of the war, the Nazis were killing people by playing a “game” in which Jews had to count off, and were killed if they got the “wrong” number. One day, Irving was picked and taken to a room where he was supposed to be killed by hanging. The German guard, who he had gotten to know well, hid him in a bin filled with laundry from previously killed inmates, and snuck him out of the room. The camp was liberated shortly thereafter.'

Now lets apply some common sense to this: if the Germans wanted to kill people they would have just killed people dependent on their lack of usefulness to the Reich's war effort. Lining people up and then killing them dependent on what numbers they call out is just simply absurd, both because it defies logic and also because the camp; was Kamrat states, was just about to be liberated.

Why randomly kill jews just before you are going to be overrun by the Red Army?

Why not either march them off on one of the so-called 'death marches' (aka making jews walk distances as opposed to being carried in trucks and trains [Oy Vey!]) or kill them all?

It simply makes no sense does it?

You either kill all the jews and get out of there or you march out of there with the jews as fast as you can.

You don't hang around sadistically killing random people given that you are aware that; as a member of the SS, if you are caught by the Red Army then you will be automatically executed per their standing orders.

Yes lets hang around randomly killing people in sadistic games and wait to be executed ourselves.

Makes no sense: does it?

As to the other bit of the story concerning the 'hiding in the laundry bin': well that again is implausible given that it seems rather unlikely that a supposed 'mass extermination camp' would allow; presumably large, containers and hampers to go unchecked given the high likelihood of escape attempts and so forth.

Also given that a laundry hamper is a fairly light thing even when full of dirty clothes: wouldn't everyone notice and become suspicious if it was seriously heavy, because there was a person inside it (whether or not it could be pushed or had to be carried)?

I mean come on: this story is blatantly made up. No ifs or buts about it: it simply doesn't make any sort of logical or historical sense, but veritably reeks of an embellished story of 'personal heroics' that many so-called survivors appear to have concocted as a way of giving their life meaning.

Another such story is that of Charles Middenberg who; in a recent engagement at Warm Springs Middle School in West Virginia, claims that he 'knows' his mother was 'gassed to death'. We can even infer from the wording of the report; which claims these are his 'memories', that he believes he witnessed said 'gassing' (which would make sense as otherwise how does he know his mother was 'gassed'?), but yet he was allegedly pretending; according to the same report, to be masquerading as a Catholic with a gentile Polish family at the time!

Whoops... contradicted yourself there didn't you Charlie?

It is even stranger than that considering that even orthodox holocaustian historians acknowledge; however reluctantly, that they don't know who was gassed and who was not in the camps.

More precisely they can't actually prove any gassings of human beings took place in any of the German camps and they have to resort to what they like to call 'convergence of [selected circumstantial] evidence' to support the alleged 'gassings' taking place as opposed to actual evidence that they did indeed happen (which; considering the scale of the alleged killings, should be abundant but has been lacking for seventy years even after huge resources of manpower and money have been expended trying to find it).

It is unfortunate that the students at Warm Springs Middle School have yet to be trained in the critical interpretation of evidence (and nobody can blame them for taking Middenberg fanciful inventions as the 'truth'), but the teachers and parents should be ashamed of having put someone who is obviously a bald-faced liar in front of their students/children as if he was actually genuine.

All they would have needed to do is read an orthodox account of the 'holocaust' to know that his 'memories' were fake!

Meanwhile a 'holocaust survivor' resident in Canada ironically named Pinchas Gutter has been promoted as the subject of a 'documentary' titled 'Political, Polish Jew: The Story of Pinchas Gutter' by the Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation of Canada. In this documentary Gutter; who was born in 1932 into a Hasidic family in Poland, relates his experiences thus:

'After the Nazis began terrorizing the Jewish population of Lodz, Gutter’s father sent his wife and two children to live with a relative in Warsaw, believing, incorrectly, that it would be safer there for his family. Eventually, he joined them in Warsaw

In the Warsaw ghetto, they endured terrible hardships. “We were like chickens in a coop,” Gutter recalls.

They survived the big deportations of 1942, but after the 1943 ghetto uprising was suppressed, they were caught by the Germans and sent to the Majdanek extermination camp. Gutter’s mother and sister were murdered. He thought he would meet the same fate, but muddled through. His father, however, was killed.

“I cried,” he says in a reference to his death. “I was 11 years old.”

To this day, Gutter finds it inconceivable that a crime so heinous as the Holocaust could have been committed.

In the wake of his father’s murder, he was savagely beaten by a German guard. He was then sent to a nearby labor camp, where ammunition and mines were manufactured for the German army. Toward the close of the war, he found himself in Buchenwald, which he describes as “hell on earth.” He was subsequently transported to a labor camp in Germany and forced to participate in a death march to Theresienstadt.'

Heart-wrenching: isn't it?

It just a shame that is all quite clearly nonsense given that firstly Majdanek wasn't a death camp; and there is precious little evidence it could have been one as it was captured intact with no gas chambers (yet it has been the subject of numerous 'holocaust survivor' gassing stories), and that secondly the Germans wouldn't have killed his father and left him; an 11 year old, alive considering that an 11 year old is a far less precious labour resource than a grown man.

Why leave the young child alive, but the fully-grown father not?

Also why kill Gutter's sister and not Gutter if child labour was so useful to the war effort?

Much of a contradiction there?

I'd say so!

It doesn't make any sense whatsoever: does it?

Then a German guard predictably beat him up; which is one of those absurd tropes of all 'holocaust survivor' stories in that a nasty Nazi badly beat them at least one, and to top it off he survived a 'death march' (aka requiring jews to actually walk a reasonable distance rather than waddle to the nearest train station or catch a taxi).

Pinchas' 'memories' are quite clearly a bunch of nonsense pretending to be 'recollections' given that he uses all the standard tropes of 'survivor' 'experiences' and his claims defy any kind of logic to them and; as I have above demonstrated, actually contradict one another.

So much for the 'power of memory': huh?

Oh and just to cap off this week's edition of 'Holocaust Survivor Stories' we should note that in Sydney, Australia an elderly jew is claiming that he is a 'double' 'holocaust survivor' because... wait for it... he was a homosexual and a jew.

Next he'll be coming out claiming he a sexual relationship with one of his SS guards or something (as we all know SS personnel had sex with jewish inmates at the drop of a hat since jews are apparently so damn attractive and generally desirable that even those who hate them want to breed with them).

That's it for this week folks.
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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl

Holocaust Survivor Stories

(Week Ending 20/07/2014)

For the links to the sources please see the original article here.


Roll up, roll up. It is time for this week's edition of 'Holocaust Survivor Stories' and to begin let's go to California where a local school tasked its students with producing an essay on whether they believe in the 'holocaust' after going out and looking at the facts.

The result?

Well to the horror of the teaching staff: most of the students argued in their assignments that the 'holocaust' is hard to take seriously as it posits a series of implausible, and occasionally outright impossible, events and situations.

Allegedly the students discovered these facts after reading older revisionist work like that of Fred Leuchter. What is not mentioned, and seems to me more likely, is that the students read more widely available revisionist work such as that published by the 'Inconvenient History' journal as well as a couple of articles by Leuchter et al (and since the teachers and 'experts on holocaust denial' generally seem to have only heard of revisionists from the 1980s/1990s they immediately attribute their being convinced to reading said revisionists).

The simple fact that the jews and the education profession in general have failed to understand is that sans the need to believe in the 'holocaust': the theory is grossly lacking evidential support and once someone punctures the façade of 'it happened therefore it is possible' arguments then it is obvious to anyone that the entire theory is a load of half-arsed bunk.

I mean if you can't provide direct evidence of your pet theory seventy years after the fact then why on earth do you still believe in said theory?

Sometimes the gullibility of otherwise rational 'holocaust' promoters is utterly frightening and exceeds that of the type of individual who believes that the world is flat or that Elvis was abducted by aliens.

Anyway back in the la la land that is the personal universe of 'holocaust survivors': we find that said individuals are now demanding more money from the Claims Conference and are even writing angry letters to local newspapers about it.

Oh my the militancy and chutzpah of these 'holocaust survivors': eh?

Asking their fellow jews for free cash handouts?

Oy Vey! The Horror!

Clearly the Claims Conference and the Holocaust Industry would prefer that said 'survivors' get mown down by a bus (as this one was in Washington D.C) or commit suicide (like these two in the United Kingdom) instead of bleating for free handouts while screaming 'Never Again!' from their retirement homes.

Indeed those deaths we've mention this week are clearly part of a conspiracy to remove problematic 'holocaust survivors' by those damned jewish apparatchiks in New York and Tel Aviv. So much so that the Satmar Rebbe (the spiritual and political leader of the Satmar Chassidim) allegedly 'knew' about the 'holocaust' in 1943, but didn't tell anyone.

Well isn't that wonderful?

The head of a large Chassidic sect 'doesn't tell his followers' about a supposedly 'super-secret' operation that nobody in the German government seems to have known about (as no German documents mention such a program) and that, according to the orthodox historical narrative about the 'holocaust', nobody did know about till 1945 when the Allies and the Soviet Union 'discovered death camps'.

The Satmar Rebbe probably knew of the rumours about 'death camps' (which were after all doing the rounds in the anti-Nazi underground in Poland) but these he intelligently put down to just being the type of sordid rumours that usually accrue in such a situation. After all the Germans in the First World War were allegedly making 'soap' out of dead (usually Belgian) bodies, which was then regurgitated as 'making soap out of dead jews' in the Second World War.

The fact is that the Satmar Rebbe was right: the stories of 'death camps', 'brain-bashing machines', 'vacuum chambers', 'collections of human eyes' and so forth are just atrocity propaganda and urban legend. They aren't supposed to be taken seriously and his view on this subject will be validated in time by historians when they aren't afraid to dispute the 'reality' of an obvious myth with the Holocaust Industry and the vested interests that underpin it.

Indeed long forgotten footage of the newly-'liberated' concentration camps from the archive of Alfred Hitchcock has recently emerged and been shown at the Jerusalem Film Festival. Although I haven't managed to find a copy to view as of yet: the fact that it hasn't been beamed around the world and shoved in the face of 'holocaust deniers' is highly suggestive of the fact that, while probably quite awful to watch, it doesn't provide any actual evidence of the 'holocaust'.

It is just more emotive 'look at the starving jews' material that is designed to twist the hearts of the viewer and reassure them that the 'gas chambers' really did exist, because jews suffered from malnutrition during their time in the concentration camps.

Logical: isn't it?

Speaking of those who went through German concentration camps during the Second World War. Take the case of Teresa Fischlowitz who was sent with her parents to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and speaks of how she had her seventh birthday party on the train there.

The problem is that while this is very likely true: it completely makes mincemeat of the 'holocaust' theory.

The reason why is really simple: seven year old children were allegedly to be separated from their parents and sent off to be killed in the gas chambers, because they could not benefit the Reich by working for their keep (thus they were classified as 'useless eaters' and killed). Thus runs the orthodox narrative, but oh whoops Teresa is telling us that she as a seven year old girl wasn't taken away from her parents and gassed in spite of being in a camp for years.

So unless she is a random and particularly ugly phantom then she is yet another contradiction in the 'holocaust' narrative along with the embarrassing recent revelations from revisionist scholars about jews being sent to alleged 'pure' 'death camps' and then a few days later being transited on to 'normal' concentration camps.

Whoops: eh?

So much for them being 'pure' 'death camps' and indeed they start to sound just like the transit camps with delousing stations (to prevent the spread of diseases picked up in the ghettos) for the shipments of jews being sent to the work camps that revisionists have long posited they were: don't they?

To be fair however: you cannot fault Fishlowitz for being clueless about what is being claimed in relation to the 'holocaust' and for simply reporting the event in her life and the time that it happened. The fact is however that these combined ironically contradicts the 'holocaust' narrative that she is seeking to promote and profit off of with her 'memoirs' (like the other two million or so 'holocaust memoirs' currently in print).

Our final 'survivor' this week is Ingrid Cardozo who, according to her own account, was never shipped off to a concentration camp in spite of her father being of jewish origin (and nor was he shipped to a camp). Indeed the evil Nazis pensioned Cardozo's jewish father off when they assumed power and apparently didn't molest him at all afterwards and he died peacefully at home of a heart attack in 1944 in the middle of the so-called 'holocaust'. The worst things that happened to her family was that Cardozo's brother was put into a work camp after he made a thing of his jewishness when he was called up to serve in the Wehrmacht.

Cardozo's account reminds me of what Heinz Weichardt wrote in 'Under Two Flags' about his jewish mother living openly and completely unmolested in Berlin till the Red Army besieged the city. It is proof positive that the usual claims that the 'Nazis exterminated/wanted to exterminate the jews' are an absolute load of twaddle since it isn't hard to find innumerable 'exceptions' to the rule among 'holocaust survivors' like Cardozo and even among contemporary accounts.

The 'holocaust' is bunk: deal with it.
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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl

Holocaust Survivor Stories

(Week Ending: 04/01/2015)

For the links to the sources please see the original article here.


Continuing the New Year as we mean to go on: it is time for some more unintentionally hilarious 'holocaust survivor' stories.

This week we shall begin by noticing the tale of Akiva and Miriam (no surnames are given) of Clifton, New Jersey who decided to tell everyone they were 'holocaust survivors' and then both claimed to have survived Bergen-Belsen camp at a jewish cultural event this week.

Now the problem with that boys and girls: is that Bergen-Belsen is agreed, by all sides of the 'holocaust' debate, to have been a work camp and the large loss of life there in the last weeks of the war to have been from disease epidemics and mass starvation caused by the Allied saturation bombing campaign.

Essentially Akiva and Miriam, if they are real (and I tend to think the lack of a surname in such a bland human interest story is highly suspicious), are 'survivors' of Allied starvation tactics (which affected all, and caused mass causalities among, German civilians as well) and outbreaks of infectious disease.

That is of course unless Akiva and Miriam want to allege that there were 'gas chambers' in Bergen-Belsen, which no orthodox holocaustian agrees with (and thereby contract the almost funny idea that 'survivors' are good witnesses of anything other than their own fantasies).

Akiva and Miriam were survivors of highly contentious Anglo-American war crimes (as they were designed to be indiscriminate in who they killed) not magic disappearing gas chambers designed by the nefarious, and apparently diabolically inventive, Germans.

That sort of puts a cramp in their style: doesn't it?

Similarly another 'survivor' appropriately named Luna Kaufman claims that she was sent to Plaszow, Hasag-Skarzysko and Leipzig concentration camps, while for some unknown reason her father was sent to Auschwitz to be gassed and her sister sent to Stutthof to meet a similar fate.

The reason that seems odd is because in the interests of economy (as well as common sense): if the Germans wanted to exterminate both Kaufman's father and mother (or intern and utilize them as slave labour) then why not send them both to Auschwitz rather than the father to Auschwitz in southern-western Poland and the sister up to the north of Poland (on the coast to the east of Danzig).

Absolutely ludicrous: isn't it?

What's more: Kaufman doesn't even seen to be sure which camp she was in herself as she names three, but doesn't stipulate whether she went to them in a sequence or whether she went to all three at the same time.

If she managed to go to all three at the same time (including Amon Goeth's quasi-'extermination' camp of Plaszow [indeed one 'holocaust remembrance' website claims that Kaufman would have been lucky to survive more than a month there: thereby giving you an idea of how weird Kaufman's story is]) then you cannot help but be impressed by her apparently superhuman abilities: splitting yourself into three bits and then reassembling yourself at a later date is as fascinating as it is novel.

Our next customer, Daniel Goldsmith, isn't much better in terms of his apparent lack of sanity. This has become obvious since Goldsmith's story received a bit of a write up following his appearance at Springton Lake Middle School in Delaware County this week.

Goldsmith claims he was successfully hidden in Belgium by nuns till May 1944. When he was being transported to a concentration camp, Goldsmith doesn't specify which (although he does claim his father died in Auschwitz), he claims he removed the side slats of a wooden railway carriage and escaped the train.

Oh and then he found refugee with a Catholic family in a village (again no specific name mentioned) who only allowed him to come down from the attic at night so he could play with a rabbit.

I mean come on: say Goldsmith was 8 years old at the time the Germans invaded Belgium in May 1940 then by May 1944: he was 12 years old. As he was in an orphanage at a time when food rationing was becoming substantially more stringent and the state of the population's diet increasingly dire then he would have had less and less food (of lesser and lesser nutritional quality), which would mean he wasn't exactly in the best of condition to realize the alleged implications of what was going on let alone actually left heavy wooden slats in a presumably cramped railway carriage (even if he was an adult rather than a 12 year old boy).

One also wonders why everyone else in carriage didn't escape as well?

Why wasn't Goldsmith hunted down and found relatively quickly?

In other words: his story just doesn't add up.

More importantly nor does the idea that a Belgian family under heavy food rationing would keep an extremely valuable commodity like a rabbit alive just so the jewish boy in the attic could have a good play with it at night.

It is simply ludicrous.

This just wouldn't have happened unless the family were so mentally abnormal that they would rather give a random child something to play with at night rather than feed their family for a week (and maybe two).

I'll go out on a limb here and say the details of Goldsmith's story at least are made up, while the basic story line (he was hidden, he escaped his captors and successfully hid again till the Allies overran Belgium) is probably accurate.

Other than that: Goldsmith is spouting made-up rubbish.

It'd be novel if it wasn't the norm for 'holocaust survivors' trying to make a fast buck or make themselves feel important in their declining years to tell absolute (and obvious) whoppers like Goldsmith and Kaufman have done this week.
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Karl Radl
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Holocaust Survivor Stories

(Week Ending: 11/01/2015)

For the links to the sources please see the original article here.


Another week and yet another bunch of absolute twaddle from the 'Never Again' brigade.

To begin this rather slow week I note that in California there is a exhibition taking place that is billed as talking about 'holocaust survivors', but yet it is only dealing with the 'survivors' of Buchenwald concentration camp. The problem there of course is that Buchenwald was not an 'extermination' camp according to official historiography, but rather a concentration camp and as such those who 'survived' it cannot be 'survivors' of anything other than a concentration camp not a 'holocaust'.

The other point which makes the exhibition even more ludicrous is that it deals with 'child survivors' of Buchenwald.

Now what's wrong that picture you might ask?

Well very simply: the orthodox holocaust theory, as enunciated by a veritable traffic jam of 'holocaust researchers' and 'holocaust experts', states rather pointedly that the Third Reich simply took young children away from their parents (the famous kindertransport) and gassed them (or had Dr. Josef Mengele do pointless and fairly random 'experiments' on them).

But yet here we are: more 'young child survivors' of the 'holocaust' are being exhibited without their exhibitors noticing (or possibly not caring) that the whole self-pitying farrago contradicts the basic theory behind what they are trying to celebrate.

Whoops: huh?

Meanwhile in Slovakia a bunch of possessions left behind by 'holocaust victims' have been discovered.

The family, whose head was one Samuel Gottschal, was allegedly 'murdered' at Auschwitz sometime between 1942 and 1944. Aside from the rather presumptuous assumption that they were 'murdered' in Auschwitz: since who is to say what their cause of death was and surely accidents or disease are the more reasonable assumptions.

That is unless we have actual evidence the Gottschall family were gassed in Auschwitz as part of a homicidal mass gassing program targeting jews, but since this doesn't actually exist (as just about every 'holocaust experts' indirectly [and even sometimes directly] acknowledges by the lack of specific documents in their footnotes) then it becomes ludicrous to assert that they were 'murdered', but rather a more simple 'probably died in Auschwitz' would have done and yet have been accurate.

However at least it is superficially plausible (as opposed to the 'holocaust survivors' of Buchenwald), but when we read the claim that '17 to 20 million people died in the holocaust': you can hardly help, but fall about laughing.

I mean come on: you expect a state three to four times the size of its alleged 'extermination' body count to have actually carried that out in three to four years, while fighting a total global war?

Get real.
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Holocaust Survivor Stories

(Week Ending 03/05/2015)

For the links to the sources please see the original article here.


Getting back into the swing of the things here at SC; we can begin this edition of 'Holocaust Survivor Stories' with the surprising news that the Jerusalem Post has denied the 'uniqueness' of the 'holocaust' (per Anne Applebaum's criteria in her book 'Gulag') by claiming that jews were 'holocausted' after the Second World War and that disease was a weapon intentionally harnessed by the evil Germans against the poor little jewish darlings.

Predictably the Jerusalem Post also ratchets up the rhetoric and asserts that 'Germany must pay'.

I wonder what will happen when the 'holocaust' myth collapses under the very weight of its own idiocy? Will the jews pay back their ill-gotten gains (with interest)?

I doubt it, but they might just suffer some rather negative existential concerns in the ensuing blow back.

We've also seen 'holocaust' 'survivors' gather at the former concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen this week to commemorate the 'suffering' even though nobody now claims this camp had 'gas chambers' or the prisoners were subject to anything other than actually having to use a work implement heavier than a pencil.

Such is the weird world of the 'holocaust' industry that they all turn up at a non-death camp to celebrate their not being gassed/electrified/vacuumed to death in other supposed 'death camps'.

Apparently the tour bus to Auschwitz was just too expensive for these poor starving jews.

Oy Vey! The Hate!

Moving on from the plain weird to the sort of thing that makes any seasoned reader of 'holocaust' 'survivor' testimony snort their coffee out through their nose while laughing. Such were the hysterics that I went into to when I read the testimony of a 'survivor' named David Wolnerman this week.

I quote the summary of Wolnerman's story at the imminently gullible 'Des Moines Register',which relates that:

'For a long time, he didn't show the numbers that the Nazis put on his arm in 1940 at Auschwitz or tell what happened afterward. But he is 88, and he and his wife, Jennie, are the last known survivors of the Nazi concentration camps left in central Iowa.

He wants people to see it now, including the 12-year-old girl from West Des Moines who wrote about his experiences in "A Lucky Lie," a book written for students that was unveiled at the April 16 party in Waukee.

The hidden meaning behind that number, he told young author Sydney Pearl, came to him only later in life. Add the individual numbers together and they equal 18.

Wolnerman had lied when he stood in line in 1940. Josef Mengele, the Nazi nicknamed "The Angel of Death," stood before him with a stick, pointing it to a line to the left or right as each person approached him.

Wolnerman, then 13, noticed that the old, young and sickly were in a line to the left. When Mengele asked his age, Wolnerman said, "I am 18."

Mengele pointed his stick to the right.

The left line was eventually sent to the gas chambers.'

Did you get the two serious 'mis-rememberances' that Wolnerman is claiming actually happened?


Well they are as follows:

1) Wolnerman claims he was deported to Auschwitz in a typical jew train in 1940; except that deportations such as this only began in 1942 and Auschwitz only began accepting jewish prisoners in 1941. In 1940 it was still being re-developed from its original use as a Polish military facility and functioning as a prisoner of war camp, while 'gas chambers' were not (according to the official story) in operation till 1942 at the earliest.

2) Wolnerman claims that not only was he deported to Auschwitz in 1940, but that Dr. Josef Mengele (the so-called 'Angel of Death') was there famously sending people to 'life' or 'death' and did it to Wolnerman himself. The problem with that is that Mengele only transferred to Auschwitz in 1943.

Just slight mistakes there: huh?

I mean he only claims he was sent to a 'death camp' when it was still being refitted and a year before it began accepting prisoners like him, missed the 'gas chambers' by the skin of his teeth two/three years before they were allegedly constructed and places someone there three years before they even put in a transfer request for that posting.

Oh and Wolnerman also claims that:

'He worked in the crematorium and gas chambers and watched them "throw the live ones in the oven." He loaded cement blocks on trucks, and he prayed. He listened to boys tell of their castrations and watched people "die like flies." '

So apparently he 'worked' in the crematorium as well as the gas chambers and watched jews being thrown into the crematorium alive, while also listening to scuttlebutt about how nice jewish boys were 'castrated' by the evil uncircumcised Germans.

It is just so comically bad and counter-factual as to be beyond even the normal realms of 'holocaust' insanity (being up there with the multi-coloured smoke, the brain-bashing machines and the man-eating bear and eagle).

This can be easily seen from what Wolnerman says happened to him after Auschwitz.

To wit:

'Inside, he could really think only of survival. He moved from one camp to another — Birkenau to Theresienstadt to Dachau and others — and once a lice infestation grew so bad that he contracted typhus.'

Right... so Wolnerman worked at the business end of a top secret Nazi mass-killing machine (that everyone seems to have known about but which produced no documentation) at Auschwitz and allegedly saw various horrible things like live cremations and castrations, but then the incompetent Germans promptly sent him to the 'model camp' Theresienstadt (where the Red Cross could have easily talked to him) and then onto Dachau (a concentration camp for political prisoners).

Oh that makes so much sense!

Lets just leave all the witnesses to a secret mass killing program alive and send them off to tell all their friends and international observers about said program.

Clever: no?

Wolnerman's diseased fantasies find echoes in the 'testimony' of another demented decrepit jew named Joe Rubenstein. His testimony is summarized by the 'Topeka Capital Journal' as follows:

'Rubinstein recalled vivid details. He told Geise he was only wearing a T-shirt and pajama bottoms. He had bare feet. The soldiers took him to an open-air truck, where he stayed with other prisoners for two days battling against frigid temperatures with nothing more than the T-shirt and pajama bottoms.

“He started with this amazing detail,” Geise said. “All of the Auschwitz, he skipped. I realized I was witnessing how he survived all of those years.”

Rubinstein had spent a lifetime trying to forget his time in Auschwitz — the brutal beatings, sexual assaults, starvation and the memories of moving the dead into mass graves.

“It took the next two years of interviewing Joe to peel back those layers of horror and tragedy,” Geise said.

May will mark the 70th anniversary of Rubinstein walking away a free man from the Theresienstadt concentration/ghetto camp.

Rubinstein spent time at several concentration camps, but Auschwitz was the worst, he said.
“The worst, the worst,” Rubinstein said in “Auschwitz #34207 — The Joe Rubinstein Story.” “It was a death camp. They had orders to kill people, and they did. If you were young or old, forget about it. You were dead.”'

Well firstly Rubenstein clearly has memory problems since t-shirts didn't really exist prior to the Second World War (as they were popularized in the United States in the 1950s) and they certainly wouldn't have been in much evidence in Eastern Europe prior to said war. So the idea that Rubenstein got 'arrested in a t-shirt' is just absurd and evidence of how little his memory is to be trusted.

One also wonders why, if it was as cold as Rubenstein claims, he was wearing a t-shirt and pajama bottoms in the first place. After all unless you were rather wealthy you wouldn't be expending precious fuel in war time to keep a house (or apartment) warm, while you walked around in your pajamas.

Secondly one also notes that Rubenstein claims that he 'moved the dead into mass graves' at Auschwitz, but yet... that is completely contrary to the orthodox 'holocaust' narrative in regards to that camp. We are told the bodies were cremated there (often two at a time) in super-efficient ovens and there was no need for mass graves. Rubenstein, typically of a 'survivor', has got his 'experiences' confused and named the alleged disposal method of the Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka 'pure' 'death camps' as if the same thing was done at Auschwitz.

Whoops: eh?

So one wonders, in the light of that information, about how 'trustworthy' Rubenstein's allegations of rape, beatings, deliberate starvation and so on at Auschwitz are.

Hardly worth the paper they are written on: are they?

More weirdness comes from another 'survivor' named Martin Lowenberg whose story is summarized in the 'Valley Vanguard' as follows:

'On Jan. 30, 1933, Martin Lowenberg’s life changed forever as Nazis marched along the streets of Schenklengsfeld, Germany, in celebration of Adolf Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor of Germany.
On Wednesday, April 22, Holocaust survivor Lowenberg spoke to an audience of more than 700 people about his experiences in five different concentration camps.

He was 15 when he was eventually separated from his family in Kaiserwald, a German concentration camp in Riga, Latvia.

“My captivity ended when I was 17 years old, after 12 years of suffering, torture and abuse,” Lowenberg said. “I thank God I never made it to Auschwitz, where one million people alone were gassed and burned.”

To convey the true terror he and others experienced during the Holocaust, Lowenberg analyzed what the word ‘holocaust’ actually meant.

“It means ‘total burning,’” he said. “Never in the history of mankind has there been an event so large and so unbelievable for six million Jewish people who were killed, among them 1.5 million beautiful children.”'

In the above we note that, as per usual with the more lucid 'survivors', Lowenberg is remarkably short on specific details and claims to have been in no less than five concentration camps. So where was that mass gassing program again? Of particular interest is the notion that '1.5 million children' were intentionally targeted and slaughtered by the Germans.


Well another 'survivor' named Eric Cahn in a story published by 'Wyoming News' this week claims that he was one of those children and he managed to survive. To wit:

'Born in 1938 in Mannheim, Germany, Cahn and his family were taken from their home in 1940. He was separated from his parents when they were deported to Auschwitz, where his mother died.

His father survived and reconnected with Cahn and his sister in 1946.'

Right so Cahn was aged two when he was sent into the concentration camp system in 1940 and would have been four when the alleged focus on gassing jewish children began in 1942, while being a grand old age of seven in 1945. In other words the Nazis must have just 'forgotten' to gas the four year old Cahn for three-four whole years.

My my... the Germans were thoroughly incompetent and yet supposedly ultra-efficient at the same time: huh?

However the prize for this week's most hilarious 'holocaust' story has got to go to a survivor named Susan Warsinger who claimed the following occurred to 'Arkansas Online' this week:

'The neighbors uprooted a telephone pole and smashed it through the front door of the apartment building where her family lived.'

Right... so Warsinger's neighbours allegedly took down a telephone pole, probably disrupting their own telephone services, and used said pole as a battering ram to get into Warsinger's apartment block.

The awkward questions for Warsinger are:

1) Why were her neighbours that angry with her that they were uprooting telephone poles to get at her?

2) Why not just get a ladder and break in through a window rather than disrupting your telephone service to create a battering ram?

Answers on a postcard please!
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Holocaust Survivor Stories

(Week Ending: 22/11/2015)

Back by popular demand, and the fact that I like writing it, we'll cover the latest doings, goings and assorted hilarious claims from that anti-world occupied by the folk who called themselves 'Holocaust Survivors'.

Kicking off this week we note that last Monday there was charity bash at the New York library in Midtown for 'Holocaust Survivors'. We hear from WABC in New York there are 'tens of thousands' of 'Holocaust Survivors' in the New York area, but a third of them are living in poverty. (1)

Awww.... poor darlings. I mean Israel only got another 772 million Euros in reparations from Germany in May 2013 to pay for their care. (2) So one wonders where that 772 million Euros had disappeared off to if 'thousands' of 'Holocaust Survivors' in New York alone are now 'living in poverty'?

One suspects either into the Israeli Defence Budget, into some corrupt Israeli politicians pocket (after all Hitler got it right: corruption is an veritable epidemic in Israel) (3) or it has already been embezzled by corrupt jewish 'Holocaust Industry' officials. (4)

Oh well... don't worry. They hired Elie Wiesel to speak at the event when, according to his booking agency 'Washington Speakers', Wiesel charges between $25,001 and $40,000 a whack for gracing an event with his semi-divine presence. (5) I have no idea what Michael Douglas charges, but I suspect it is of the same order as Wiesel.

So don't you think it might have been nice if 'The Blue Card' event had decided to spend between $50,002 and $80,000 on 'Holocaust Survivors' in poverty rather than trying to gather yet more shekels?

Even worse is the fact that Wiesel was presented with the 'Richard C. Holbrooke Award for Social Justice' (whatever that is) by Douglas and Vice President Joe Biden, (6) which is rather like giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Wiesel is best described as a professional victim (well he is jewish) who promotes Israeli talking points after publicly beating unresisting non-jewish children with an emotional brickbat.

Although it does bring up the amusing thought that Wiesel is likely the ultimate Social Justice Warrior (SJW).

Elie Wiesel as SJW-in-Chief.

An interesting thought: no?

If that wasn't bad enough CNN reported that 'Holocaust Survivors' are being given free dental care by a jewish charity, represented at the above event, with the unwieldy name of 'The Alpha Omega-Henry Schein Cares Holocaust Survivor Oral Health Program', which is run by Dr. Avi Wurman and funded by Stanley M. Bergman (Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the 'Henry Schein' corporation).

Well well... it seems like 'Holocaust Survivors' appear to live better than most middle class American tax payers... free money... free healthcare. I mean if they ever want for anything then they appear to just have to complain and it magically appears... well as long as some other jew hasn't stolen the money and spent it on hookers anyway.

Moving from New York to Salem in New Jersey now; one Ernest Haas has been bitching and moaning about his 'experiences' growing up in a small village in the Bavarian district of Neumarkt.

Haas claims that:

'He watched with horror on the night of Nov. 9, 1938 — Kristallnacht — as synagogues burned to the ground and smoke billowed from the rubble of Jewish-owned businesses in his small village in southeastern Germany.' (8)

Now just think about that statement for a moment; Haas lived in a small village in Neumarkt, but yet this village allegedly had multiple synagogues and significant numbers of jewish-owned businesses as well as a non-jewish population who were angry enough to set light to them.

That doesn't sound like a Bavarian 'small village' does it?

It rather sounds like Haas is having hallucinations regarding what holocaust historians (I use the term 'historian' loosely) tell him should have happened (according to the official narrative) and what actually happened (i.e. someone threw a brick through a jewish-owned shop window or some such).

Hardly exactly the most factual of 'Holocaust Survivors' Haas then proceeds to tell us he remembers: 'hearing of his mother's death in a Nazi "gas wagon."' (9)

The key word here is 'hearing'. In other words Haas' mother died and someone told him that she died in a mobile gassing. That is a rumour not, as the article and Haas himself treat it, a fact. Not to mention this was supposedly a super-secret program that no one was supposed to know about.

One wonders ff there was a rumour that Haas' mother had been fed to a bear by the SS would Haas believe it too?

Oh and before anyone says anything; yes that is a real claim that was made in 1988 regarding the Buchenwald concentration camp. (10)

Meanwhile over in Philadelphia the memo about the number of jews killed in the 'Holocaust' appears to have gotten lost in the desert of remarkable nonsense peddled by 'Holocaust Survivors'. Indeed one Rebecca Pritzker, a student, has been taught that 11.5 million jews died in the 'Holocaust'. (11)

Nor is this an isolated incident as this report from Palm Beach in Florida this week evidences:

'Students at Emerald Cove Middle School will have the chance to hear from six holocaust survivors Friday at the eighth annual Holocaust Survivor Series.

The 7th and 8th graders will listen to personal accounts from the survivors of the concentration camps in Germany.

The goal is to engage the students and educate them about the death of 11 million Jewish people.' (12)

This isn't even limited to young children and teenagers as we find the same claim being spouted by one Jordana Leibowitz at the University of Guelph in Canada. To wit:

'Shoes were aligned in rows, representing the closeness that victims stood to each other for days on end in fear. We wanted the students to visualize the sheer number of innocent men, women and children that perished. Therefore, we covered an entire wall in little figures, colour-coded according to the group that was targeted, representing in total on that wall, 11 million innocents that were murdered. Each figure had a family – a mother, a father, a sibling. Each one had a life, a purpose, hopes and dreams. Each one could have made the world a better place and now they have been wiped into a figment of history, a figure on the wall.' (13)

Yep you guessed it. No longer were six million jews industrially gassed by the Germans, but rather now the figure has been upped to eleven million jews. Well I guess it doesn't matter anyway as gassing six million people in two-three years during a World War would have been next to impossible anyway so five million more gassed jews in that time frame is just so passé.

The sheer insanity of 'Holocaust Survivor' claims has also been exhibited this week in Loudon in Virginia with the following gem:

'Jay Ipson, born a Jew in Lithuania, survived the holocaust with his mother and father. He spoke to the students about his childhood right before their opening night. He told them about escaping deportation and execution. He described hiding in a hole under a potato field for six months. He challenged the students to take their roles seriously and to learn from them.' (14)

Yes you read that right. Ipson claims he 'hid in a hole under a potato field for six months'. I am sure there are lots of potato fields with large holes in them in Lithuania that can shelter a man, woman and young child for six months without being blatantly obvious to the farmer (and everyone else in the vicinity).

Me thinks someone has been taking one too many happy pills.

Jumping back over to Marlboro, New Jersey in an event organized by the Lubavitcher Chabad the 'Holocaust Survivor' Eva Geiringer-Schloss has been preaching the 'dangers of hate and intolerance'. Geiringer-Schloss only claim to fame however seems to be that her mother married Anne Frank's father in the 1950s and therefore she is technically 'Anne Frank's step-sister'.

Just a tiny bit tenuous that 'claim to fame': isn't it?

She stated as follows:

'Schloss remained silent about her experiences for many years, but, she said, then “realized people seem to have already forgotten…and the new generation has not yet learned from the Holocaust, so it was so important to talk to young people about the dangers of racism, hatred, and prejudice.”

“America failed the Jews in Europe in the 1940s and today the world is once again in trouble,” said Schloss. Her goal in reaching out to audiences around the world is to motivate people to speak out and “take action” against racism and intolerance. To the younger generation she said, “You have a voice, you can protest. But now it has become more dangerous, so we have to join together to stand up for things we don’t like. We have to change the world.”

She said her current visit to the United States was timed for the opening of No Asylum, a documentary about the Frank family.' (15)

In other words Geiringer-Schloss saw a business opportunity for her to market her relationship with Anne Frank as a saleable commodity. As well as to push the 'Anne Frank' brand even further by suggesting that if you don't want to let the 'Syrian refugees' in en masse then you are an evil Nazi who wants to gas six million jews. Although Israel, of course, isn't mentioned as refusing to take in any 'Syrian refugees', because unlike European identity; jewish identity cannot be allowed to disappear. (16)

The irony is, of course, that Geiringer-Schloss is doing this on behalf of the Lubavitcher Chabad whose beliefs include the idea that non-jews are both intrinsically evil and sub-human. If you don't believe me simply read the late Lubavitcher Rebbe's 'Tanya' or the many books offered for sale by the Lubavitch Chabad with his utterances in them as 'moral lessons'.

Unfortunately of course this same message, as propagated by a 'Holocaust Survivor' named Martin Lowenberg in Michigan, has apparently got through with an extremely craven response from one Mike Mercatante. To wit:

'Friends of the Marysville Public Library brought in Lowenberg to speak for the third year. Mike Mercatante, St. Clair County Library System marketing coordinator, was among those who first brought Lowenberg to speak to Marysville audiences as part of community educational programming.

“I think of all the programs it’s the one I’m most proud of,” said Mercatante, who has listened to Lowenberg every year. “I find myself getting choked up in very strange places. There’s a backlash against immigrants these days, but when you hear him talk you realize that no one loves the freedoms that are in the U.S. more than immigrants ... It’s really a very moving presentation.”' (17)

Obviously no one dared question basic details of Lowenberg's 'presentation', which if experience is anything to go by would have come apart at the seams within about two questions. They simply swallowed it whole and not only that they also chugged down some of the 'special wisdom' that 'Holocaust Survivors' are alleged to have as well.

Elsewhere Irving Roth's account and propagandistic intentions in a speech to future GOP cuckservatives and 'Christians United for Israel' at the University of North Carolina in regards to the jews and Israel being 'canaries in the coal mine' has similar intent. (18)

In both these cases the message is simply this: invite all the enemies of Israel to the United States so they can hurt your people and not jews, because you hurt jewish feelings seventy years ago. Oh and give Israel unlimited sympathy, money and a complete moral blank check.

My favourite 'Holocaust Survivor' of this week has to be Judith Meyer Isaacson, formerly the Dean at Bates College, who left us the following gem as quoted from the 'Boston Globe':

'Later at Auschwitz, the three faced another set of lines: “Straight ahead – slave labor,” Mrs. Isaacson wrote. “To the left – death. To the right – mass rape at the Russian front.” As women filed toward their fate, Josef Mengele stood deciding where each would go. He waved Mrs. Isaacson to the right, but she defied him and instead hurried to follow her mother toward the slave labor train, along with her aunt. For a moment, Mrs. Isaacson thought Mengele might shoot her: “How easy it is to face death, I thought. In the middle of my back, a tiny spot began to tingle, expecting the bullet.”' (19)

Right so the Germans, and more specifically Dr. Josef Mengele, were sending jewesses to the Red Army so they could gang rape them? Even thought they were fighting each other, tooth and nail, to the death.

I mean come on!

That's crazy even by 'Holocaust Survivor' standards!


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(5) (Search the $25,001 and $40,000 fee range with the keyword 'Wiesel'.)
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This was originally published at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...r-stories.html
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Holocaust Survivor Stories

(Week Ending 29/11/2015)

To kick off this week's edition of 'Holocaust Survivor Stories' we have the case of Dr. Inge Auerbacher, as described by the 'New Braunfels Herald Zeitung', where she describes being put in a concentration camp in 1942 when she was seven years old. (1)

She then openly wonders 'how she survived', but fails to comprehend that she has now straight up 'denied the holocaust', because a central plank of the whole 'holocaust' thesis is the idea that those unable to work (i.e. children, the infirm and the elderly) were separated from their parents/siblings who were able to work and promptly gassed.

So why wasn't Auerbacher immediately gassed as per the alleged homicidal dictates of Adolf Hitler to the SS?

Well the obvious answer, if we use Occam's Razor, is because there was no such diktat or policy, but rather Auerbacher survived because she luckily didn't get ill or suffer an accident while she was in the concentration camp system.

The irony is that Auerbacher, who has 'written many books on the Holocaust', (2) doesn't know this basic piece of detail.

Then we have the case of 'Holocaust Survivor' Maria Kasyan as told to 'The Comet'. (3) Kasyan, who is originally from Poland, claims she wasn't confined to the jewish ghettos from 16th November 1940 per the official German order, but won't tell us why she was suddenly a great big exception to the rule. Then she claims she passed through Treblinka in 1942 completely unharmed and then survived the Warsaw ghetto uprising in January 1943.

She was then shipped off to Ravensbruck concentration camp. Then managed to get pregnant by her jewish second husband sometime before her liberation at the Bergen-Belsen camp when she was found by the British army in April 1945. Oh and it should be stated that Kaysan claims she was the subject of a 'death march' from the Ravensbruck camp to the Bergen-Belsen camp sometime in 1945.

The problem with Kaysan's narrative however is that, like Auerbacher's story, directly denies the orthodox 'holocaust' narrative in multiple places.

In the first instance she tells us that she wasn't confined to the jewish ghettos on 16th November 1940, which applied to every jew and this idea of concentration and ghettoisation is a central building block of the 'build up to the holocaust' narrative.

In the second Kaysan states she was processed through a 'pure' death camp (i.e. a camp that jews only came out of feet first as no one was allowed to survive apart from the occasional escapee) during the height of its homicidal operations in 1942.

In the third case she tells us that she survived the Warsaw ghetto in 1943 as a female combatant; now while this doesn't directly contradict the official narrative. It indirectly points to the sheer improbability of a mass extermination program going on.

This is for the very simple reason that if the Germans had some how forgotten to murder Kaysan in Treblinka in 1942; they would have seen, when she was re-processed in the wake of the Warsaw ghetto uprising in January 1943, that she had been through a 'pure' death camp unharmed. Therefore Kaysan would have known of the 'secret mass killings' conducted at Treblinka and it is reasonable to suppose she would have been quickly singled out and gotten rid of.

However no one seems to have noticed this major breach in apparent security on the German side, which implies that there was no breach of security in the first place, because Treblinka wasn't a 'death camp' but rather a transit camp as revisionists have long averred.

In the fourth instance Kaysan says she and her fellow inmates at Ravensbruck were subject to a 'death march' to Bergen-Belsen. 'The Comet' describes this thus:

'From there she was forced to walk on one of the infamous death marches – where the Nazi’s moved prisoners in terrible conditions away from the front line as they tried to hide and destroy evidence of the terrible crimes they had committed.' (4)

The fact that Kaysan was marched from the Ravensbruck camp to the Bergen-Belsen camp is however evidence of exactly the opposite of what orthodox 'Holocaust' theory claims. This is for the simple reason that had the Third Reich, and more specifically the SS, sought to 'try and hide and destroy the evidence of the terrible crimes they had committed'. They could have simply dug a large mass grave and machine-gunned the jewesses into it as they allegedly did at Babi Yar in the Ukraine.

Try finding a mass grave when you don't have anyone to tell you where it is and you'll see my point.

The fact that they didn't and tried to get the jewesses away from the advance of the Red Army, which was already conducting the mass rape and murder of civilians as it advanced across Germany, suggests that either the SS had practical enough reasons (i.e. the jewesses were still potentially a utilizable labour force) or they had the humanity not to want to see their enemies subject to the quasi-demonic depredations of the Red Army.

The irony is that Kaysan's testimony only makes sense if there was no 'holocaust' as that would explain why her being confined to the jewish ghetto was not rigorously enforced, why she passed through Treblinka unharmed in 1942, why the Germans didn't get rid of her when she was re-processed following the Warsaw ghetto uprising in January 1943 and also why she was marched (as there were no vehicles or trains available at this point) from Ravensbruck to Bergen-Belsen in 1945.

It just goes to show that even your average 'Holocaust Survivor', let alone most journalists, know next to nothing about how the 'holocaust' is supposed to have happened according to 'holocaustian' academics let alone the rules, regulations and procedures alleged to have surrounded it.

Next we jet over to Houston to read the story of a jewish 'Holocaust Survivor' named Alexander Pollak courtesy of 'Your Houston News'. (5) Pollak claims that he was imprisoned, along with his father, not in a German camp, but rather one called Jasenovac in Croatia ruled by the Ustase; the right-wring ultra-Catholic governing party of Croatia at that time.

Pollak claims he has never been recognized as a 'Holocaust Survivor', because his records were destroyed, along with hundreds of thousands of others, by the Ustase authorities to 'cover up their crimes.'

The article cites 'holocaust researchers' as claiming that between 250,000 and 1,400,000 people were murdered in Jasenovac, which amusing in itself because it avers that we 'don't know how many died' but we guess over a million. In other words; they don't have any actual evidence of mass murder at Jasenovac other than assorted stories along the lines of 'the Ustase murdered my whole family and stole their eyes' (which is a commonly averred claim about the Ustase staff in the camps by the way).

Even more amusing is Pollak's claim that 'he was there' given that even he admits he has no evidence of it and doesn't seem to have talked about it for seventy years for some reason or another.

Oh well... if you don't talk about your 'experiences' for seventy years. Then claim you were in a camp where mass murder was allegedly taking place, but you have no proof of it when you are old and senile. Who is going to think you are anything but fantasizing... well unless you are claim to be a 'Holocaust Survivor' anyway, which means that all the normal rules of evidence and material reality are automatically suspended.

The outlandish fables continue with Sarah Ludwig who (necessarily) claims her father knew which German camps were 'death camps' and that the 'holocaust' was happening (apparently only jews seems to had this foreknowledge you'll notice, while the Germans and Western Allies seem to have been clueless); so he threw her into a potato sack that was going on a truck to a labour, not a 'death', camp. (6)

Then we have one Sonia Goldstein, courtesy of the 'Times Herald-Record', claiming as follows:

'Sonia Goldstein was 16 when she and her well-to-do family in Poland were stripped of their belongings and sent to concentration camps. Goldstein and her mother went to Stutthof, while her father and brother went to Dachau. They all miraculously survived, and were reunited when American troops liberated their camps.' (7)

This is reasonable as far as it goes and represents what I would argue is the archetypal situation in post-Second War Europe for jews; they were split up in the camp system and then had difficulty finding each other again. With claims of mass extermination having been doing the rounds since 1941, slow communication and then the Nuremberg Trials; it is therefore little surprise that jews believed each other 'exterminated'. Hence the many 'Holocaust Survivor' who have been reunited with their families decades after being split up and the almost ubiquitous comment: 'We thought you were dead!'

However I should point out that once again a 'Holocaust Survivor's' memory for detail is typically appalling as she claims that Dachau was 'liberated' by American forces (which is true), but then she claims she personally was sent to Stutthof, where she was almost certainly 'liberated' by the Red Army (unless she was very lucky and one a handful of people 'liberated' by the British).

Not exactly the most accurate 'living historical record' is she?

However my favourite bit of nonsense this week is when we learn from a 'Holocaust Survivor' named David Shentow that an SS man's dog 'flew through the air' and grabbed a man's throat. (8) The problem is that while a dog could almost certainly fell a human who wasn't resisting; dogs do not 'fly through the air' and grab the throats of grown men.

Instead they will try to get the object of their aggression on the ground to get at their neck if the target is too tall to be able to get at it (which is why dog attacks on children are often fatal, while adult fatalities are unusual although not impossible). I rather doubt the dog concerned was a mutant and able to jump so high as to be able to grab a man's neck leaping from a moving or static position.

This is absolutely typical of the sort of nonsense that 'Holocaust Survivors' spout and that the way they are taken seriously is absolutely criminal.


(4) Ibid.


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Holocaust Survivor Stories

(Week Ending: 06/12/2015)

Another week and another load of batshit crazy jews claiming to be 'Holocaust Survivors'. We start this week off with the claim by 'Holocaust Survivor' Sabine Van Der Linden-Wolanski, courtesy of JWire, that 'ignorance is a key feature of bigotry and hatred'. (1)

This is obviously insane as it ipso facto assumes that criticism of the jews is derived from 'ignorance' which per force leads to 'bigotry and hatred' when if anything I'd say the obverse was true. 'Ignorance' doesn't lead to 'bigotry and hatred', but rather it tends to lead to an irrational love (i.e. a philia) rather than an irrational hatred (i.e. a phobia).

You can see this in beliefs about the 'Holocaust' for example.

The majority of people who believe in the reality of the 'Holocaust' don't know of any 'death camp' other than Auschwitz or that Zyklon B wasn't allegedly used to kill jews at least three of the 'death camps' (rather the claim is diesel or petrol fumes from a Soviet submarine or tank engine) or that there is next to no documentary or physical evidence for the 'Holocaust' (hence the common 'initiatives from below, orders/intentions from above' claim) or that the 'Holocaust Survivor' testimony (except from a couple of very early ones [which are largely unvarying in their usage]) is not used as evidence by academic proponents of the 'Holocaust' (I wonder why).

This simple ignorance is mirrored by the irrational deification of 'Holocaust Survivors' and the elevation of the 'Holocaust' to the status of a religious belief system. Where is the 'bigotry and hatred' there (well other than of 'Nazis') in Sabine Van Der Linden-Wolanski's turgid view of the world then?

Oh and guess what?

Sabine Van Der Linden-Wolanski supports the 'NSW Jewish Board of Deputies’ annual Journalists Study Mission to Israel in the hope that greater understanding of the complexities of the Middle East would result in more informed reporting.' (2)

So basically Sabine Van Der Linden-Wolanski is telling us that 'ignorance' to her actually means a 'lack of knowledge of the official jewish position', that 'bigotry' is not adhering to said position and that 'hatred' is having the gall to dare to criticize the official jewish pontification on a given subject.

A similar cacophony of nonsense has been propounded by the 'Holocaust Survivor' Irving Roth at the University of North Carolina this past week. To wit:

'He [Roth] lived like this for a few years until 1944, when he was stuffed in a cattle car and taken to Auschwitz at the age of 15 years old.

Stepping off the train, he was greeted by Nazi’s, pointing guns at the crowd, who were dividing people into groups. Roth watched as people he knew were walked over to take a “shower”, but were instead led to the gas chambers and executed. His grandmother and 10-year-old cousin died that day in the gas chamber, along with thousands of others.

“It was a factory of death … the final solution to the Jews,” said Roth.

One day, Roth and his brother are forced on a death march to another camp. Weak and malnourished, they some how made it.

Not long after that, his brother is taken away and Roth never sees him again.' (3)

Right so Roth, as a jew residing in Hungary, claims he was stuffed in a cattle truck sometime in 1944; that sort of checks out historically. Then he gets set to Auschwitz and there were lots of men with guns; Roth naturally points this out because he was clearly unaware there was a massive war going on at the time and men with guns were kind of common.

Be that as it may Roth then claims his relatives got sent to a 'shower' and were 'executed'. Yeah right and how does Roth know that?

Considering we don't even know how individual jews supposedly died unless they are in the Auschwitz 'Death Books', which (you guessed it) don't mention gassing; Roth's special knowledge seems rather unlikely. Gassing is merely assumed, because of the a priori assumption that the Holocaust happened, which is then taken and used as further proof that it occurred.

Therefore this makes the 'execution' bit of the story just an unevidenced assumption by Roth. In other words the logic used by our dear 'Holocaust Survivor' looks something like this:

The Holocaust Happened ---> My Relatives were taken to have a Shower ---> I never saw them again ---> Therefore they were murdered by the SS ---> Therefore they were gassed in the Shower Room I saw them go into at Auschwitz ---> The Holocaust Happened

Circular logic: much?

What is altogether more likely is that Roth's relatives got separated from him, were disinfected in said shower room (like any other concentration or POW camp run by the Allies or the Axis [except the Soviets]) and then were sent to another part of multi-camp Auschwitz system where they died of unknown causes, but probably typhus (which was rampant [hence the whole shower thing]).

One also wonders whether anyone ever thought to ask Roth if he'd ever had a shower at Auschwitz and if so did he have said shower in the same block he saw his relatives go into?

I suspect he did, but don't ask the old fuddy duddy any awkward questions like that!

What are you a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews?

Then we get another obligatory 'death march' claim by Roth; I mean the nasty Germans. They could have simply done another Babi Yar on Roth and his jewish compatriots, but instead they made him walk away from the advancing Red Army in order to torture him!

Oy! Gevalt!

His brother then disappears and Roth 'knows' as if by magic, or telepathy, that he has been killed somewhere by the sadistic Nazi thugs who were imposing the torture of walking on him.

Oh my the eternally fiendish bosche!

Roth then continues his discombobulating fairy tale as follows:

'Roth, a 15-year-old boy in the middle of post-war Germany is now liberated. He decides to go home, hoping that, by some miracle, his family is still alive.

When he returns to his home, he opens the front door, walks into the living room and sees non-other than his mother, who is sitting on the couch. The sight of him causes her to faint. Both his parents had survived and were home.' (4)

Right so Roth is in the middle of post-war Germany and he 'goes home'. One wonders how he had a home left considering that according to orthodox 'Holocaust' theory; jewish property had been Aryanized long before and would have had a non-jewish family residing there. What happened to the non-jewish family one wonders?

Did the jews turf them out to starve with the help of American and British soldiers fed a diet of Germanophobia for the last six years of their lives?

Inquiring minds would like to know!

Moving on from that little issue; we should note that once again we have the 'magic' that seems to follow 'Holocaust Survivors' around (don't ask me why) in that when Roth got to his old home; his parents were, you guessed it, magically there.

It gets even better though:

'Roth’s father was in a coma at the time and his mother was with him in the hospital. One of the hospital employees offered to hide them in her home, so they did. His parents had survived because of the generosity of one women. A women whose husband was serving in the German military and was a member of the Nazi party.

They had hid in this women’s one-bedroom apartment for the remainder of the war.' (5)

Right... so Roth's father was in coma, but somehow wasn't gassed or euthanised by the evil Nazis.

Oh wait... Roth has just denied the 'Holocaust', because, as stated before on many an occasion, on the linchpins of the whole theory is the assertion that the Nazis gassed/killed the young, old and the infirm as quickly as humanly possible.


Anyway Roth's father was in hospital in a coma, but was then hidden by a hospital employee in her one bedroom apartment. One wonders how you can sustain the life of coma patient in your own home when you are on state-supplied rations and medical equipment is in short supply. Let alone how the German nurse concerned somehow 'knew of the holocaust' (by necessary implication) and then managed to hide two jews (one of whom was in coma) in a tiny one bedroom apartment for what is presumably (given the context of the claim by Roth) a significant length of time.

To be honest though I am still trying to figure out how on earth the German nurse, whose husband was presumably a loyal member of the NSDAP, got a coma patient out of a hospital into her own home without anyone noticing (remember those problematic individuals called NSDAP Blockleiters anybody?), but hey what are small details to a 'Holocaust Survivor'.

Details Schmetails! What matters is the 'Holocaust Survivor' claimed that they 'suffered' at the hands of the 'evil Nazis' and 'narrowly avoided death' in some really novel and/or 'courageous' way.

Oh and did I forget to mention? Roth really wants 'to talk about the state of the Jewish people in today’s world. There is still a lot of hate and prejudice towards the Jews. Jews are still the targets of terrorist attacks in Israel.' (6)

Yeah, yeah: we know the Israel-Firster talking points by heart Irvie. The fact is though that you are the ones who do a lot of the persecuting these days and are the prototypical crybullies.

Then we have Agnes, courtesy of Jewish News, who claims as follows:

'Among those giving their first account of their experiences was Agnes, who was just 11 when the Nazi regime occupied Hungary, She spoke of narrowly missing deportation to Auschwitz when her train was diverted and how her family survived due to a number of lucky escapes coupled with an endless resourcefulness.' (7)

I don't even think I need to comment on the lunacy of Agnes' testimony other than to point out how convenient it is that 'Holocaust Survivors' invariably seem to have had a 'lucky escape' and been somehow hyper-resourceful.

Or rather is it just that we are dealing with what is essentially the mythologization of memory for profit by a bunch of elderly jews?

Or could it just be that 'Holocaust Survivors' are the proof of the validity of Social Darwinism?

Hmmm... I wonder.

That said my favourite 'Holocaust Survivor' this week has to be Alice Eichenbaum. She claims the following occurred:

'We also heard from Vienna-born Alice Eichenbaum, who was 14 years old when her family was forced into a Bulgarian ghetto, living with three families in a tiny room, one loaf of bread a week, and an opportunity to bathe just once a month. The man she would later marry spent five years at Auschwitz and was 15 years old when he was liberated, weighing just 51 pounds.' (8)

Right... so Alice lived with her family (of unspecified size) in a jewish ghetto in Bulgaria where she lived with two other families (of similarly unspecified size) in a single small room. She claims she bathed once a month, but since Bulgaria fairly regularly gets snow in winter she sounds about as truthful as Pinocchio.

Perhaps if she only bathed once a month she didn't like bathing or her family didn't think snow was kosher or some such?

Well be what may; apparently her family, or all three (Alice's claim is unclear), lived on a single loaf of bread a week, which is physically impossible unless it was an extremely large loaf of bread or they were morbidly obese to begin with.

Don't believe me? Then do the maths.

Lets say there are a hundred calories in a slice of bread.

There will be maybe twenty-four slices of bread in a loaf to be really generous. Remembering that reducing the slice size reduces the calories, which are a fixed quantity so you can't escape that way.

If there were say three members of Alice's family (father, mother and her) and this would have to last seven days. This means there were seven slices of bread per week per individual, which means that each individual in Alice's family was consuming a hundred calories a day.

Now an inactive human needs at least say one thousand two hundred calories a day, which means that Alice had a calorie deficit of one thousand one hundred calories per day.

Lets say there are three thousand five hundred calories in a pound of fat. This would mean that Alice was loosing at least a pound in weight about every three days.

If we assume she was a hefty fourteen year old girl and weighed one hundred and forty pounds at the start of this diet then she would have lost all her body weight within a year and a bit (i.e. four hundred and twenty days), but she would have dead long before then (probably due to organ failure) if this were really true.

See this is the problem with 'Holocaust Survivors': the details of their stories never seem to quite add up.

To end this week I want to quote jewish Professor of Law and holocaust obsessive Lawrence Douglas on the subject of 'Holocaust Deniers' (Boo! Hiss! Heretics!). To wit:

'I am always on their mailing lists. They are virulent anti-Semites. I don’t think they actually believe what they are saying. They distort the truth for their own hateful ends.' (9)

Alright: who has been emailing Lawrence Douglas?

Come on who has been emailing him: I want to know now.

Alright no fried Hanukkah latkes for you lot until I find out who has been emailing him!

Oh wait... he couldn't just be making it all up now could he?

Well I'll be! A purveyor of 'Holocaust' orthodoxy making stuff up!

Perish the thought!


(2) Ibid.
(4) Ibid.
(5) Ibid.
(6) Ibid.


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Holocaust Survivor Stories

(Week Ending: 10/01/2016)

It is the end of the first full week of 2016 and to celebrate lets have a peek into the weird and wacky world of 'Holocaust Survivors' once more. To start off we should inform the reader of two notable pieces of 'Holocaust' related news from this last week.

These are that in the United Kingdom; Prince Charles has taken over from his mother Queen Elizabeth II as the patron of the 'Holocaust Memorial Day Trust'. (1) Therefore cementing the position of the charity as one officially supported by the British royal family and per force confirming that the 'Holocaust' will be official doctrine until the Overton window shifts substantially in British politics.

The other piece of news is that US House of Representatives member Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who is herself of jewish origin, (2) is trying goad 'Holocaust Survivors' to sue SNCF (i.e. a French railway company) again for 'sending them to death camps'. (3) The fact that billions upon billions in compensation has already been paid to 'victims of the Holocaust' is quietly ignored and jews like Ros-Lehtinen continue demanding yet more restitution.

This is despite the fact that the more numerous victims of say Stalin's atrocities have never been given a single penny in compensation, but as we all know: the 'Holocaust' is unique. The problem is that no one seems to be able to say why or how the 'Holocaust' is actually unique: it just is.

Oh well, but at the very least we have been told this week by 'Naples News' that 'Holocaust Survivors' 'alter the lives' of people they talk to or rather should we say that they bend people's minds by instilling them with feelings of manufactured guilt? (4)

The concept of 'Holocaust Survivors' being metaphorical mind-benders is quite a reasonable one when we note the absolute lunacy that they so regularly present as their bona fide 'experiences'.

A good example of this is Raja Axelrod or rather Ray Gawendo as she prefers to call herself now.
Axelrod's experiences are described in the 'Norwich Bulletin' as follows:

'That Gawendo remains among us, in our quiet Connecticut community, generations later is testament to the capacity of the human spirit to absorb loss and pain — and to take courage even in the face of utter wickedness and brutality.

Gawendo’s story lifts the spirit, in the end, because she persevered — through more than two years of anguish in a concentration camp in Estonia, knowing her family was already dead; through the Nazis’ liquidation of the Klooga camp, just before Russian liberation, when she was struck by a bullet and played dead to narrowly escape murder; and through decades of postwar life, quietly enduring the memory while building a new family and, later in life, going public with her story and inspiring many others with it.' (5)

An earlier article in the same periodical gives more detail. To wit:

‘Gawendo was born Raja Axelrod on Jan. 4, 1915, in Minsk, Russia, before her family migrated to Poland. Her name was anglicized to "Ray" by U.S. immigration officials at Ellis Island.
Gawendo had just completed her first year of college and was a new bride when Germans occupied Lithuania.

She was separated from her first husband, Fayvush Favusevitch and was eventually transported from a ghetto to the 20,000-person Klooga camp. She would never see him again.

Wholesale murder, widespread disease and deplorable living conditions were the norm for Gawendo between June 1942 and September 1944, when Russian forces finally liberated her and 38 other Klooga survivors.

“My family was dead already before I started the concentration camp. I was by myself,” Gawendo said. “I had a sister a little bit younger than me. All my family was gone. I am the only one who survived.”

And she only did so by playing dead among a pile of corpses. Four days before the camp was freed, Nazi soldiers began liquidating it. Gawendo was hiding in an attic with 33 other people.’

“A woman German SS trooper sprayed the barracks with a machine gun and I was hit in the buttocks. I was bleeding. I crawled out from under the bed as I wanted a rag to stop the bleeding, but two woman SS troopers came into the barracks. I turned over and lay in my blood and heard one of the women say, ‘take a look, I think she is alive,’” Gawendo recounted in 2006 at Temple Emanuel in Waterford – the first time she ever told her story. A transcript of her remarks is on the Jewish Federation of Eastern Connecticut’s website. “I crawled over to the pile of dead bodies and lay down there. More people were brought to the pile and shot and fell on top of me.”' (6)

The issue here lies less in the basic story that Axelrod is peddling, but rather the details of how she survived. Axelrod claims the following:

A) She was struck by a bullet. This in the first story is in the arm; in the second story it is in the buttocks.

B) It was a female SS soldier who did the shooting.

C) She was in attic of a hut, but then is under a bed in that hut at the same time.

D) She was put in a pile of bodies and more were added by shooting jews so they fell on top of them.

The first point is obviously contradictory as Axelrod doesn't mention being shot in the buttocks in the first story and fails to mention being shot in the arm in the second. Clearly she is contradicting her own story here and therefore we must express general skepticism about the 'remembered details' of her 'experiences'.

The second point fails this time, because – as is commonly found in 'Holocaust Survivor' testimony – it contradicts the established narrative and other sources.

Wikipedia describes the end of the Klooga camp as follows:

'From September 19 to 22, 1944, with the perimeter of the camp guarded by 60–70 Estonian guards and SS recruits of the 20th SS Division, a German task force began systematically slaughtering the remaining prisoners in a nearby forest.

According to Soviet historiography, approximately 2,000 were shot, then their bodies were stacked onto wooden pyres and burned. Estonian Police Battalion 287 tried to defend prisoners and had a clash with the German unit.

On September 22, 1944, when Soviet troops reached the Klooga camp, only 85 of the 2,400 prisoners remaining post-evacuation had managed to survive by hiding inside the camp or escaping into the surrounding forests. The liberation forces found numerous pyres of stacked corpses left unburned by the camp's guards when they fled.' (7)

In other words an Estonian auxiliary police unit and troops from the 20th SS Division (The First Estonian) were the ones doing the alleged killing, but it isn't possible that the 20th SS division included any women (it was after all a front line military unit) and nor is it likely that an Estonian police battalion had any either.

There is no mention of SS-Helferin (i.e. female SS auxiliaries) being present at the camp and their doing the shooting is almost without question made up, because we have no cases of this happening any where else in the so-called 'Holocaust'.

The third point is a contradiction within the detail of Axelrod's own story; as the huts used at Klooga, as with other camps, had but a single floor and therefore didn't have attics like normal multilevel houses. Also one wonders how you can hide in the attic and then be hit my bullets fired at the hut while under a bed.

In another perhaps even more telling question: how did the SS women even know there were any jews in the hut given that the jews were in 'hiding' by their own admission?

It is all very odd and contradictory; suggesting more that is an invented tale rather than the truth of the matter.

The fourth point is another oddity since – as we have seen – according to the orthodox 'Holocaust' narrative; the jews were killed and their bodies arranged in groups on wooden pyres to be burnt to ashes. The problem with that for Axelrod is, of course, that she says nothing about wooden pyres; instead she is dumped injured (and presumed dead) in a heap of corpses and then jews shot so they fell on top of her.

A pile of bodies yes, but not the way that the other stories and documents suggest in that they suggest they were shot first then arranged on wooden pyres. Not that bodies were dumped in a big heap and then other jews shot so they fell onto the same heap to make it even bigger as claimed by Axelrod.

In other words Axelrod's story is (ironically) jumbled rubbish as she cannot even agree with her own previous statements, let alone the orthodox historical narrative, about how she survived the camp at Klooga.

Another 'Holocaust Survivor' who purports similar jumbled rubbish is one Zigi Shipper in the United Kingdom; who was recently awarded a 'British Empire Medal' for... well... being a professional victim.

The 'Watford Observer' recounts his story as follows:

‘Zigi Shipper, 85, was awarded a British Empire Medal for his work with the Holocaust Educational Trust over the past 20 years.

During the Second World War, Polish-born Mr Shipper was taken to Lodz Ghetto in 1939 and in 1942, the Jewish community in the ghetto were deported to a concentration camp.

Mr Shipper managed to jump off the lorry and escaped back to the ghetto and when he was 12-years-old, the ghetto was liquidated and Mr Shipper and the other Jews were taken to Auschwitz-Berkenau, a concentration camp in Danzig, Poland.

He was freed from the camp by British troops in May 1945 and after being brought to England in 1947, he married a French Jewish woman called Jeanette and he has been married for 55 years and has had a family of his own.’ (8)

Now aside from the fact that the 'Watford Observer' article is a demonstration in point of the lamentable state of journalism today. As said article manages to misspell 'Birkenau' as 'Berkenau' and claims that Auschwitz is in Danzig (north Poland) when it is actually close to Krakow (south Poland).

The story of Shipper is itself more than a little crazy. Shipper assert that he was being deported to a concentration camp in 1942 from the Lodz ghetto, but jumped off the lorry and went back into the ghetto. Not mentioning that prisoner lorries aren't likely to have been unguarded and someone jumping off was rather likely to be noticed and stopped by said guards.

Nor is the fact that Shipper claims he jumped off the lorry to the concentration camps and escaped back into the ghetto, but then ended up in a concentration camp likely. It is just weird and doesn't make any sense. It could be the poorly written article in the 'Watford Observer', but I rather doubt anyone could make that kind of ludicrous mistake even a piss-poor journalist.

That excuse however cannot be used for a 'Holocaust Survivor' named Laszlo Schwartz who, courtesy of Florida's 'Sun Sentinel', claims the following occurred to him. To wit:

'In his presentation, titled "A Survivor's Trek," Schwartz — according to Seinfeld — recalled that he "was only 14 when he and his family were rounded up in their small Hungarian village and shipped off to the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp. The family was placed on the line headed for the gas chambers when Leslie was mistakenly moved to a work detail instead.

"The young teenager survived the horrible treatment slave laborers in the concentration camps experienced because an old German woman gave Laszlo food to eat through the camp's fence. The guards warned her that they would shoot her if she continued, but she refused to stop."

Seinfeld reported that Schwartz also said in his presentation that "in the waning days of World War II — as the Allies drew closer to Auschwitz — the Germans tried to hide their nefarious [wicked] activities by sending those Jews who were still alive to Dachau — an equally infamous concentration camp located further away from the advancing Allies.

"When it appeared that Dachau might soon be overrun, Laszlo and hundreds of other Jewish prisoners were locked in cattle cars without food, water or bathroom facilities and hitched onto the 'Muhldorf Death Train.'

"At one point, the train's engine broke down and the prisoners were set free. Laszlo ran into the countryside where he encountered German farmers who welcomed the pale skeletons who were seeking refuge. The farmers sheltered the prisoners in their homes and barns, fed them and even gave them some clothing to wear. The SS caught the Jews, however, and shot many of them, then forced them back on the train.

"In the end, those [like Schwartz] who were still alive were repatriated [sent back to their own countries]."’ (9)

The problem with Schwartz's story is not what is wrong with it, but rather where to start with what is wrong with it. Well I suppose we should work through Schwartz's tale in the order he tells it.

When Schwartz claims that at Auschwitz his 'family was placed on the line headed for the gas chambers when Leslie was mistakenly moved to a work detail instead.' It strains the credulity of anyone who knows anything about the 'Holocaust' since these 'lines', as Schwartz calls them, were decided by Auschwitz's medical staff and therefore even if the Schwartz family (or just Schwartz himself) were mistakenly put to the wrong line once.

It is almost certain this would have been corrected by the camp medical staff, who carried out regular inspections of the physical health of prisoners, and as such 'being put in the death line' rather than 'the work line' was something that wouldn't have prevented the Schwartz family (or Schwartz himself) being gassed in pretty short order.

Additionally it is almost unthinkable a mistake like this could have been made since the staff undertaking the selections did so on a daily basis and as such would be well aware of what line was for what and even if they were new or inexperienced. It is likely someone else would have noticed there was a possible mistake.

Then we have Schwartz's 'old German woman' who fed him and saved his life. But hang on a minute this is southern Poland and part of the General Government not Germany. It wasn't a mixed German-Polish area per se, but rather a primarily Polish one. So where on earth does this very convenient 'old German woman' come from?

She is likely a plot device created by Schwartz as she is hardly likely to have existed and if she did she would have presumably been Polish not German. Also it is hardly likely the German and Ukrainian guards at Auschwitz would have allowed an old woman the freedom to feed prisoners at a top secret 'death camp' now is it?

Then Schwartz claims that the Germans 'tried to hide their wickedness' by sending the jewish prisoners to Dachau concentration camp from Auschwitz. Well that's just so very intelligent: isn't it?

Tramp the witnesses to the secret mass extermination program that you are trying to hide miles and miles from a death camp to a concentration camp rather than just kill them and dispose of the bodies Babi Yar style. I mean come on...

In short Schwartz's story isn't even remotely plausible, but rather is literally an 'unbelievable saga'.

Yes Jeremy; Schwartz has – like many a 'Holocaust Survivor' - likely made an awful lot of nonsense up and is selling it to the eternally gullible as 'his story'.




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Holocaust Survivor Stories

(Week Ending 27/03/2016)

To touch off this week we have the amusing news that jews in the Netherlands are loudly kvetching about an Anne Frank themed escape room. Oy, gevalt the memory of the 'Holocaust' is sacred and only jews are allowed to use their personally copyrighted brand of victim hood!

We've also had the news that in Markowa, Poland: a new 'Holocaust museum' has opened. (2) Although like the prototypical Social Justice Warriors that they are: this is never enough for the jews. Since, as the Jerusalem Post opines, Poland must do more lest it be judged to be not sorry enough for alleged atrocities it and its citizen had little to do with. (3)

Speaking of atrocities it has also been revealed this week that the United States government is to fund the lives of forty 'Holocaust Survivors' and fund the kosher meals of twenty-three more in California at cost of twelve million dollars over five years. (4)

So why is the US taxpayer paying millions of dollars for sixty- so-called victims of an event seventy years ago that had little if anything to do with it.

Meanwhile in Florida the local rag, the 'Sun Sentinel', has been angrily denouncing the US State Department for not getting the sixty million dollars paid by the French national railway company SNCF as 'Holocaust reparations' to the 'needy local Holocaust survivors'. (5) Apparently the 'Sun Sentinel' has forgotten that hundreds of millions of dollars have been squandered in various different bouts of corruption and fraud by jewish 'Holocaust Reparations' organizations (6) and that the US state department being a bit bureaucratic over sixty million dollars is hardly anything in the scene of things.

Nothing like getting your priorities right!

However I suppose there are different rules for jews and non-jews in the 'Sun Sentinel's' eyes...

Now lets move from general 'Holocaust' news to some of the 'Holocaust Survivor' stories in the news this week.

First off we find one Magda Brown detailing her story at Ohlone College in California.

I quote:

'It is Magda Brown’s story, and the 88-year old survivor of one of World War II’s darkest moments came to Ohlone’s Smith Center on Thursday night to share her experiences, personal tragedies, and how she survived Auschwitz, one of Germany’s concentration camps, in the hopes of reminding students of the horrors she and others endured so that they are never repeated.

She witnessed the eventual breakdown of her rights, and the rights of all Jews living in Hungary, as they were stripped of jobs, property and personal belongings, and forced to march into ghettos, where they would live until they were eventually piled into cramped trains and sent to concentration camps.

Brown and her family were sent to Auschwitz on June 11, 1944, just days after the allied invasion of Normandy and on Brown’s 17th birthday. She endured a three-day train ride in which she had to remain standing all three days because of the cramped train cars, and suffered through dehydration along with those in the train car with her.

“You cannot fathom – I won’t even wish it on my worst enemy on this earth – to go for three days without any water,” she said.

Upon entering Auschwitz, the Nazi guards at the camp separated Brown from her family as they divided the men from the women, and later from her mother.

Brown told her mother that she would see her later.

“Unfortunately, later never comes,” she said.

It later dawned on Brown that her mother was sent to be killed as part of Adolf Hitler’s “Final Solution,” which resulted in the deaths of millions of Jewish people under Nazi Germany’s orders.

Brown then spoke about surviving the cruel conditions of Auschwitz, having to fend for herself without her family.' (7)

Right so if we pare all this down to what Brown is actually saying it is as follows.

A) She was a presumably malnourished (i.e. 'cruel conditions') sixteen year old girl in Auschwitz.

B) She was separated from her mother and never saw her again.

These are probable enough statements, but we should notice two things in regard to them.

In the first instance we should note that at no point does Brown even consider the fact that in mid-1944 the Third Reich was in a dire predicament. It barely had enough food to feed everyone in its territory. Why on earth does Brown seek to necessarily imply that the 'cruel conditions' were specific to her and her jews rather than everyone within the Third Reich's territory as was actually was the case?

Well other than to make the 'evil Nazis' seem even more proverbially satanic I guess.

In the second instance just because Brown was separated from her mother and never saw her again in Auschwitz does not mean – even if you believe the orthodox narrative – that Brown's mother was murdered in a homicidal gas chamber.

We don't know how Brown's mother died at Auschwitz, whether she survived the camp and died elsewhere or after the war. We simply don't know and nor apparently does Brown.

It is absolute drivel to claim someone was killed in a specific way when you have no proof or actual reason to assume this other than 'she was in Auschwitz'.

Brown's story gets even weirder when she narrates her escape from German captivity thus:

'She befriended a trio of sisters in the camp, and when the Germans marched them out of Auschwitz toward the end of World War II, they made a daring, desperate escape attempt to hide in a barn under cover of night. They were later discovered by American soldiers, who liberated them from Nazi captivity.' (8)

Right except the problem with this claim is that presumably Brown hid in said barn as soon as possible on her march to western Germany from south-western Poland. After all the claim is that the SS guards were murdering those who fell behind or had trouble walking (9) and malnourished teenage girls would have likely have had issues with this kind of prolonged physical activity.

In other words Brown and her girlfriends would have had to escape to a barn fairly quickly on their route, which likely places them in eastern Germany sometime in mid to late 1944. This in turn makes it extremely unlikely that they would have been 'discovered' by American soldiers (who didn't get into eastern/central Germany for several months) but rather by the advancing Red Army.

Therefore it is easy to see that Brown's story just... well... doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

This in turn makes it even more amusing when she states:

'At the end of her lecture, Brown urged the audience to protect their freedom, to think before they hate, and to stand up to skeptics and deniers of the Holocaust.' (10)

So she can't even get her story straight, but she apparently wants people 'protect their freedom' from skeptics and critics of her alleged victim status

In other words: Brown wants to protect freedom by curtailing freedom.

Not too much of an Orwellian non-sequitur there!

Next we have 'Holocaust Survivor' Pinchas Gutter who has been speaking in Winnipeg this week. Take it away Pinchas:

'Toronto Holocaust survivor Pinchas Gutter is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at Winnipeg’s annual high school Holocaust symposium, which is being held two months earlier than usual this year in an effort to attract more students.

Gutter, a child survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto and several concentration camps, is slated to speak March 17 at the Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre of the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada’s 15th Holocaust and Human Rights Symposium for students in grades 9 to 12.

Gutter – whom Jarniewski called “an extraordinary individual” – was born into a family that can trace its roots back 400 years in Poland. Originally from Lodz, he was seven years old when the war broke out. He and his family lived in the Warsaw Ghetto for 3-1⁄2 years until April 1943, the time of the ghetto uprising. They were deported to the Majdanek death camp, where the rest of Gutter’s family was murdered. He survived six concentration camps and a death march toward the end of the war. Russian forces liberated him in May 1945, and, under the auspices of the United Nations, he was taken to Britain with other children for rehabilitation. After spending many years in South Africa, he immigrated to Canada.' (11)

Right so Gutter claims to have survived the Lodz Ghetto, Majdanek death camp, six unspecified concentration camps and a death march.

So... that is sort of improbable especially if the Germans were allegedly covering their tracks in 1944 and with Gutter having gone through so many of the facilities allegedly killing jews by gassing or starvation. He would be a prime candidate to be eliminated. So why didn't the SS simply shoot him to cover up their alleged crimes? Did they forget? Let him off? Make a bureaucratic mistake or what?

The simplest reason for this is because Madjanek wasn't actually a death camp, there was no German plan to mass murder jewish people and the 'death march' was simply the evacuation of all prisoners – jews and non-jews - away from the well-known and god-awful behaviour of Stalin's advancing Red Army.

Otherwise quite frankly Gutter's story is about plausible and likely as the pedal-powered brain-bashing machines that were claimed to have been in used by the SS to kill jews.

Next we have Joseph Sher who died recently in New Orleans. Sher's story is related as follows:

'A native of Kzepice, Poland, Mr. Sher was sent during World War II to a series of German-run slave-labor camps, where he and other Jewish men were put to work building roads. It was grueling, his son Leopold Sher said, and many members of the crew perished from disease or were shot dead by the guards. Out of 1,000 men who set out on this detail, only three returned alive, Mr. Sher said in an oral history interview.' (12)

Right... so, as the article describes it, Sher worked build roads in the freezing cold for the Germans. That makes sense as it is a work detail and fits with the historical narrative, but what doesn't is the idea that 'three out a thousand men' who were used as convict labour to build roads survived the experience.

In the first instance it isn't freezing cold for most of year and as Sher relates elsewhere in the article: the prisoners slept in the warm hay in farmer's barns (presumably along with their guards). Not exactly White Sea Canal 'extermination by labour' conditions.

In the second the Third Reich desperately needed labour so it had little logical reason to desire to reduce its own labour force. After all Sher's job would have had to have been done by someone else if he and his friends were to be killed off.

Sher's claim just doesn't make an awful of sense, which is backed up by the fact that it is a claim made decades after the events described to an oral history project. It isn't one backed up by documents (which there must surely have been or still exist somewhere), but rather is simply Sher making unsubstantiated claims about dimly-remembered events that occurred decades ago.

Next we have Martin Judovitz in Florida. His story is briefly described as follows by the 'Sun Sentinel':

'Martin Judovitz, 90, of Boca Raton, hoped that by hearing specific instances of anti-Semitism, students would stop future persecution.

"I was riding a train and six soldiers were making fun of me and throwing me around like a football," he said, recalling Hungary in 1942.

Judovitz, who was separated from his family at the death camp Auschwitz, said he has spent his life after the war searching for his sister. "I've looked for them all these years and never found them," he said.' (13)

So first off Judovitz claims six Hungarian soldiers were 'throwing him around like a football' on a train in 1942. Except by my reckoning Judovitz was 15 or 16 years old at the time not 5 or 6. So how on earth were said soldiers 'throwing him around like a football' in a train?

What was Judovitz? A dwarf? Were these Hungarian soldiers bodybuilders or what?

Also I note that once again, as with Magda Brown's story, there is absolutely no reason for Judovitz to assume that because he last saw his family in Auschwitz. That they were therefore killed there via the use of homicidal gas chambers as he necessarily implies. Judovitz doesn't even know that they did die in Auschwitz: he just seems to assume without reasonable cause that they did.

Henry Reich meanwhile seems to have taken a leaf out of Pinchas Gutter's book and claims to have been another miraculous 'Holocaust Survivor'. One sort of wonders where on earth all these 'miracles' came from or why they seem to have happened all at once and only to jews between 1939 and 1945, but anyway.

Reich's story is briefly described as follows:

'Henry Reich, 90, of Boca Raton, survived the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and seven concentration camps. He said he routinely tells his story because "the world should know what happened."' (14)

Okay... so let me get this straight. Reich claims he survived an armed urban popular uprising against experienced military and anti-partisan forces, survived the vengeful aftermath of said uprising and then also survived six concentration camps where the same people were allegedly looking for any excuse to kill him on the spot.

Why you wouldn't believe that Henry Reich is telling you the truth?

It's not like it is a little far fetched or anything!

Norman Frajman, also of Florida, fares even less well in the plausibility of the account. Since he manages to 'deny the Holocaust' while 'teaching people about it'. To wit:

'When Frajman was 10, German troops stormed his town and locked his family in the Warsaw Ghetto. His mother and sister were murdered, and at age 12, Frajman was sent alone to a concentration camp.

"I was just a child," he said. "And you know what my crime was? I was born to the Jewish faith."

Frajman was forced from camp to camp until the Russian Army liberated him during the death march in Germany.

He shared his story while clutching a striped jacket issued to him by Nazis at a concentration camp in 1944.

"It was with me all this time, and it was really a witness to all the atrocities," he said. "It's a jacket, but it's my jacket."' (15)

Now isn't his 'clutching of a striped jacket' just so cute?

Well regardless of that Frajman claims to have been put in a concentration camp aged twelve, but yet he would have been a child and probably a slightly malnourished one. Guess what should have been done to Frajman as a child according to 'Holocaust' orthodoxy?

That's right: he should have been transported to the gas chambers for immediate extermination.

Whoopsy daisy!

To round off this week we have Stephanie Marks who fled to the United States early in the war (16) and Fred Gross whose family fled France in 1940. (17) Clearly they had some kind of extra-sensory abilities enabling them to predict the future and are considered 'Holocaust Survivors' even though the 'Holocaust' was not even allegedly thought off as a policy until after Marks and Gross fled continental Europe!


(6) For two quick examples: &
(8) Ibid.
(14) Ibid.
(15) Ibid.


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Holocaust Survivor Stories


To begin this week’s Holocaust-related news; we have Benjamin Ferencz, the last surviving prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials and a ‘holocaust survivor’ by today’s low standards, who has donated ten million dollars to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. (1)

Ferencz served as the chief prosecutor for the trial of the Einsatzgruppe leaders in 1947-1948 in his ‘first criminal trial ever’. (2) The fact that he had no legal experience in criminal law and was himself heavily biased against the defendants (as he had to flee Hungary due to ‘Nazi persecution’) doesn’t seem to have mattered, but then would it ever matter in a thinly disguised show trial of this kind?

Not really, but then that was sort of the point: wasn’t it?

Meanwhile in Poland jewish organisations are now claiming that jews owned a large number of properties in Warsaw which the Polish government and people owes them money for. (3) This is part of a broader jewish attempt to depose Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the long-serving Mayor of Warsaw, from her position, because she is resisting their attempts at blackmail. (4)

In the Ukrainian city of Lviv; the authorities have opened a new ‘holocaust memorial’ called the ‘The Space of Synagogues’ and represents the latest attempt to make Ukrainians feel guilty (and pony up cash) for vague allegations of the mass extermination of Ukrainian jewry. (5)

Moving on from the news to the actual ‘survivor’ stories; first up we have Julius Eisenstein.

His story according to the Sun Sentinel is as follows:

‘Eisenstein was liberated from Germany's Dachau concentration camp on April 29, 1945.

His parents and three sisters were killed at the Treblinka death camp in 1940. At 20, he was taken to the first of five concentration camps, including Auschwitz. Forced to work outside the crematorium, he heard cries and screams that still haunt him to this day.’ (6)

Well… what can I say, but oh dear. You see Treblinka was operated between July 1942 and October 1943 not 1940: in fact according to orthodox ‘holocaust’ historians the ‘extermination program’ didn’t begin until early 1942.

Slightly confusion there, but hey: dating the extermination of your whole family two years too early isn’t too bad is it?

It gets even weirder when we ask why Eisenstein wasn’t sent to Treblinka to be murdered but his parents and sisters were. Was there was a massive age gap or something given that he was presumably 20 in 1940?

If so how did he survive five years in ‘death camps’ and working ‘outside the crematorium’ where he ‘heard the screams’ no less?

Why do so many ‘survivors’ seem to have worked in or around the krema when only a very few would have done so in reality?

Eisenstein’s story makes about as much sense as a chocolate teapot: doesn’t it?

Next up we have Noah Klieger of Tel Aviv, Israel.

According to the Algemeiner:

‘Noah Klieger expressed this concern at an event that doubled as the release of a documentary film about his having staved off the gas chambers at Auschwitz by lying to the SS about being a professional boxer and a celebration of his 90th birthday.’ (7)

Now come on… Klieger claims that the SS didn’t gas him because claimed to be a ‘professional boxer’. Since that was not profession which served the war effort according to the orthodox narrative then he would have been gassed or used for manual labour.

Klieger claiming to be a boxer wouldn’t have changed anything as he would have had to go through a physical evaluation, which would have determined whether he was fit to work or not.

However my favourite ‘survivor’ of this week has to be Les Held who claims:

‘When Les Held was 6 years old, he and his family were sent to a concentration camp. But each time the Nazis tried to kill him, he cheated death.

He was sent to the gas chambers, but on that day, they ran out of gas.

When he was put in a line to be shot, an older man pushed Les down and took the bullet instead.’ (8)

Let those claims sink in… I don’t think I need to say anything about the sheer implausibility of any such thing actually occurring as it is self-evident.

Les Held is the nonsensical nature of the ‘holocaust survivor’ testimony in a nutshell.


(2) Ibid.


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Holocaust Survivor Stories (31/10/2016)

To begin this week’s delayed edition of Holocaust Survivor Stories we have the fact that Israeli news source YNet has inadvertently denied the ‘Holocaust’. You see this is a remarkably easy thing to do, because the details of the orthodox narrative are both extremely inflexible (i.e. you ‘must’ accept such and such otherwise you are technically a ‘Holocaust denier’) and largely unknown outside of academic and lay specialists.

In this particular case YNet asserted, I assume correctly, that there are 70,000 ‘Holocaust Survivors’ in Israel, which of course means there are a probably the same again (if not more) in the Diaspora. (1)
The problem with this is that one of the most important and agreed upon details of the orthodox narrative is that all children (i.e. anyone not in their early to mid-teens) were immediately killed by the Germans since they could not work and were therefore of little value (in the German parlance of the time ‘useless eaters’) to the war effort.

So therefore if there were 3.5 million ‘Holocaust Survivors’ in 1950; (2) it therefore follows that most of these would not have been child survivors because these would have been exterminated and therefore must have been at least adolescents. Those children that did survive would – according to this narrative – have been the exception not the rule (i.e. they were hidden, passed off as gentiles etc) and thus a small minority.

Yet if this is so then how – 71 years after the end of the Second World War – are there 70,000 ‘Holocaust Survivors’ in Israel in 2016 alone out of a total population of 3.5 million in 1950?

If we say that a ‘Holocaust Survivor’ should have in most cases have been aged 13 or older (to be generous) in order not to be exterminated as a ‘useless eater’ per the orthodox narrative: then the average age of ‘Holocaust Survivors’ should be 84. Yet as it happens the average age of ‘Holocaust Survivors’ is 79 not 84, while only a quarter of ‘Holocaust Survivors’ are over 85. (3)

In other words: the average ‘Holocaust Survivor’ that is alive today was 8 in 1945 and 8 year old (let alone younger) jews would have been exterminated according to the orthodox historical narrative. Only circa 25% percent of ‘Holocaust Survivors’’ are of the correct age range where they would not have been exterminated by the Germans according to the accepted narrative.

In addition given the systemic mass ill-treatment, experimentation and torture that was allegedly perpetrated on these jews. It therefore follows that there should have also been an increased mortality among ‘Holocaust Survivors’, but this does not seem to have been the case.

Therefore by suggesting that there are so many ‘Holocaust Survivors’ today: YNet indirectly contradicts the orthodox narrative and therefore per force can be said have denied the ‘Holocaust’.

In other news: the French President Francois Hollande has formally acknowledged the French role in alleged ‘extermination of the gypsies’ by the Third Reich. (4)

My my!

The Nazis seem to have attempted to ‘exterminate’ everyone – Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, Poles, Russians, Christians, Communists, Socialists, Homosexuals, the disabled – and found both the time and resources to do so, while fighting to the largest war in history to the bitter end!

That being said: you can bet that the ‘Holocaust’ industry will find some way to monetize this formal admission by the French President.

I think we can reasonably expect to see public demands for outrageous sums of money from the French taxpayer’s pocket sooner rather than later.

In related news: the Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida has been broken into and the offender convicted for the crime. However the Washington Times did manage to make the following unintentionally hilarious observation:

‘Authorities say nothing was damaged during a break-in at the Florida Holocaust Museum, but it’s not clear what the intruder wanted inside.’ (5)

Perhaps the intruder wished to steal a well-used shoe or some hair from the exhibits?

However other than that the Washington Times is quite right. There is nothing of real value in just about any Holocaust Museum for the simple reason that there is no little evidence of the event and therefore physical exhibits are pretty much non-existent unlike in most non-Holocaust museums.

In other museum-related news: the Dallas Holocaust Museum – one wonders what precisely has Dallas to do with the ‘Holocaust’ – is now set to have a brand new site built for it. (6) Just think what that money could be better spent on: veterans, schools, healthcare… but no it has to be spent on promoting the ‘Holocaust’ narrative to impressionable children and adults intent on virtue-signalling.

Speaking of promoting the ‘Holocaust’ narrative; Mel Gibson has been given another tongue-lashing this week for his statements about the ‘Holocaust’ by an ignoramus named Roger Friedman at ShowBiz411.

He writes that:

‘His unpublished remarks, according to the Digest’s publisher, were shocking. Gibson actually ridiculed the historically acknowledged number of Jews killed by Hitler.

Of the Holocaust, Gibson told Noonan: “I mean when the war was over they said it was 12 million. Then it was six. Now it’s four. I mean it’s that kind of numbers game …”

This was at the time that The Passion of the Christ was released. Readers Digest sent me the outtakes and I published them on August 2, 2006. Gibson was not drunk when he spoke to Noonan.’ (7)

Friedman doesn’t seem to understand that the ‘6 million’ number, which Gibson ridiculed is not ‘historically acknowledged’ let alone ‘historically established’. It is number that regularly appears as an actual or potential total jewish casualty figure in ‘Shoah’ events in the late nineteenth century (and which I have traced back in this context as far as 1840).

The post-war rationalisation of it notwithstanding the figure has little to no factual or statistical basis, but is rather a symbolic total that was ‘established’ by Allied propaganda and underground resistance publications as early as 1943/1944.

More specifically Gibson was referring to the modification of the official ‘death totals’ at Auschwitz (from four to one million), which alludes to the uncomfortable reality that in ‘Holocaust Studies’ when a casualty figure becomes implausible at one location. Then rather than modify the total death figure to reflect this change proponents of the orthodox historical narrative simply transfer the casualties to another more plausible camp or segment of the ‘Holocaust’ story.

Hence the recent attempts to shift the focus away from the ‘gas chambers’ of the camps and onto the firing squads of the Einsatzgruppen as the main method of extermination. Death squads are at least plausible, while magic gas chambers whose means of functioning remains surrounded in perpetual mystery and contradiction.

The historically illiterate Friedman apparently knows nothing of this and instead implies that any right-thinking person would have to be drunk to make Gibson’s statement. The fact is however that Gibson is quite right while Friedman is quite wrong.

Similarly David Irving has come under fire from one Justin Ferenzi in the ‘Brown Daily Herald’ with the latter claiming, based upon Deborah Lipstadt’s laughably ignorant book ‘Denying History’ (which is remarkably unaware of almost any revisionist literature that isn’t in English or from the 1980s or early 1990s), in his review of ‘Denial’ that:

‘The film’s greatest accomplishment is its refusal to allow Irving any slack. Though it is revealed that neglect and abuse during his childhood in the 1940s caused him to find comfort in the demagoguery of Adolf Hitler, “Denial” paints him as pathetic rather than deserving of sympathy.’ (8)

In the first instance Irving has never ever to my knowledge been an admirer of Adolf Hitler. He did however write a biography of Hitler based upon a vast amount of research in the archives and thus authored a superb piece of diligent scholarship based upon the archival evidence rather than other historian’s interpretations of widely known and cited documents.

In the second Ferenzi is engaging in bargain basement psychoanalysis. Irving’s sympathy, or lack of it, with Adolf Hitler is irrelevant. For the same reason we still respectfully read and considered say Francis Wheen’s apologetic defence of Karl Marx even though Wheen has openly admitted to be an ardent fan of Marx’s in a separate work (‘Reading Capital’).

Holding ideological views don’t render your work irrelevant or wrong, but rather are a factor for others to consider when critically examining your argument. Irving’s critics have never done that – although Richard Evans likes to claim that he has – but like Peter Longerich are quite happy to use his work without citation and then reproduce it as their own research.

This pro-Holocaust religious fanaticism has been exemplified this week by the Jerusalem Post publishing an article denouncing all attempts to compare or contextualise the so-called ‘Holocaust’. (9) The ‘Holocaust’ must remain an unquestioned and unique historical event to which the ordinary rules of evidence and scholarly revision no longer apply.

Several examples of just how crazy this fanaticism is have also been printed this week.

First off we have Nesse Godin; who has been awarded a certificate by the US Navy for doing her best to indoctrinate future sailors into the religion Holocaustianity. Godin’s story is related as follows by the Capital Gazette:

‘Superintendent Vice Admiral Ted Carter will give Nesse Godin a certificate of appreciation for her work with academy. Godin, who was born in 1928 into an observant Lithuanian Jewish family, has given lectures at the academy on the midshipmen's "professional and individual responsibility to make ethical decisions and help prevent genocide and mass atrocities in the future," according to a news release.

Godin, of Silver Spring, recently announced she would retire from speaking engagements, according to the release. She will receive the certificate at a ceremony Wednesday morning at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

In June of 1941, the Nazis invaded Godin's town, Siauliai, home to more than 10,000 Jews. She and her family were forced to live in a ghetto for about two years, according to the museum's website. Her father was deported to Auschwitz, where he and thousands of others were killed in the gas chambers.

Godin, her mother and one of her brothers were eventually deported to the Stutthof concentration camp. She would be sent to several other concentration camps over the years. And in January 1945, she was one of the 1,000 female prisoners sent on a death march, where they were forced to march in the cold with no food, water or rest.

When the Soviet army liberated the group about three months later, only 200 women were still alive, according to the website.’ (10)

There are three obvious issues with her story.

Her age checks out and her origin story is reasonable, but she claims that her father was ‘deported to Auschwitz where he was gassed’. The problem here is that had the Germans actually been seeking to exterminate jews at Auschwitz then they would have deported the whole family to be gassed not just the presumably able-bodied father.

Auschwitz is well-known – even in orthodox literature – to have been a large number of small work camps surrounding a much larger work camp complex. Only a small part of this larger complex was allegedly dedicated to the extermination of jews and other undesirables.

The second issue is that we know that there is no evidence concerning which individual jews were gassed and which died for different reasons such as disease, ill-treatment, accidents and/or natural causes.

Thus Godin doesn’t actually have evidence that her father was ‘gassed at Auschwitz’, but rather because he died there she assumes that he must have been gassed by the Germans.

However as before stated the manner of his deportation directly suggests he was being transported to the camp in order to work rather than be subjected to ‘special treatment’.

The third issue is Godin appears to believe that Stutthof was a ‘concentration camp’ when in fact it, like Auschwitz, is another one of the alleged German ‘death camps’ in the East.

Why doesn’t Godin know this?

Presumably because she never saw or subsequently heard much about the gas chambers of Stuffhof, but did hear a great deal about those of Auschwitz.

Thus we can see that Godin’s story quickly comes apart when we but know some simple details about the orthodox ‘Holocaust’ narrative.

Next up we have Arnold Kay (born Anszel Kapusta) whose story is related by McDowell News as follows:

‘Her father was born Anszel Kapusta on Sept. 5, 1920 in Warsaw, Poland. He had a brother and a sister, and his father ran a vegetable store. His mother was a homemaker.

Kay joined a small army of resistance against the Germans, which has now been coined the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Their fight only lasted about a month before the Germans burned down the ghetto and threw grenades into their bunkers where they were hiding. Kay was hit with shrapnel in the back of his ear.

When the Nazis captured him, he was sent to the Majdanek Concentration Camp for a least two months, and in July 1943 he went to the infamous Auschwitz. He was tattooed with the number, “128103.”

Toward the end of the war in 1944, the Nazis were losing and wanted to liquidate as many people as possible. Kay walked in the Death March from Auschwitz to Gross Rosen. He described in the video of people dying all around him.

“My mind made me survive. It was like a death march because people were falling left and right and I told myself to hold on. There was no food. I got frostbit and lost six toes. The American army came in and on April 11 we were liberated.”

He survived seven to eight days ingesting snow mixed with saccharin and weighed approximately 80 pounds when he was set free.’ (11)

Once again there are several things wrong with Kay’s account.

Kay was sent to Majdanek (a death camp) after he had been captured by the German forces suppressing the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943. In this fight he was injured and since it was German policy – according to the orthodox Holocaust narrative anyway – to liquidate people who could not work and Kay had a head injury in addition to being a known partisan.

Therefore had the ‘Holocaust’ narrative been true then Kay would have been killed by the German soldiers after interrogation (as SMERSH did to Germans captured by the Red Army), left to die of his wounds or gassed soon after he arrived at Majdanek.

That he didn’t directly contradicts the central pillar of the ‘Holocaust’ narrative in that jews who were unfit to labour, such as children and the infirm (and remember that Kay had a head wound in addition to being a partisan [and thus subject to an automatic death sentence]), were gassed soon after arrival.

Yet the Germans not only didn’t gas Kay at Majdanek for at least two months, but then sent him to another ‘death camp’: Auschwitz.

He then survived Auschwitz despite the head wound (which presumably had healed by this point) and a record of being a known illegal combatant involved in acts of terrorism against the German armed forces.

Kay then claims that he was forced into a ‘death march’ from Auschwitz because the Germans wanted to ‘liquidate the jews’. This is nonsensical since you don’t force people to march if you want to kill them: you shoot them.

Why bother with the whole pretence of a march if you are going to kill the people anyway. The Germans would just use machine guns to liquidate the jews.

You do force people to march if you want to utilise their labour in the future and/or you wish to protect them from something. The likelihood is that both of these factors played their part as the Germans badly needed every bit of manpower they could muster, while the advancing Red Army was also famously raping and murdering its way across Eastern Europe.

Might it not be more plausible to suggest that the Germans were actually trying to protect the jews from the ravages of the Red Army rather than just seeking to walk them to death?

Why yes it would.

Even more farcical is Kay’s assertion that he survived seven to eight days on nothing but snow mixed with saccharin (i.e. an artificial sweetener). Considering the fact that Germany was literally starving and its supply infrastructure had all but collapsed by early 1945. One therefore is forced to wonder how Kay somehow obtained a significant amount of artificial sweetener that would have been high demand as well as why the Germans would let him have such a luxury on a ‘death march’.

It is also hard to believe that Kay – who would certainly have been badly malnourished like most German citizens as well as forced labourers at this point due to inadequate food supplies being available - would have been able to survive on nothing but sweetener and snow for a week after previous significant undernourishment.

His story makes for dramatic and entertaining reading to be sure, but it simply doesn’t add up.

Lastly we have Alek Goldsher who claims he was: ‘sent by train to Treblinka, another camp infamous for its cruel treatment of prisoners, who were building guided missiles.’ (12)

The problem of course is that Treblinka was a tiny ‘pure’ ‘death camp’ where – according to the orthodox narrative - jews, except those few involved in assisting with the disposal of corpses after they were gassed, could only leave as corpses. Nothing else was allegedly done at Treblinka (as with Belzec and Sobibor) than murder jews.

Yet Goldsher claims not only to have ‘survived’ Treblinka, but to also have helped build guided missiles that nobody else seems to know about there!




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Wonderful work, Karl, these are my favourite fiction series.
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Holocaust Survivor Stories


We begin this week’s edition of ‘Holocaust Survivor Stories’ with Yaffa Eliach; who died this week and created the famous ‘Tower of Faces’ exhibition at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. (1)

Eliach’s story is as follows:

‘Eishyshok, 40 miles from Lithuania’s capital, Vilna — known today as Vilnius — was Polish between the world wars, and it was where Professor Eliach was born Yaffa Sonenson on May 31, 1937. Her father, Moshe, a leather tannery owner, escaped a German roundup in September 1941 by jumping out a synagogue window. He took his wife, Zipporah; Yaffa; an older brother, Yitzhak; and a baby brother, Hayyim, into hiding. In two days, almost all the town’s Jews were shot to death in front of open pits.

In a secret loft in the ghetto of Radun, Yaffa’s baby brother was suffocated by other refugees who had clamped a hand over his face so that his cries would not betray them. In a pit under a pigsty on a farm owned by Christians, her mother gave birth to another boy, also named Hayyim. There Yaffa studied Hebrew, Yiddish and Polish, using the pit’s clay walls as a blackboard.’ (2)

Right… so Eliach’s father ‘escaped by jumping out of a synagogue window’, then the family lived in a ‘secret loft’ in the jewish ghetto in Radun and then moved to a pit under a pigsty for the duration of the war.

I am prepared to believe that Eliach’s father managed to ‘escape’ by jumping out of a synagogue window, but even then there are problems with the story. Lithuania’s synagogues had been closed by their Soviet rulers since the early days of the Soviet occupation of the country (as these were regarded along with Christian churches as ‘centres of counter-revolutionary activity’).

So why and how was the synagogue open and jews using it – as is suggested by Eliach - when the Germans arrived?

Supposing it was open and in use by jews when the Germans arrived: how did Eliach’s father – and no one else - know exactly what was about to happen? Was he telepathic?

Further how he did manage to also get his family of three children (including an infant) and his wife away without anyone noticing?

When we turn to the claims about Radom; we have to ask why the jews were hiding in a ‘secret loft’ in the jewish ghetto? Did they know what was about to happen? Why was Yaffa’s baby brother so small an infant that he could be easily smothered over a year later?

One also wonders how Eliach’s family then got out of the liquidated ghetto (in August 1942) and onto a very specific farm that had a pit under its pig pen. Further how on earth do you live outside in slurry/water - waterlogged clay anyone? - for at least two years?

Also how can you use clay soil as a blackboard? Since when was that even possible?

You see what I mean when I say that Eliach’s story makes absolutely no sense whatsoever?

Next we have Anita Lobel who:

‘Recently donated her archive from a career of 60-plus books to the University of South Carolina — and will receive a medal from the Thomas Cooper Society later this month — spent her own child Born in Krakow, Poland, she was separated from her Jewish family in 1939, when she was five. The next few years would be spent fleeing the Nazis under the care of a devoutly Catholic nanny who, despite her own anti-Semitism, fought valiantly to protect Anita and her younger brother.

Anita, always fearful that her presumably Semitic features — prominent nose, thick black hair — would give her away, became a kind of Catholic by proxy, carrying the rosary, praying to the Blessed Virgin, and wearing the holy medallions.

Both children were ultimately captured and herded through a series of concentration camps — Plaszow, Auschwitz, Ravensbruck — before finally being rescued by the Allies, and reunited with her family, who moved to Sweden and then New York.’ (3)

Lobel is in herself a testament to the lunacy of ‘Holocaust Survivor’ testimony in general when compared to the ‘official narrative’ based on the documentation.

The reason I say this is that, as I have mentioned many times previously, one of the most important pillars upon which the orthodox ‘Holocaust’ narrative rests is the assertion that those who were unfit for work (i.e. the elderly, the infirm and children) were gassed/killed immediately by the Germans, while those fit for work would be worked until they died or become too weak to continue.

You see Lobel specifically states that she was five in 1939, which would make her eleven in 1945. In other words according to the orthodox ‘Holocaust’ narrative Lobel should have been gassed immediately upon her arrival at Auschwitz because she was a child and therefore unable to work and contribute towards the war effort.

In essence Lobel is unwittingly ‘denying the Holocaust’ by virtue of explicitly denying one of the central claims upon which the theory rests.

Similarly we read in the Salisbury Post that:

‘Morris Stein was very young when he was taken to a concentration camp. He was placed in several, including: Budzyn, Mielec, Wieliczka and Flossenburg.’ (4)

The problem here is the same. According to the orthodox ‘Holocaust’ narrative you cannot have been ‘very young’ and jewish in a German concentration camp during the Second World War, because you would have been exterminated!

We also have one Shelly Weiner who claims that she survived in a ‘secret place’ in a farmer’s barn for years and hid in a wheat field when she was ‘betrayed to the Nazis’. (5)

Yes... that’s really plausible.

I mean come on!




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Holocaust Survivor Stories


Another week and yet more wacky stuff has been quoted as gospel by so-called ‘Holocaust Survivors’. To begin with we have the news that said ‘Holocaust Survivors’ have now had a database created for them; whereby they can demand the return of property that was alleged confiscated from them by the German authorities from them at no cost to themselves. (1)

Must be nice to be able to get free stuff merely by claiming it as your own and forcing the owners to part with it through generating moral outrage.

Also we’ve been greeted with the news that the latest Holocaust Museum has opened in Guatemala of all places. (2) I don’t know what Guatemala has to do with events in Eastern Europe during the Second World War, but the sheer fact that there is one now one in the South America state. This once again provides strong evidence of the determination of the jewish people to make the Holocaust industry and the associated shakedown racket a truly international export.

Getting on to the subject at hand of ‘Holocaust Survivors’ and their testimony: we have Simon Gronokowski. Whose story the ‘Deming Headlight’ narrates as follows:

‘As an 11-year-old boy, Gronokowski was on a death train to Auschwitz in 1943 when his fate was changed by a trio of resistors who intercepted the train. More than 70 years later, Gronowski, a practicing lawyer in Belgium, wrote about his harrowing story in the book, "Simon, l'enfant du 20 convoi," or "Simon, Child of the 20th Convoy," and is sharing his insping tale of survival during a speaking tour of New Mexico.’ (3)

Right… so in the first place a train to Auschwitz cannot be accurately described as a ‘death train’ for the very simple reason that the camp’s primary purpose – even according to the orthodox historical narrative –was to act as a labour camp. If Gronokowski had been on a train to Treblinka, Sobibor or Belzec when he was intercepted by partisans then I’d understand the description to an extent, but not to Auschwitz as it simply is not accurate.

Now we can move on to Gronokowski’s actual claim that the ‘death train’ that he was on was successfully stopped by ‘a trio of partisans’. This is inherently absurd for the simple reason that a train with a large number of prisoners on it would have at least a couple of guards – both to defend it from partisan activity and prevent prisoners escaping – stationed along it.

It seems distinctly implausible that just three partisans were able to take out the train and its crew as well as the guards who were travelling with the prisoners. Unless, of course, said partisans were supermen, which I rather doubt.

Next up we have Marion Blumenthal Lazaan who: ‘shared her story with the people filling the pews at the United Methodist Church.

Lazaan is a survivor of the Holocaust.

She was just a little girl when her family fled their home in Nazi Germany for Holland, only to have their place of refuge fall into Nazi hands shortly thereafter.

Her family was placed in a prison camp in Holland and later shipped to a concentration camp in Germany.

Lazaan wrote her own memoir called "Four Perfect Pebbles," but said her experience was similar to that of Anne Frank.’ (4)

The problem here of course is Lazaan’s age as she claims to have been a ‘little girl’ when she was deported to a concentration camp from Holland by the German authorities. If she was a ‘little girl’ which I take to be somewhere between the ages of four and eleven; then she would have immediately gassed by the Germans as a ‘useless eater’, because she could not perform meaningful war work – a central pillar in the orthodox Holocaust narrative – and thus could not have survived if the orthodox ‘Holocaust’ narrative is correct.

Oh dear… did Lazaan just implicitly deny the ‘Holocaust’?

I rather think she did.

Then we have Irma Hanner whose story is recounted on SBS News as follows:

‘As Germany's persecution of its Jewish citizens escalated, 12-year-old Irma was deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp and ghetto, in what was then Czechoslovakia.

It's thought more than 40,000 died at Theresienstadt, before it was liberated by the Russians in 1945.

"For two years from the beginning I did not cry. But then it's very hard to stop. My children call me bionic woman because I am very strong. It is very important for me to talk about it now," she said.
Irma still remembers some horrific days at the camp, recalling how people died like flies from rampant disease.

She herself survived the removal of her tonsils without anaesthetic.

Another time, all 40,000 camp inmates were paraded in mid-winter and told they wouldn't eat or sleep until 11 escapees were recaptured.

They waited a whole day and a night before the 11 young men were recaptured, then whole camp was forced to watch them be hanged as a warning.’ (5)

Now Hanner’s story is in and of itself reasonably plausible. She tells us that people were dying in the camps from rampant disease – which is well-documented if not well-known – and she had to have her tonsils removed – presumably by an SS doctor – without anaesthetic, because the Germans were subject to a severe shortage of medical supplies.

The problem with Hanner’s story however is that it once again contradicts the orthodox ‘Holocaust’ narrative that all children (i.e. those who were younger than say 14-15 and still physically strong), the elderly and infirm were murdered by the Germans as soon as they were put into the concentration camp system, because they were unable to contribute to the war effort by providing labour.

Hanner was 12 when she entered said system and should have been gassed along with her fellows, but yet magically was not.

That is strange… well unless the orthodox ‘Holocaust’ narrative is wrong anyway.

Next we have Sol Lurie who claims that he ‘endured no less than 6 concentration camps’. (6)

So… how on earth did Lurie survive six concentration camps and live to ‘testify about the evil Nazis’ unless said ‘evil Nazis’ really were trying to keep him alive and not murder him a-la Schindler’s List?

Next we have Harry Bibring whose story of survival of the ‘death camps’ is truly miraculous… he immigrated to Great Britain from Austria in 1938. (7)

So one wonders: how can you be a ‘Holocaust Survivor’ if you weren’t actually in German occupied territory between 1939 and 1945?

As David Irving has tartly commented; a ‘Holocaust Survivor’ is someone who nothing very interesting happened to between 1939 and 1945, but Bibring is even more arcane ‘Holocaust Survivor’.

He wasn’t even in the area when it happened: he just happened to be born before 1939!




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