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Old October 18th, 2020 #1
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Thumbs up so where are we going?

have we found someplace for the non race traitor jew programmed
proudly superior whites where we can fulfill our right to self determination?
because its about time to blow this Popsicle stand the jews can have it
it and all the shit for brains minority and ethnic colored people that shouldve listened when the white man said we needed to uproot the jew. it will be far too late for them when they figure out that what was good for the white man was good for them, not so much whats good for the jew is bad for everyone. oh well . fuck em. FUCK EM
lets go to palestine and shoot missiles at israel. and disrupt their whole system like they did ours. theres lots of muslims over there too that fucking hate these jews as much as we do. those armenians are with us for sure , thats if they survive this 2nd round of genocide theyre experiencing. something . we gotta get the fuck out of here
any thoughts?
well shit why should we have to go all the way to israel to k!11 some jews when we have plenty of the creatures here at home!?
i just feel sick that i have to watch this shit happenign day after day knowing whats coming....

k!11 th3 j3w$


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