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Old June 5th, 2009 #21
Donnie in Ohio
Switching to glide
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Donnie in Ohio

Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes View Post
Canadians is pretty well known alternative word in Midwest parts.
Yea, I've heard blacks referred to as "Canadians" for years.

I should print some black shirts w/white print that just says AMISH.

Could be a hell of a conversation starter at the pub.
"When US gets nuked and NEMO is uninhabitable, I will make my way on foot to the gulf and live off red snapper and grapefruit"- Alex Linder
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I like most of Lueger's ideas

non-WN whites = the English"

jews= britz, movie stars, professors

niggers= Detoriters, Garys, any nigger-city you like

mestizos= something CA related..surfers, beach-bums,
you find piles of them at any Home Depot some homeboys is true..

asians= mimes, droids..
anything that implies copying Whites.
Mestizos = Californians.

And yes, in England they should call non-WN Whites "Americans." Canadians should call Blacks "Americans" too.
Godzilla mit uns!
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E. Moolnar
Angry Kitty
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E. Moolnar

Asians: Replicators (So many of them, fast breeding)

Blacks: Niggers, female blacks I call them Niggresse

My suggestion call them chimney sweeps

Jews: The Tribe or simply Tribe

Some time I refer them to the Club

Indians/Pakistanis: Bots

Short for robots, capable of repetitive work, which is too technical for blacks and above Asians

Arabs/Muslims: Abdullah

In Australia my brother refers the Aborigines as, 'abstract originals' when mentioning them in public, to his friends.

code words, memes, viral ideas


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