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Woodpecker Covid-19 Clown World: the Vaccines Cause the Delta Variant?

The Covid vaccine apparently causes the so-called Delta variant. In fact, as shown in this video, the FDA said in April 2015 that “virus-based gene therapy products” (like the Covid-19 vaccine) can produce (keyword) “viral variants” that can infect others via “shedding” from a vaccinated person to an unvaccinated person via feces, urine, saliva, sneezes and even through the skin. Also of note: the Covid vaccines apparently aren’t “vaccines.” They are “gene-therapy products.” Vaccines prevent infection.

If vaccinated people can produce viral variants (e.g., the Delta variant), this is a huge game-changer! It means that the Covid vaccine isn’t the cure, it’s the disease. If this is true, I’d hate to be a pro-vaxxer. They’ll all move to Peru, probably, to avoid lawsuits. Manufacturers are immune to lawsuits, but what about clinics, doctors, nurses, pharmacies, etc.?

Video [Here].

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