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Old June 29th, 2019 #1
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Default What were the U.S.A. like under Obama ?

- - -

I'm not American . . Yet , I wonder . . what did it feel like under a black president?

( that is not to say that I think presidents rule their business per se , they always have the NWO behind them . . . )

But . . on paper . .

Did the blacks always brag about Obama ( did you hear them praising him in public places )?

Did the blacks act cocky under Obama's leadership?

What about so called 'right-wing' people ?

Did you notice many American 'rednecks' ( not necessarily racialist but , you know , the 'backwoodsmen'-types always portrayed in the media ) having shitty mood about Obama ?

Did you even hear 'racialist' comments concerning Obama even from 'middle class' folks (you know , the supposed 'avarage joes') ? After all , no matter how 'anti-racist' many middle class folks like to present themselves, a black president surely is something ... new . .

Did blacks often riot?

- - - - - -

I'm simply interested in how everyday-life felt in a Western country under a black president . .

Well . . Obama may have been of dubious ancestry anyway and not even a full-blooded Negro at that but I suppose he was "black enough"

. . he reminded me of all those folks shown on T.v. who are portrayed as black but are actually mulatto . .

. . So . . what was it like under (((the magical Negro))) ?
Sex was once a forbidden subject to talk about . . yet everyone had it on his/ her mind . . Today race is a forbidden subject

- me
Old June 29th, 2019 #2
Adolf Goldbergstein
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Adolf Goldbergstein

The first half white president was a secret fag to begin with. He could get away with anything since everyone was afraid to be called a racist. Also the Democrat media would never talk bad about him. He was pro wallstreet, wars, deportations, the fagocrats still sucked his ass. It's their team after all.
Old June 29th, 2019 #3
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I can tell you that since after he left office, the niggers have had more of an in-your-face attitude with Whitey.

Of course, he had the race pimp Al Charlatan many times at the White House and his Attorney General Eric Holder waged a war on Whites.

Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.
Old June 29th, 2019 #4
Dan Hadaway
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Dan Hadaway

There were riots like we hadn't seen since the 80s. I think Obama was instrumental in increasing racism in America. Other than that, it wasn't too much different than the Boosh era.


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