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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl
Default Of Temporealisation and Tempocognition

Of Temporealisation and Tempocognition

By Johann Luther

As an individual that is primarily concerned with the issue of race and the apparent differences in Governing between the European and Negro races (irrespective of its alleged Democratic universality), I always strove to understand what precisely it is that caused these differences and in some cases clear inability to retain that which had been provided for by another race of people. I've always considered it a practical concern to attempt and understand what precisely the alteration may have been to make this such a fundamental gap, a gap; which to this day cannot be bridged, either by education, or by environmental change. There are many issues raised on this matter, in an attempt to reach an understanding of these quite apparent differences in ability. IQ and Brain size being one such example. Environment and its influence another: I.E. the need for continued advancement to combat the colder climates gave the European the upper hand over the African who enjoyed a tropical climate. The problem with these explanations is that they all have a sort of dual purpose or function to them, as it is always the concern of those of the liberal persuasion to use precisely these arguments in defense of their positions on society.

The Negro for instance, the Liberal would have you believe, has a lower IQ because education had been denied him I.E. that it is directly proportional to knowledge. Or the socio-environment wherein he lives is one that is not cohesive enough to support continued education. That the Negro is in essence completely equal to the European and the only thing that prevented a civilization on par with that of Europe was that socio-environmental factor so frequently abused. Neither explanation therefore, provide any definitive solution when it comes to understanding these differences in development. But what if there was a third option to consider? an option that might account for the above as well? What option? you may ask yourselves at this point. Well, quite simply put: it is Temporealisation and Tempocognition. I have mentioned these two points previously in my review of Jean Jacques Rousseau's “The Origin of Inequality”. But didn't endeavor to explain them in full, the reason for this is because it is an idea that is too expansive for a review on a booklet of such a small size. And it is also one that deserves attention of its own. I stumbled onto “Temporealisation and Tempocognition” after having read "Now Men and Tomorrow Men" by Dr. G.M. Mes. And I had an epiphany of some sorts, after reading this highly recommended book, all the pieces came together and explained in unison what it is that is the central cause of this substantial difference. It is of course demanded that I explain these two concepts of “Temporealisation and Temporecognition”, but I wont be so prudent as to steal the limelight on an idea that is not my own, I will explain these to you in the words of Dr. Mes and provide a brief explanation as to what they entail:

"I take Temporealisation to mean the quality of the awareness of location in time - or- the inclusion of time in the conception that a living thing has of its world". [1]

In other words: Temporealisation relates to the depth an organism is aware of itself and its location in time, either past, present or future. Having all three of these, being of course the more desirable and more complex of the organisms that exists. Different creatures have a different sense of time, this sense of time is not equally developed among all, which everyone would naturally agree to, if you are to suggest that the way he perceives the present and utilizes it for the purpose of the future, is not equal to that of a Lion or a Deer.... the more we go back in the chain of evolution the more we realise that lesser so far as they are compared to us...have a sense only of the present (in other words immediate survival) and in rare circumstances have a small sense of the past (able to retain a certain amount of information acquired for survival), and naturally the higher we go the more developed this awareness becomes. Until finally it reaches man and where we simply refuse to even discuss the notion of inequality in any respect, or if we do, its in the most ridiculous fashion humanly possible, this of course to make it appear a trivial and insignificant part of life.

That aside, we must put into these terms the idea of tempocognition.

"Tempocognition is an ability allied to intelligence and, as such, largely genetically determined" [2]

Meaning in other words that Tempocognition is a cognitive ability and by being so it is a factor of intelligence. That is to say that: it is the analysis and application of knowledge for the future combined with the ability to make or build those future images into reality.

Now that we have explained these two concepts, we must examine how these two elements effected the evolution of man. Let us begin by the very point at which we recognize the rise of man:

The turning point for man had for a long time been considered as the day he decided to keep his weapon and put it to future use, rather than to throw it away.[3] This is in fact an indication of a developed future sense, albeit not an advanced one, but at that point man foresaw that he would have need of this weapon again. His future sense continued to develop through his experiences in the present, and, with the constant use of his weapon he foresaw future ways in which he could obtain superiority over his foe, using as little energy as possible and with more effectiveness than his current weapons permit. Thus he fashioned for himself different types of weapon for different functions (to defend himself with and to hunt with). These armaments were by no means perfect, and by using the same realisation and cognitive abilities he fashioned them from stones and from bones, firstly to give him better piercing and secondly to make it last longer. These new weapons required less frequent sharpening and provided a more ready usability. The process was repeated numerous times, over millions of years, continuously advancing the design of the bow and arrow, the spear and eventually the sword. And it was precisely this process of Temporealisation and Tempocognition that played such a crucial role in the development of Civilization. The Neolithic period ushered in a primitive concept of farming, I say primitive because irrigation, manuring and rotation of crops was not something early Neolithic man did, in fact the planting of crops was not even done on what one would consider a farm it was quite similar to that of the Bantu which continued to be at random. This however does not take away from the significance of the period when man used his Tempocognitive ability and realised that seed turns to plant, nor the temporealisation in the understanding that this could in fact be used to ensure a more steady source of food at a future time. And as with all things, the more man observed nature the more his understanding of it grew, and the more he absorbed the more methods he contrived for himself using his creative mind to extract the maximum from nature and even at times, against nature to maximize his survival. Solving the riddle that rain was not the only source that nourished plants he created irrigation, figuring out that manure made the soil fertile he made use of it to serve his goal, he set aside land for this very purpose...a land mass to be nurtured specifically to function as a source of permanent food.

We could set numerous examples that would indicate that at one point man realised the need of something, or that a certain thing fulfills a certain role, or for that matter that there is a problem that requires addressing and that he used his cognitive ability to solve it. But I think that I have used a prime example to demonstrate this very small detail so frequently overlooked. It may already be obvious where this article is heading, and what it is that I'm about to suggest, however, for those who don't quite yet know, I will non the less put the puzzles together.

There exists a popular belief in modern Western culture, that all Africa needs is an injection of funds, and the creation of educational systems to restore its nature to that of the Colonial period. This belief, is based on a poor understanding of the Bantu, of his history and the quality of his Temporealisation and Tempocognitive ability. People need to realise that Governments grow out of the people, they are a product of the people, they aren't separate from the people. Democracy is something that has not lasted in Africa for even as much as a quarter of a century, it has always reverted to a savage system of brutal Tyranny, concerned only with its leaders wants and needs, their natural form of Governing was very much the same, where the concern of their King was the only thing that mattered. This aside though, let us return to addressing this popular claim. As previously mentioned, the Bantu had no clear understanding of farming, he had up to the 1600's maintained only an understanding as far as early Neolithic man, his continent had the fortune of influence from various Civilizations all exceptionally advanced for their period. Egypt, the Middle East and Europe, and at no point throughout the thousands of years that had passed, did the Bantu retain the knowledge of any of these Civilizations. Instead he reverted back to that quality his temporealisation is capable of, to that range his tempocognitive ability could make use of. He saw no future use for writing, education that is the passing on of knowledge, of using the cognitive function to improve it...nor for any of the wondrous things provided, for his observation, during this long period. Just as he reverted back to a substandard life after Egyptian and Middle Eastern influence, so he reverted back to this self same substandard way of life after Europeans ceased to become an active part in their day to day life. In former Rhodesia the Negro man howled to give back his land, he kicked the European off the agricultural soil, and took it for himself, he failed to make any use of land which throughout European existence on it provided an abundance of agricultural foods. In South Africa, the land reformation process serves the same function, virtually all (if not all) of the land previously owned by Europeans and currently in the hands of black individuals, turned into barren wastelands, countless funds spent with no return on investment.[4] Ah but one must educate them!, the staunch egalitarian exclaims. And here is where we address the source of the socio-economic environment or “culture” that exists within the Negro that frowns upon education:

In order for education to be received, one must realise that there is a need for it, and as can be seen throughout Africa there simply isn't much emphasis placed on it, just as before there was no emphasis placed on its importance. Even in America they frown upon education and label their fellow blacks as “exhibiting behavior that is of a White tendency”. First one must perceive that a problem exists, then one must labour to fix it. As Mes aptly stated : “Solving the problem was not difficult, seeing it is”.[5] Even if we force education and make it compulsory by death would they fail to achieve anything, because there is no desire for it. And desire is one of the key requirements necessary in order to develop knowledge it is also a fundamental necessity in realising the value of something. Even if we are to assume that he retains grades, and attends school like those who “exhibit a behavior that is of a White tendency”... must we ask ourselves the question on whether or not the Negro man is in fact capable of making full use of the knowledge he is taught. Does he in fact have the means with which to take that knowledge and create something out of it? That is to apply it for the purpose of benefiting him in the long run (the future) or is it just a matter of mimicry? When a problem completely unrelated to his education (which will always serve as merely a guide to common problems and solutions in your area of expertise) occurs within the field of his expertise would he in fact place two and two together and solve the problem? In my experience it has never been the case, I have observed countless Negro individuals that have done a specific occupation for years on end, observing what is done by the European but never being fully able to innovate solutions to irregular problems. If told what to do they do it without problem, but do they actually understand what they are doing? Why it is necessary to do it? What could happen if its not done? That they fail to do these tasks without supervision, indicates the opposite to be the case. This is why despite having an exceptionally long period side by side with Europeans they aren't able to perform the rudimentary tasks required to maintain a civilization at the standard of the European.

Negro man is concerned mainly with the present the “Now” he has not the quality, scope or the intensity in Temporealisation and Tempocognition required for him to be equipped with a long future sense and more-so to make use of it in the present for the future. It may at first appear reasonable to suggest, that should they obtain enough experience they could in fact acquire a more developed sense, as European man had through his experiences with weaponry and agriculture, industrialization etc. But this is not the case, as had been demonstrated before: They were provided with ample opportunities to take note and through experience with others, adapt and apply the knowledge to serve this function, there must exist a biological propensity for this scope and quality. It is not the vast gap from the 14th century onto the present that creates this inability to make use of what had been learned by others through trial and error, for we see in the Asian the clear example that it must be biological. It took note of Europe's fast progress that left it in the dark, and more importantly, it realised its own need for it (seeing the problem) and why it is necessary.

Certainly one could point to this or that Negro, that managed to do something meaningful with his life, depending on ones subjective view of a “meaningful life”. But in the end this does not negate the trend, an exception to the rule does not in all instances make the rule flawed. There may be a Negro or two out there that would in fact contradict what it is I am saying, but the capacity for this type of ability is not commonly found among their people. While it is liked to believe that we all have the means to be a Gauss or a Leibniz, perhaps a Tesla, if we really put our minds to remains merely a belief borne from hope rather than from knowledge. We are governed by our biological limits, we may dream of glory, fame and wealth, but if it is not within our biological capacity to obtain these, these dreams will always elude us. I am as can be seen, no proponent of equality, and I will not even venture to suggest that Europeans all have the same quality, scope and cognitive processes. But.... I will venture to say that if the same questions are posed to each European in their respective fields, they would in fact be able to understand what they do, why they need to do it, what could happen if its not done, and can in fact react to unforeseen circumstances by putting two and two together. Each one has a future sense, each one has a cognitive function what differs is its quality and its scope. Negro man, however, is simply a being concerned with the present and a future sense with at best only a few months.


[1] Dr. G.M. Mes, “Now Men And Tomorrow Men”, 1964. P 5
[2] Ibid. P.6
[3] Ibid. P18
[4] For instance see, Dr. Philop Du Toit, “The Great South African Land Scandal”, Legacy Publications, 2004.
[5] Dr. G.M. Mes, “Now Men And Tomorrow Men”, 1964. P 25


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Tom Stanley
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Tom Stanley

But in our sphere of time, how are we supposed to make good judgements if the Jews control what is in our history books? How are we qualified to make an objective judgement of our socio-political present, much less our future, if the information that we have of the past has been adultured by the economic agendas of the sleazy?

In such case we can only think of ourselves, because nobody else is. How can we survive, be a happy population of people and maintain our own individual legacies for future generations?

To many people the history of the middle east is entirely dictated by the Bible, in which a Jew was able to do miraculous feats, teach compassion and resurrect from the dead. And this is supposed to make sense because he was GOD.


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