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Man of the road
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Man of the road
Default Getting Whites Into Abandoned Farms

So I drive around quite a bit not only in my state of Wisconsin but throughout the Midwest and see abandoned farmhouses all the time. I was thinking why do folks pay mortgages and inflated rent prices when such properties sit unused? I don't know much about land laws or what have you so perhaps somebody more knowledgeable on this can chime in. What about squatter laws?

I imagine the reoccurring story is that the owner died and his kids either had no interesting in farming or he had no children at all.

The rural farming community is where it is at for Whites. If you don't know anything about it you can start off as a general laborer helping the established operations in the area. You learn a new skill and take away an illegal's job. Double whammy.
Degeneracy is disguised as freedom.

Tyranny is disguised as compassion.


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