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Default Ramzan Kadyrov appreciation thread

You can ask me why a Serb like me supports Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechens and biggest friend of Russia. We all heard about negative sides of his personality (predominantly from CNN and kosher "Russian nationalist" sources) and we're expected to hate him from the perspective of Zionists. However it's not true...
Here I explain my personal reason to admire his personality. Here is why Serbian nationalists like me respect brother Ramzan and support him against enemies of Russia (same enemies of Ramzan too).

1. Ramzan Kadyrov is racially White person, despite the high percentage of non-whites among Chechens (anti-Putin chechens only).

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov welcomes Elizabeth Hurley to Chechnya and introduces her to a fluffy white kitten.

The family of Ramzan Kadyrov who being quite blonde and belongs to a traditional society, and at the same time he belongs to the society that has no problems with procreation and strongly opposes intermarriages, sets the rules itself and has potential for assimilation of other nations, which in turn is something very desirable by the preservationists

Just for comparison:
Leader of Russian nationalists Vladimir Burmistrov

Leader of Russian nationalists Vladimir Potkin:

Leader of Russian nationalists Aleksander Potkin:

2. Ramzan Kadyrov is a personal buddy for Vladimir Putin.

Putin appointed Kadyrov as the leader of Chechnya in 2007. Since then, Ramzan has repeatedly expressed his absolute allegiance to Putin. To such an extent that he once said that he remains truly loyal not to the Russian state, but personally and exclusively to his current leader. Putin cannot let Kadyrov leave for two basic reasons. The first one is the fact that the leader of Chechnya managed to pacify the region, which from the beginning of the 1990s has caused great trouble for Moscow the occurrence of two wars between Moscow and Chechnya proves its scale. Today, Kadyrovs Chechnya is a guarantee of the relative stability in the North Caucasus. The second reason, why Putin needs the Chechen, is the internal situation in Russia. The Kremlin is afraid of social riots and attempts at a political revolt hence the expansion of the power apparatus which is to defend the regime. The main pillar of the apparatus is the National Guard of Russia (Rosgvardiya), but the forces faithful to Kadyrov, that is, over 20,000 well-armed and brutally acting people, are also very important. For years, Kadyrovs soldiers have been doing the so-called wet work in Putins interest (see the murder of Boris Nemtsov). They formally belong to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, but in fact they swear allegiance to Kadyrov, who is also friends with General Viktor Zolotov, the current Director of Rosgvardiya and Putins most trusted silovnik. And the latter knows that when summoned, Kadyrov will give him thousands of soldiers, because the Chechen leader is aware that Putins departure will be tantamount to his own departure.

3. Ramzan Kadyrov is pro-natural:

Kadyrov opens first concentration camp for gays since Hitlers times

4. Ramzan Kadyrov is being successful:

Chechnya before Kadyrov

Chechnya of Kadyrov

Kadyrov dances with money

Kadyrov owns luxury cars:

5. Ramzan Kadyrov is killing ukrainians, the race of zionist slaves:

6. Ramzan Kadyrov supports Assad and fights against zionists in Syria war:

Kadyrov asks Putin to allow Chechen infantry to fight in Syria

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has called recent US coalition missile raids on Syria an anti-Russian provocation, and said that regiments, battalions and brigades of Chechen infantry can go to the Middle East to enforce order.
7. Ramzan Kadyrov tried to kick out Zionist occupied government of Montenegro ans supports Serbs:

Chechnya leader accused of involvement in Montenegro coup



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