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Woodpecker Names and Photos of the Enemy

A good list of Jewish communists, with photos (but subtract two of the names: Nikolai Bukharin and Salvador Allende, who weren’t Jews). And to think, the Jews still claim that “communism wasn’t Jewish.” Really?? If, out of 100 top communists, 96 were Jews (not even including the king Jew, Karl Marx himself), what more evidence do you need? Notice I said “top” communists. And don’t forget Marxism’s better-looking sister, socialism. It was founded by Jews as well (i.e., Moses Hess, Ferdinand Lassalle and Eduard Bernstein). Have Jews ever paid for founding and guiding those horrible, anti-White movements? If they have paid, when and where did they pay? Considering that both communism and socialism have murdered roughly 100 million innocent people since 1917, have the Jews really paid for all those murders? What I mean is this: Even if Hitler “gassed” 6 million poor, sweet, innocent, angelic, wonderful, beautiful Hebes, what about the rest of them?


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