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Old September 27th, 2004 #1
Jack Napier
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Default A Pro-White Investment Club

I had an interesting conversation with an old friend this past weekend. It seems that he and 6 or 7 racially conscious friends have started a pro-White investment club. He said that their strategy is 2 pronged – real estate and small business start-ups.

They started by each of them contributing 10% of their income to a pool. This proved to be impractical, as not all members could afford to tithe and also because of income disparities. They switched to having each member contribute $200 monthly. This eliminated hard feelings and proved easier for all members to afford.

They purchased their first property, a 2 unit “duplex” in a declining neighborhood, for $80,000. They financed it under one member’s name and he declared it as his primary residence. Because this was his first home the required down payment was only 3%. With the down payment and closing costs their initial investment was under $5,000.

For two months the home became a sort of social club. They built a small bar and moved in a stereo and some old furniture. Members donated at least one evening a week and often their weekends to fixing up and improving the property. They replaced the cabinets and shower, painted inside and out, laid carpeting, and re-shingled the roof. Those who had remodeling and construction experience acted as “foremen” and taught the others what they needed to know. My friend said that they worked hard, but that it didn’t seem like it, because they had so much fun.

Within 3 months they were able to rent out both units for a monthly income of $1,100. Their monthly payments were less then $700, giving a profit of over $400, which they put towards the mortgage.

Eight months after they started, they had the home reappraised for $100,000, giving them over $20,000 in equity to borrow from. This they did by purchasing a second duplex for $60,000. They repeated the process, moving their home bar and tools to the new house, making repairs and adding amenities and “bling-bling” that poorer folks seem to crave. Soon both units of this property were also rented – bringing in an additional income of $800 per month.

Their plans now, are to continue following the formula and amassing equity. Soon they hope to consolidate their properties into a corporation and borrow against the equity to start small businesses that the members will own and operate. They have already started by helping one of the members with construction experience purchase tools, so that he is now self-employed. Future ideas include a tavern/night club, a taxi company and a home brewing market. Eventually, after all of them are doing well, they intend to require their members to tithe to racial projects. Several of them are National Alliance members, so you can guess where the money will go.

I thought that this was an interesting and positive idea. I may provide updates in the future. Your thoughts?
Old September 27th, 2004 #2
Jack Napier
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I forgot to mention a small detail - 10% of the corporation's profits will also go to pro-White projects. Not just the member's incomes.

What about starting clubs like this in other areas?
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Antiochus Epiphanes
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Antiochus Epiphanes

interesting idea. you didnt mention but we will all assume that they DID NOT discriminate on the basis of race in housing as there are many many "watchdog groups" that will go up anybody's ass with a microscope if they thing the "fair housing act" has been violated.

I hope that doesnt "squelch debate" on the aspects of this story not related to real estate but be aware that BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING for any THOUGHTCRIME and employment and real estate matters are their turf lock stock and barrell.


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