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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Yankees/Puritans - Cultural-Political Observations

I decided to check it out again, and it was written by Dr. Clyde Wilson and it seems it only said, "Gore prevailed in the power- and plunder-seeking Deep North (Northeast, Upper Midwest, Pacific Coast) and Bush in the regions inhabited by productive and decent Americans."

So that's more about Gore than it is about Bush, and not exactly a Bush praise. I remembered wrong.

A very fun part of this piece says that New England was a barren land and no sane person would stick around and stay there. And none did. Only New England born people eventually stayed in New England, and this reminds me of some writings by Lovecraft where he said that many early New Englanders stuck around as isolated hermits in the wilderness and kept feeding upon their dark Puritan melancholy in loneliness. To imagine the anger, mania, misanthropy, and self-righteousness that kind of living would produce is not possible.

[Turning everything into a freighted moral decision. And if you don't use the same (condiment), you are evil, going to hell, in inexorable need of being done to, adjusted, gooded into shape]


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