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Karen Z.
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Karen Z.


Are you asking me to review 1554, beyond my simplistic prior description? Whether you are or not, I think I'll go find some and get back with you on that.

I most humbly do The more people who appreciate good beer that post reviews, the better. You don't have to be a writer, I sure as hell ain't. You don't have to know the nomenclature. You'll pick that up if you keep up with the thread. VNN is a lot of things. This thread can (and will, even if it's just mine) grow over time to include literally hundreds of reviews. Brewing Mead/beer is a very ancient and fascinating Aryan art. I intend, in a very small way, for this thread to become a future resource for those of our folk who will be coming to VNNF and might find it of some interest. You see, here at VNNF we serve all your WN informational needs. Think of us as Aryan~Mart.
Well I finally picked up some 1554, and I'm having one at the moment, so heres my review. I learned a few things going to various tastings with my friend ,who was a liqour salesperson.

A-Looks and pours a bit like Coke, and has a dark brown body with reddish highlights. Scant head, whats there is very dense and camel colored.

T-Flavor is chocolatey, mollassesy, smokey and slightly bitter in the mouth, but there is no bitterness in the aftertaste, which is very smooth. This beer has big flavor but finishes very clean. You take another drink right away.

M-not highly carbonated, taste and bubbles are nicely balanced.

D-this beer is black but not heavy, with a lot of flavor, I consider it very drinkable. It starts to get a bit sweet after 5 or so, so you may want to alternate glasses of it with pints of Guinness.

beer, small breweries


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