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The Final Solution
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Default Question re: Friends Finale

This was the only episode I saw this season, and I guess it was inevitable that the hook-nosed parasite Schwimmer would get the lovely Jennifer Anison in the end, but last time I saw the show (last season maybe), I seem to recall Anison had a baby by the kike, whom she was raising, very stylishly, as a single parent. But no kid in the finale. What happened to the little mongrel? Was there a "hate crime" arc that I missed?
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Doubts the official story
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Default Screw 'em , they're both kikes.

Your friends, the nice Jews.
I've seens two episodes ever, but isn't the Jennifer Anniston character's name Sarah? Does she not speak of a time "before her nose-job?"
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Mau Mau Warden
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I missed the "great finale". I always liked "Joey" representing the dumb assed white boy in all of us. I am surprised that one of them wasn't a nigger. Just another stupid assed media opiate designed to take the white man away from the real issues such as Jewish control of all media.
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Antiochus Epiphanes
Ἀντίοχος Ἐπιφανὴς
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Antiochus Epiphanes

I would have liked to see Joey drive a stake in the hooknosed vampire's heart. The Jews intentionally defile Aniston on that show in such a manner. Considering her real life husband is Brad Pitt, who is much of a nordic ideal and a good choice by Wolfgang Pederson for Achilles-- really looking forward to TROY-- the whole matter of "Friends" disgusted me all along and that was a fitting ending. The important thing is that it was an ending.

There must always be a few very jewish hooknosed heroes on televitz now. Steinfeld is gone, now Schwimmer gone. Who will get the brass ring of Jew sitcom approval now?


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