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Thumbs up $$$====China Mp3 manufacture looking cooperation!***

====Hello everyone, how are you?

I am very glad to meet you here and hope to establish good friendship and business connections with you.

Please allow me to introduce our comapny. As professional MP3 player manufacture, Hisdy is one subsidiary of Wanban Group ( ), China's leading company in Electronic gifts field.

We have exported our MP3 to many countries and will expand largely backing on the huger investment by the group recently.

Our products have passed CE,UL,FCC approvals, and we implement strict QC control to ensure the high quality.With competitive price, fast delivery, full-range service we strive to meet your every requirement.

If you have anything need my assistance, pls contact me now.

You are welcome all the time.

Thanks & Best Regards!

Your Sincerely,

MP3 Sales Center
Email: [email protected]
Msn: [email protected]

Shenzhen Hisdy Electronics Co., Ltd
Company Office: 31F, Dongjiang BLDG, Xincheng 3rd Block, Baoan district, shenzhen, PRC.
PC: 518101

Factory Add:Building B, NO.2 Industrial Park, HeZhou, Junyi, XiXiang Town,Baoan District, ShenZhen, PRC
PC: 518126
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A White Nationalist/Chinese mp3 manufacturing co-op?
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Yes, Chinese leads the world in pirated music, software, and movies. Almost all copies of Windows OS in China are copied.

Btw... Your name isn't REALLY George, is it???
RIP Brunn
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You have to understand, George, most of my assets are tied up in time deferred trust funds. Before I can invest in your company, I'll need a small advance to loosen up the big bucks. In exchange for a small advance of a mere $15,000, I can have no less than $100,000 available for loan towards your business group within a matter of 8 working days. If this sounds agreeable to you, please contact me via PM.

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