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Woodpecker Now They're Attacking the Father of Our Country

Seen at the Washington Post website (no humor intended):

“George and Martha Washington enslaved 300 people. Let’s start with their names.” [Here].

Why on earth would I want to know their names? This was apparently not a pressing matter in 1965. Or 1975. Or 1985. Or 1995. But now, in 2020, with Orange Man Bad in the White House, 155 years after slavery ended, suddenly the names of long-dead slaves are a pressing matter! Why now? The answer is, of course, that there is currently a worldwide anti-White movement afoot, and half of the world wants to get in on the movement. And make no mistake: unlike other, smaller anti-White movements, this one will not end soon. It’s got big momentum. Even the Fortune 500 companies are aiding and abetting the movement. It’s a global dogpile on Whitey! They’re even re-naming food in Europe and America so as not to offend the Blacks! Who knew that negroes were so darn important?? (As for George Washington’s false teeth: they were made from real human teeth, and he bought the teeth for 122 shillings).

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Nikola Bijeliti
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Nikola Bijeliti

We’re soon entering the moment when the Washington part of the NFL team’s name will be considered more offensive than the Redskins half.
All these ideas…are chained to the existence of men, to who[m]…they owe their existence. Precisely in this case the preservation of these definite races and men is the precondition for the existence of these ideas. --Adolf Hitler
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Kosher Clown
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Kosher Clown

Originally Posted by Nikola Bijeliti View Post
We've killed ourselves, our children, and our Race...


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