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William Robert
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Default Should These orgs be controlled Jews?

Jews at the helm of ostensibly non-Jewish organizations

This is only a PARTIAL LIST!

Hit the original website for complete list

NAACP (and other African-American organizations)

NAACP Legal Defense Fund,
"Co" - Chairman - Martin D. Payson
"Co" - Vice Chairman - Daniel L. Rabinowitz
"This Website was made possible through the generous support of the Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation."

Washington Kurdish Institute,
Executive Director: Mike Amitay -- reputed to be the son of former head of AIPAC (the massive Jewish American lobbying organization for Israel), Morris Amitay.

American Institute of Polish Culture,
Founder and President: Blanka A. Rosenstiel

Emperor's Clothes,
(ostensibly about Yugoslavia and the Balkans)
Editor: Jared Israel (apologist for Israel)

Asia Society,
Chairman of the Board: Maurice R. Greenberg (article: 2001)
Chairman of the Executive Committee: Richard C. Holbrooke
"To meet the increasing demand for greater awareness and understanding of Asia and its dynamic relationship with America, the Asia Society extensively renovated and expanded its world headquarters in New York City. The $30 million initiative substantially enhanced the Asia Society's museum galleries, as well as its public facilities and programs, and strengthened the Society's role as the only institution in North America addressing the intersection of the arts, economics, politics, and society throughout the Asia-Pacific region." This building is called The Maurice R. and Corinne P. Greenberg Building.

Committee for the Liberation of Iraq,

President: Randy Scheunemann (?)
"The president of the Committee is Randy Scheunemann, Trent Lott's former chief national-security adviser. Last year Scheunemann worked for Donald Rumsfeld as a consultant on Iraq policy ... The Committee is little more than an extension of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), an 'educational' organization packed with neocons such as William Kristol and Robert Kagan."

Open Society Institute,
Founder/Billionaire Moneybags: George Soros

U.S. Committee for a Free Lebanon,
"Golden Circle" members include: Elliot Abrams, Salo Aizenberg, Eleana Benador, David Chazen, Alain Gabriel Courtines, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Michael Eisenstadt, Eliot Engel, Philip Epstein, Gil Feiler, Douglas Feith, Leonard Getz, Richard Greenfield, Richard Hellmann, Irwin Hochberg, Michael Ledeen, Matthew Levitt, Daniel Lubetzky, Richard Perle, Daniel Pipes, Scott Rosenblum, Nina Rosenwald, Michael Rubin, Eric Silverman, David Steinmann, Jonathan Usher, Stanley Weiss, David Wurmser

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF),
President: Antonia Hernandez (married to Michael Stern)
Chairman of the board: Joseph A. Stern

Foundation for Ethnic Understanding,
Founder and President: Rabbi Mark Schneier

Coalition for Democracy in Iran,
"Supporter": Michael Ledeen

The Burma Project,
a division of the billionaire George Soros empire

American Himalayan Foundation,
Chairman: Richard Blum, husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein
Member of Board of Directors: Leon J. Weil, Ambassador to Nepal

Maltese-Czech Society,
President: Lawrence Attard Bezzina

Asian American Hotel Owners Association, [hotel owners from India]
President: Fred Schwartz

Central Asia Institute,
President: Julia Bergman
Public Relations Director: Susan Neubauer

Inter-American Economic Council,
President & CEO: Barry Featherman

"BKSH is the name of leading-edge government relations consultancy for the 21st century. Created by the world's largest communications agency, Burson-Marsteller, it enables clients to mount US, pan-European and transatlantic campaigns."
Managing Director: K. Riva Levinson
"Ms. Levinson has been the U.S. representative for the Iraqi National Congress (INC) since 1999. This group, funded by the United States State Department, will form the nucleus of the new democratic Iraqi Government. For four years, Ms. Levinson managed the INCís communications initiatives as the voice of the Iraqi people in exile. Since the countryís liberation, Ms. Levinson has worked with the INC at its headquarters in Baghdad to conduct programs to support democracy and the building of civil society. Beyond Iraq, Ms. Levinson runs a number of projects to build democracy around the world, including managing the Coalition for Democracy in Iran and supporting the Liberian opposition parties."

Alliance of Latinos and Jews,

Co-chairs: Bradley Schneider, Bertha G. Magana

American-Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Founder and President: Helen Teplitskaia [Teplitsky? Jewish?]

Institute of the Americas,

President: Jeffrey Davidow

Foundation for the People of Burma,
President and CEO: Harold C. Nathan (?)

New York Board for New Americans,
Board of Directors: Paul R. Alter, Phyllis Putter Barasch (?), Arthur Chernick, Charles M. Chernick, Ellen E. Conovitz, Rabbi Joel S. Goor, Debby Israel, Saul Kagan, Stanley I. Kivort (?), Bobi Klotz (?), Michael Loeb, Jeffrey M. Loewy, Kenneth Mazer, Elaine Pohl Moore (?), Rekha Nambiar (?), Terry Savage (?),
Melissa A. Schimke (?), Margaret Dunn Tan.

Polish-American-Jewish Alliance for Youth Understanding,
President: Dennis Misler

Center for Islamic Pluralism,
Executive director: Stephen Schwartz


A List of "Anti-Hate" organizations
(includes some overtly Jewish groups)

Institute for the Study of Genocide,
Executive Director: Helen Fein

International Commission to Investigate the Crimes of Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania,
Chairman: Emanuelis Zingeris, also chairman of the Lithuanian Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights.

American Anti-Slavery Group,
Founder and CEO: Charles Jacobs
[Contributor's note: "This is an another Jewish-concocted civil rights organization. No criticism of Israel allowed here."] [Israel is a leader in the sex slavery racket.] Jacobs has written a pro-Israel apologetic entitled: Why Israel, and not Sudan, is Singled Out: "How is it that there is not storm of indignation at Amnesty Interantional or Human Rights Watch, though, which they rushed to Jenin to investigate false reports of Jews massacring Arabs, care so much about Arab-occupied Juba, South Sudan's black capital?"

Coalition Against Terrorist Media,
Executive Director: Avi Jorisch


America First Party,

Chairman: Dan Charles (Recently became "Chairman Emeritus")
"[The] Reform Party as a whole is in big trouble these days ... Earlier this year, several national executive committee members resigned, along with the leaders of 18 state chapters that decided to disaffiliate from the national organization and launch a new group, the America First Party (AFP). Based in Boulder, Colo., the upstart AFP is headed by Dan Charles, a Jewish right-wing activist previously aligned with the Reform Party."

FrontPage magazine,
Founder/editor: David Horowitz (former far Left political activist, now a conservative apologist for Israel and Judeocentrism)

National Endowment for Democracy,
President: Carl Gershman

Heritage Foundation,
President: Edwin Feulner
(Likely Jewish. Married to Linda Claire Leventhal and author of Hate is Hate).

Center for the Study of Compassionate Conservatism,
Member of Board of Directors: Marvin Olasky

Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation,
Chairman: S. Daniel Abraham (avid pro-Israel acitivist)

Center for the Study of Popular Culture,
co-founder: David Horowitz

Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs,
President: Joel Rosenthal

Hudson Institute,
Founder (deceased): Herman Kahn
President: Herbert I. London (Winner of the 2001 American Jewish Congress Award)
Chairman of the Board: Walter P. Stern
Vice President and Director: Kenneth R. Weinstein ("Prior to rejoining Hudson, Weinstein was the managing director of the Shalem Center, an educational and research institute with offices in Jerusalem and Washington, D.C.")

Manhattan Institute for Policy Studies,
President: Lawrence J. Mone

People for the American Way,
Founder: television director Norman Lear

The Center for Libertarian Studies (venerates Murray Rothbard),
Founder: Burton S. Blumert

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty,
Executive Director: Thomas A. Dine
Dine "headed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) from 1980 through June 1993."

Middle East Forum,
Executive Committee Chairman: Irwin Hochberg
"The Middle East Forum, a think tank, works to define and promote American interests in the Middle East ... In particular, it believes in strong ties with Israel, Turkey, and other democracies as they emerge; works for human rights throughout the region; strives to weaken the forces of religious radicals; seeks a stable supply and a low price of oil; and promotes the peaceful settlement of regional and international disputes ... Toward this end, the Forum seeks to help shape the intellectual climate in which U.S. foreign policy is made by addressing key issues in a timely and accessible way for a sophisticated public."

The Conservative Caucus,
Chairman: Howard Phillips
"Constitution Party & Independent American Party Presidential Nominee ... Born February 6, 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts. Married to Peggy Phillips. Six children, eight grandchildren. Evangelical Protestant (Jewish by birth, later converted in adulthood to Christianity)."

The Mitre organization,
Chairman of the Board: James Schlesinger
"MITRE is a not-for-profit national resource that provides systems engineering, research and development, and information technology support to the government. It operates federally funded research and development centers for the DOD, the FAA, and the IRS."

Aspen Institute,

Chairman: William E. Mayer (Jewish?)
Vice Chairman: Lester Crown
(Jewish Aspen officials include everyone from Henry Kissinger to Madeline Albright).

Project for a New American Century,
Chairman: William Kristol

Institute for Policy Studies,
Founder/funder: Samuel Rubin
"Cora Weiss, nee Cora Rubin, daughter of Samuel Rubin. She was a director of the Samuel Rubin Foundation from its inception. She was also instrumental in the funding decision to create the Institute for Policy Studies. Her husband, Peter Weiss, was the first IPS chairman of the board of directors. She and her husband Peter selected Marcus Raskin and Richard Barnet as co-directors of the Institute for Policy Studies."

World Affairs Council,
Chair: Bill Grinstein

Center for the Research on Military Organization,
Director: David R. Segal

Term Limits,
President: Howard Rich

Council on Foreign Relations,
President: Leslie Gelb (Succeeded by Richard N. Haass, also Jewish)
Vice President: Abraham Lowenthal

Center for Policy Alternatives,
Board Secretary: Miles Rapoport

Drug Policy Alliance,
Executive Director: Ethan Nadelman

Education Policy Institute,
Chairman: Myron Lieberman

Ethics and Public Policy Center,
President: Hillel G. Fradkin

The Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics, and Public Policy, (Harvard U.)
"The Shorenstein Center was established with a generous gift from Walter H. and Phyllis J. Shorenstein, in memory of their daughter, Joan. Joan Shorenstein Barone is remembered by all who worked with her as one of the most dedicated professionals ever to enter the field of political journalism."

Miller Center of Public Affairs,
Executive Director: Philip Zelikow
"The Miller Center's mission is to study and inform the national and international policies of the United States, with a special emphasis on the American Presidency. We conduct primary historical research, hold public forums, document presidential oral history, award fellowships in American political development and organize commissions on important public policy issues."

9-11 Commission (National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States),
Executive Director: Philip Zelikow (see also above)
"January 27, 2003: Philip Zelikow, White Burkett Miller Professor of History and Director of the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, has been appointed as the Executive Director of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, also known as the '9/11 Commission.'"

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Old November 28th, 2006 #2
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
Blog Entries: 3
Default Kiken-Vermin Zelikow Slithers away from the crime-scene!

Senior Rice aide, Philip Zelikow resigns from post

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Philip Zelikow, one of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's closest advisers on Iraq and the Middle East, will quit his post to return to university teaching, a State Department official said on Monday.

In his resignation letter to Rice which was made available to Reuters, Zelikow said "family and professional concerns" led to his decision to return to the University of Virginia next year.

Zelikow, who was counselor to Rice and had an office down the hall from the top U.S. diplomat, was involved in many of the major issues facing the United States and also acted as a trouble-shooter for Rice.

He spent months examining U.S. policy toward Iraq and the reconstruction effort, saying in a confidential memorandum after a visit to Iraq that it had the potential to be a "catastrophic failure," according to the recent book "State of Denial" by Washington Post editor Bob Woodward.

In addition to Iraq and the Middle East, Zelikow also helped craft U.S. policy on terrorism suspects held without trial at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere.

"To an extent that few can appreciate, you have given me an extraordinary opportunity to contribute what I could on many matters of high importance," said Zelikow in the letter.

But that contribution was not without its controversy.

In September, Zelikow caused some ripples in the Bush administration when he suggested during a speech at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy that to build a coalition for dealing with Iran, the United States needed to make progress on solving the Arab-Israeli dispute.

"For the Arab moderates and for the Europeans, some sense of progress and momentum on the Arab-Israeli dispute is just a sine qua non for their ability to cooperate actively with the United States on a lot of other things that we care about," he said in the speech.

The Bush administration sought afterward to reassure the Israelis that there had not been a change in policy.

Asked whether his speech had contributed to the decision to leave on January 2, a State Department official said this was not the case. "This is one of those rare cases in Washington where someone is leaving on their own terms," said the official.

Before joining Rice's staff last year, Zelikow was director of the University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs. He was also executive director of the commission investigating the September 11 attacks against the United States.


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