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View Poll Results: Are you willing to do what it takes to preserve your integrity?
Even Though I'm young, I will become old. Definately worth thinking about, while I can! 5 38.46%
Eat drink and be merry, for tommorrow we die. Who cares about tommorrow! 8 61.54%
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Old November 17th, 2006 #1
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
Blog Entries: 3
Default All of you will Die!!

A flash from the past for some of the new Members to consider!

Let's Face It.

Every Single One of us Will Die Sooner Or Later.

The Question Is:

How Will You Die?

Will you Die With Self-Respect?

Will You Die With Honor?

Will You Die To Protect Your Family, your Friends, and your Race?

Will They be protected after you are Dead?

Will You Choose the Time and Circumstance of your Death?

Or Will Others choose for you?

Will you Die Knowing You Did Everything in Your Power to Stem the Brown Tide Of Death Raging Against Our Race Today, Right Now, This Very Second?

Will you Show Courage Till the Very End Fighting for What You Know to Be Right, What you know to be White?

Will you Come Out of Your Protected Closet of Hiding and Speak Out Against the Atrocities that are Being Committed against our People Every Day?

Will You Demand Justice for the Crimes That Have Been Committed Against Our Race?

Will you die directly opposing the murderous FILTHY LYING KIKE WHORE JEW like The Young WHITE Girl Rachel Corrie?


Will you Die:

Dependant on The Zionist Controlled Government Machine,
that feeds you ever so generously?

Dependant on the Zog Machine for Food?

Dependant on the Zog Machine for Drugs?

Dependant on the Zog Machine for SEX?

Dependant on the Zog Machine for Direction?

Dependant on the Zog Machine for your Toys?

Dependant on the Zog Machine for your Every Want and Every Need?

Will You Die a mentally, Spiritually, and physically:

Defeated Human Being?

Having slowly and systematically Given in to societal Pressure!

Surrendering Because, after all,

Resistance is Useless!

Betraying Your Own Kind Because the Price was Right!

Scorned, Ridiculed, and Remembered as a Traitor, A Rat, A Slave to The Evil JEW Bastards that have destroyed our Country!

Will you Shake and Quiver under Pressure?

Buckle When Demonized, Confronted, and Attacked?

Run and Hide when they have the MAJORITY?

Will you CONFORM with regards to your views on RACE with the rest of the Ever Enlargening Hordes of White Race Traitors?

Will you Die at the Mercy of Your Jewish Slave Masters?

Or at the Hands of Blood Thirsty Mongrel Mobs Eager to Eat You Alive?

It's Now Officially Open-Season For Whites.

Will You Die as A Trophy For the Brown Skinned Savages thirsty for White blood?

We will all Die Some Day.

How would you Like to Die?

How would you like your Death to Be REMEMBERED,

By your family and friends,



Some of you might say, "Hey Man, Give me a break will you!"

I live Day by Day Running With The Rest Of The Rats!

Plan for a Future?

Are You Kidding?

I let Uncle Zoggy's Mind-Manipulating Media Machine Do That!

You Must Understand I am Motivated and Inspired By Primal Desires.

When All Those Creature Comforts and Vices are Thown In Front of Me, I Salivate on Command Just Like Pavlov's Dog.

I do what I'm Told, By the Government, By the Media, And By the Politically Correct Trend Setting Jews who Force the Societal Peer Pressure Influencing My every thought.

Besides, All you Have to do is Read their Holy Books and Bibles To Know That The Jewish God Is In Control and The Jewish God Is Good.

As Long As I worship The Jewish God, He will plan my future for Me.

I must Let God and The Government Plan my Future like everybody else you know.

After all, its much easier to be a follower in the herd!

No Pressure that way!

I don't want to make waves you know!

But If you had a choice in the matter???

Wouldn't you Like To Think In Terms of The 50 Year Plan?

Even to The Point of Deciding How you Would Prefer To Die with Regard to The Circumstances of your Death.

For Example, you don't really Want to Die In A Nursing Home Who Employs Muds and White Haters, Do you??

You don't really Want to Die A Slave do you?

I Don't Want to be Forced, against my will, into Abject Poverty.

I Don't want to Die Knowing that Those Who I love and Remain Alive Will be Suffering Unthinkable Horror's As our Numbers Dwindle and We are Hunted Down For Sport.

Like What has happened In South Africa, And Other Mud Dominated White Hating Countries!

I don't want To Die A Physically and Mentally Defeated Member of The Once Great White Race!

How many of you have really given any of these questions any serious thought?

How many of you are really prepared to Die??

Last edited by William Robert; January 20th, 2007 at 12:07 AM.
Old November 18th, 2006 #2
Oy Ze Hate
We're the Good Guys
Oy Ze Hate's Avatar
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Pediatric Burn Unit
Posts: 4,776
Oy Ze Hate

You just hit 911 posts. Those are a shitload of tough questions.

I never thought I, west of the big city kid, would ever have to worry about my legacy as a cracker.

Man. Tell me again about how the jews are trying to destroy me.
Old December 11th, 2006 #3
Sándor Petőfi
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: In your head
Posts: 5,325

I will die in a white Europe or die fighting for one. God himself could not deter me.
Old January 3rd, 2007 #4
Konrad Jackson
Konrad Jackson's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 298
Konrad Jackson

Cattle die, kinsmen die, and so shall you die too
One think I know that never dies,
The fame of a dead man's deeds
--From the Edda

It was very important in the Vendel Era (small farms), and later in the Viking Era (bigger farms, sea trade), to live in a way that gave you a good mäle after your death. Once you had died, there was no way of gathering more honor or make up for dishonor, so you had to think of and prepare for that day. The thought of living for the sake of living had no place in the philosophy of the time, and would not be mentioned. If you suggested that you avoid a deadly danger just for the sake of living a few years more, people would look confused and say "But ... how does that give us any more honor?"

Well - I exaggerate. The wish to live and enjoy oneself has always existed. But I believe it was never elevated to philosophy so forcefully before the democratic age - the very definition of decadence. Democracy seems to lead inevitably to decadence, since it is the only way to win elections. Higher taxes to dish out welfare, or lower taxes to give people more spending money - both arguments are decadent.
This is only the first phase
Old January 12th, 2007 #5
out surfing. won't be back
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: where it's 4-6 & glassy
Posts: 2,879

Life is short, but history is long.

Even if WN makes not a ripple in the ocean of history and the 'Kwa grinds to its predictable halt, free men will eventually write the correct history, just like Hitler said.

Future generations will have found out about 9/11 and the subsequent tyranny--including the men who fought it. In a way, one can look at this as a gift: we get to be alive and in our primes in this dynamic era.

If a human life were any shorter, there would be no chance to do anything of significance. As it is, we have a very short time during which to carve out our names on that which endures.

I look at it this way: If I were alive in 1776, I would want to be crossing the Delaware w/ Washington, rather than being an insignificant farmer in a colony, hunkered down. In other words, history is happening and we get a short amount time in which to take part. There's plenty of room on the front row. Why not be up front for the short time we all have here anyway?

The challenges of our time are clear. The statues *will* be built, and they won't be of guys like Dick Warman.

Fight smart.

Old January 12th, 2007 #6
I Hate Jews...
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 213
I Hate Jews

Nothing is absolute.

There is no value.

Nothing is perfect.

What do you want? Nothing!


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