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William Robert
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Default Are you Ready to Die?

This Question is for the New Forum Members

How Do You want to Die?

Let's Face It Every Single One of You Will Die Sooner Or Later.

The Question Is:

How Will You Die?

Will you Die With Self-Respect?

Will You Die With Honor?

Will You Die To Protect Your Friend, your Family, and your Loved ones?

Will They be protected after you are Dead?

Will You Choose the Time and Circumstance of your Death?

or Will Others choose for you?

Will you Die Knowing You Did Everything in Your Power

to Stem the Brown Tide Of Death

Raging Against Our Race Today, Right Now, This Very Second?

Will you Show Courage Till the Very End

Fighting for What You Know to Be Right,

What you know to be White?

Will you Come Out of Your Protected Closet of Hiding

and Speak Out Against the Atrocities

that are Being Committed against our People Every Day?

Will You Demand Justice

for the Crimes That Have Been Committed

Against Our Race?

Will you Die in a War planned by FILTHY LYING KIKE WHORE JEWS?


Will you Die A Defeated Member of the White Race,

Robbed of your Freedom, Creativity, and Aryan Life.

Lulled into Dependence on The Zionist Controlled Government

That feeds you ever so generously?

Dependant on the Jewish Controlled Government for Food?

Dependant on the Jewish Controlled Government for Drugs?

Dependant on the Jewish Controlled Government for SEX?

Dependant on the Jewish Controlled Government for Direction?

Dependant on the Jewish Controlled Government for your Toys?

Dependant on the Jewish Controlled Government

for your Every Want and Need?

Will You Die a Defeated slave?

Having Given in to Peer Pressure!

Surrendering Because Resistance is Useless!

Betraying Your Own Kind Because the Price was Right!

Scorned, Ridiculed, and Remembered as a Traitor,

A Rat, And a Slave by your people?

Will you Shake under Pressure?

Buckle When Demonized, Confronted, and Attacked?

Run and Hide when the ememy has the MAJORITY?

Will you CONFORM with regards to your views on RACE

with the rest of the Ever Enlargening Hordes

of White Race-Traitors?

Will you Die at the Mercy of Your Jewish Slave Masters?

Or at the Hands of Blood Thirsty Mobs Eager to Destroy you?

It's Open Season on Whitey.

Will You the Next Trophy For The Black Gangster disciples?

We all we Die Some Day. How would you Like to Die?

How would you like your Death to Be REMEMBERED



Some people after reading this will respond:

I live Day by Day Running With The Rest Of The Rats!

Plan for a Future?

Are You Kidding?

I let Uncle Zoggy's Mind-Manipulating Media Machine Do That!

You Must Understand I am Motivated and Inspired By Primal Desires.

When All Those Creature Comforts and Vices are Thown In Front of Me,

I Salivate on Command Just Like Pavlov's Dog.

I do what I'm Told,

By the Government,

By the Media,

And By the Politically Correct Trend Setting Jews

who Force the Societal Peer Pressure

Influencing My every thought.


All you Have to do is Read their Holy Books and Bibles

To Know That The Jewish God Is In Control

and The Jewish God Is Good.

As Long As I worship The Jewish God,

He will plan my future for Me.

I Guess I will just Let God and The Government Plan my Future.

After all, its much easier to be a follower in the herd!

No Pressure that way!

I don't want to make waves you know!

Others who understand our situation and who Dare to be Different,

Have a different mindset.

Some would Like To Think In Terms of The 50 Year Plan

Even to The Point Deciding

How They Would Prefer To Die

with Regard to The Circumstances of their Deaths.

For Example, I some don't Want to Die In Nursing Homes

Who Employ Muds and White Haters.

Some don't Want to Die as Slaves,

Some Don't Want to live In Forced Abject Poverty,

Some Don't want to Die Knowing Those Who Remain Alive

Will be Suffering Unthinkable Horror's

As our Numbers Dwindle and We are Hunted Down For Sport,

Like What is Happening Now In South Africa,

And Other white Hating Countries!

Some don't want To Die Physically and Mentally Defeated Members

of The Once Great White Race!

Are you Ready To Die?

Last edited by William Robert; July 25th, 2007 at 12:43 AM.


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