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Bread and Circuses
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Default Negroes Bred With Pre-Humans

African skull only 13,000 years old matches primitive skulls from 140,000 years ago

Introduction by David Sims: The reason humanoids didn’t evolve as much in Africa as they did elsewhere is that, elsewhere, lesser species of humanoid were driven out or exterminated, whereas in Africa they were tolerated and mixed with. And here we are, today, in the United States, in the UK, and in Europe, making the same mistake that caused the Africans to be the obsolete hominids that they are.

SCIENTISTS HAVE COLLECTED more evidence to suggest that ancient and modern humans interbred in Africa.

Reanalysis of the 13,000-year-old skull from a cave in West Africa reveals a skull more primitive-looking than its age suggests.

The result suggests that the ancestors of early humans did not die out quickly in Africa, but instead lived alongside their descendents and bred with them until comparatively recently.

The results are published in PLoS ONE.

The skull, found in the Iwo Eleru cave in Nigeria in 1965, does not look like a modern human.

It is longer and flatter with a strong brow ridge; features closer to a much older skull from Tanzania, thought to be around 140,000 years old.

Prof Katerina Harvati from the University of Tuebingen in Germany used new digitising techniques to capture the surface of the skull in detail.

The new technique improved upon the original measurements done with callipers by letting researchers see subtler details about the skull’s surface.

“[The skull] has got a much more primitive appearance, even though it is only 13,000 years old,”
said Chris Stringer, from London’s Natural History Museum, who was part of the team of researchers.

“This suggests that human evolution in Africa was more complex… the transition to modern humans was not a straight transition and then a cut off.”

Prof Stringer thinks that ancient humans did not die away once they had given rise to modern humans.

They may have continued to live alongside their descendants in Africa, perhaps exchanging genes with them, until more recently than had been thought.

The researchers say their findings also underscore a real lack of knowledge of human evolution in the region.

But palaeontologists are not all agreed on precisely what the new analysis is telling us – or, indeed, whether it is telling us anything definitive at all.

“I do not think that these findings add anything new to our view,” said Prof Clive Finlayson, director of the Gibraltar Museum, who was not connected to the study.

“We have a few fossils, and no idea of natural variation within populations. That the situation is not simple and is deep and complex is what we would expect.

“In my view, it is the field of genetics that will help us most in clarifying matters,” he told BBC News.

Separate research published earlier this month suggests that genetic mixing between hominin species happened in Africa up to 35,000 years ago.
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Jim Harting
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Jim Harting

Scientific verification of what we already suspect, namely, that miscegenation between Aryans and Negroes is essentially a form of bestiality.
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N.B. Forrest
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N.B. Forrest

"GadDAYUM, nigga - dat Australopiffamicus ho gots it goin' OWN..."
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Wink Enigmatic Archaic Human Relative Interbred with Ancestors of Modern Africans, Study Suggests

Read the comments, fuckin hilarious


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House on the Borderland
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Default The Negro Race Is A Bigfoot-Human Hybrid & Arab Muslims Are Part Negro

The Negro Race Is A Bigfoot-Human Hybrid & Arab Muslims Are Part Negro


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Nockda Redout
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Nockda Redout

I always get a kick out of hearing some internet nigger who claims he has an astronomical IQ saying niggers are the original humans.
The original humans were barely evolved creatures who got high inhaling fermented shit fumes.
The are so stupid they don't even realize that they are making fun of themselves.
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Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.


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