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Old April 12th, 2019 #1
James Dunet
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James Dunet
Default Pick Your Targets Wisely

I understand this post might be a bit much, even for VNN but I firmly believe that the wise choice of targets will make or break the white world. I also believe that all white countries are about 20 years away (White Baby Boom Generation die off,) from major rebellions by darkies slaves and angry white workers. It is in all of our hands whether whites continue to exist and I do not believe that whites will survive without a bloody revolution. This post is an attempt to direct white anger in a productive direction as opposed to the attack whomever is closest to you strategy, which is how you lose wars.

When the time for revolution comes, you will have a limited amount of energy and resources to spend on getting the job done. You must pick your targets wisely or lose the war. Three targets must be neutralized before you take on any others. Those targets are:

Jewish Masters
White Masters
State Enforcers

These three groups have a huge influence on who lives where and who will be forced to integrate with the slave laborers. They are not equal in value. The Jewish Masters do most of the clear thinking behind Mass Immigration Cheap Labor. The White Masters put the good face on White Demographic Replacement and the State Enforcers get out on the streets with machine guns and force integration on disobedient communities. A loose point value for the above three is this:

Jewish Master = 100,000 Niggers
White Master = 10,000 Niggers
State Enforcer = 1,000 Niggers

Niggers and everyone else get a value of 1 because they are very irrelevant unless they riot in large groups. Niggers are the measurement because they are historic slave laborers. (Hey, they've been upgraded from 3/5ths of a person to an whole person. Progress!)

If you focus any other groups of people before you deal with these three, in order of value, you are doing them TWO massive favors. You are serving them a propaganda victory on a gold plate and you are taking Niggers off their hands, freeing them up to fight YOU a lot harder. Don't control their Niggers and other darkies for them unless you have no choice. Don't go after State Enforcers when you can get Jewish Masters or White Masters. A few strokes of the pen will bring in Billions of darkie slaves, if the Masters desire that. (They might bring in a few hundred million or as many as they think they can control.)
At first I was blind but later I knew, that Sylvester McMonkey McBean was a Jew! (Dr. Seuss Sneeches hidden meaning.) He mixes the two races together and runs away with all their money.
Old December 20th, 2020 #2
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Now we are getting somewhere. Solutions to our problems. I have stopped reading and watching unimportant and discouraging 'content', and try personally to give what I may on solutions. Our two main problems are aimed at the enemy and the other our own civic or social needs, that is we need our own infrastructure based entirely on our own group preference. We can't expect to use (say) Jewish communication mediums and expect not to be censored, the same way we can't use Jewish food production and not expect to be poisoned. So, group PREFERENCE for everything, and if you can't find a european substitute, create it. That said, our main problem is the Jewish strategy to bring about societal collapse! The game is changing and so with it our youth. It is no longer taboo to speak about our enemy or the solution. Five years ago even this was unthinkable. Yet here we are. Dialog, and papers, like the above, of our way forward are what is both needed and desired. The way forward will be paved by all of us as a group, I've said it many times that if we can bring mankind out of the dark ages, and without it being a conscious group goal. Then I think we can get ourselves out of this working together. So start writing and talking like the OP, with ideas and solutions.


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