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Old November 10th, 2011 #9
Hunter Morrow
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Hunter Morrow

My family watches it, blech. Sometimes I give it a look as well.

They did exactly what I predicted with Herman Cain. 2 Jewish women were on FOX News, one of whom was Gloria Steinem.

Steinem was used to guilt-by-association the women making accusations. Steinem, the proud feminist she is, is supposedly going for the schmeer again: Book deal, law suit and Lifetime movie.

Of course, Sean Hannity, the neckless and brainless proud Irish Catholic was there to stand up to those evil harpies. Innocent until proven guilty, and the accuser had trouble with jobs and has no credibility, and you can't tell me that Kikess didn't want some Mandingo womb-busting (well, maybe he didn't say that last one. Maybe.)

His entire episode, last 20+ minutes of tonight, has been defending Herman Cain. FOX News is backing Herman Cain all the way.

Now Sean Hannity is yelling at Democrats for calling Herman Cain an Uncle Tom. A bald crypto-Jew is on saying that Herman Cain is a Horatio Alger story who ought to be celebrated and Hannity agreed.

Well, I think we're done heer. I watch it so you don't have to.


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