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Old September 15th, 2012 #1
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Anti-Feminism

againwiththething 3 hours ago

Women are doing better in every single aspect of the education system (it's only growing and feminist organizations are STILL lobbying for more women in education). Young women on average are earning more than young men on average (to do with women being wanted more in the food jobs market, serving food and all that). I can be drafted at any moment to Iran or whatever, I can be accused of rape right now and be jailed without evidence, I can be accused of being the parent of a child right now and if I don't prove I'm not the father within 30 days I will be forced to pay child support. If I get a girl knocked up and the women doesn't want to get an abortion I have no voice in it, I'm fucked. I can't sit next to children on the planes in my country while women can, the government has and is doing nothing about this. I will most likely die earlier than the women I know. My job (programming) is being constantly attacked by feminists trying to make it "equal" and politically correct. If I ever become homeless a few women will most likely be helped before me because there are organizations in my country that help women and only women. If I complain about ANYTHING here I will be called a baby, not a real man and hell, in the first reply to this thread I will be probably. Yet people still have THE NERVE to call me privileged over women, to say that I am somehow better off than the average women.


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