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Old January 11th, 2013 #1
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Question Homeschooling $$

I was curious if someone, who is an active homeschooler and has done it for years, could give me a rough estimate about how much it costs you yearly per child? I was trying to figure out if it was cheaper to obtain all your own books and supplies or to get an online program. Also, what about the ACT/SAT's? Do they take them at the same time as the kids in public/private schools? Ok, last questions, do colleges look at a homeschool education as the same as graduating from high school or more as if the child got there GED?
Thanks in advance to anyone who has any answers to my questions!
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Default Robinson curriculum

This is what we used;

They have developed and encourage a method of self-teaching, which is the only way one truly learns anything.

They recommend Saxon math books.

SATs, GEDs can be taken whenever the child is ready.

If you read their story you'll find most of his children started college early.
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We use Robinson Curriculum now as well. I was tired of trying to find 'curriculum', RC works well for our family of all boys.

As for 'graduation' in my state, I school under a 'homeschool' therefore my children will receive a diploma.

Watch out for online programs through the state. Your child will not be technically homeschooling and the curriculum may not be what you want your child to learn.
Old October 3rd, 2013 #4
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Errr... I like online program. They are inexpensive and helpful. We are now using beestar as curriculum. It combines all the syllabus from all over... Math is free for all and it only costs $30-$40 for each subject every semester. What a deal!


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