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alex revision
Default A Personal Appeal from Bradley Smith

A Personal Appeal from Bradley Smith

05 October 2014

Friend and Supporter:

There is an unfortunately costly side to these facts, in that contributions have diminished considerably these last months-in spite of several generous specific donations, which in the event saved my hide.

I cannot do as much as I used to be able to do. A fact of life. That requires that I focus very clearly on what I do do. The concept. It's all about outreach. I do not do research or any other scholarly work. I keep it very simple. It's what I have done for 30-odd years. Get the word out. Over the last couple three years I have focused on two primary "figures" at the head of the Holocaust Industry: Ms. Sara Bloomfield at the USHMM, and Mr. Steven Spielbergat the USC Shoah Foundation. The work was interrupted by health issues, which I have discussed elsewhere, and I went back and forth between Sara and Steven, allowing myself to lose focus.

Well, health issues remain, but this time I am aware of how I allowed them to interfere, not with the work itself so much as with the "concept" for the work. I should have chosen one of these two Chosen, and focused there. I have now decided clearly where that focus should be: with Steven Spielberg at the USC Shoah Foundation.

The reason I make this choice is that Steven has an audience that dwarfs that of Sara. Sara is dedicated to promoting an audience for the USHMM, she is good at it, but nothing she can do will ever approach the magnificent audiences of her Hollywood rival/partner. While the USHMM features a Library of video documentaries starring Jewish hero-collaborators, even they are primarily productions that are accessed from Steven's Shoah Foundation library.

The long and the short of it is that every week, without fail, an audience of some 5,000 individuals on the USC campus will receive a mailing from CODOH.

The last week in September they received a promo for my A Personal History of Moral Decay. The promo was introduced with this text:

This collection of stories follows the life of Bradley Smith through adventures in Korea, Mexico, New York City, Vietnam and Hollywood to that moment when he first begins to question the Jewish gas-chamber stories. This is the first time an American writer who has asked such questions has been identified in a positive way with such names as William Burroughs, Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski and Hemingway. I then include links to the first four reviews of the book and a link to Amazon where it can be purchased.

The first week in October the USC audience received an essay by Jett Rucker titled: Orson Welles and the First Holocaust Movie: A Lasting Legacy. The opening paragraph reads:

"If the pinnacle of the Holocaust Movie genre has been reached , it may have happened in 1993, when Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List garnered seven academy awards and untold millions of dollars in royalties for the film magnate who has since declared that the reason he has honored Planet Earth with a personal visit is to "educate people" about the Holocaust. To this end, he founded the USC Shoah Foundation at the University of Southern California and has funded it with many millions of dollars, likely representing but a small fraction of the pelf he has received from other pursuits of his mission in this vale of tears that we are privileged to share with him."

Now one trick here is that these materials, while aimed at our USC audience, can be copied to audiences all over the nation. And that is what I am doing-with the help of a couple guys who know how to do such work. Because I am not talking about an audience of a few hundred people here, a few hundred there, but thousands and tens of thousands. For starters-and this is just for starters-the two sends listed above will have gone to audiences at Columbia University, New York U, Rutgers, U, U Maine, U Minnesota, U Iowa, U North Dakota, U South Dakota, U Texas-Dallas, U Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, UCLA, U Rhode Island, U Florida and a dozen other campuses.

These materials are also going out to mainline press, alternative press, and free press organizations. It will take some time for our audiences to understand that this is an on-going project, not a one or two-time phenomenon. None of us has ever-not ever-done anything like this before.

We'll have to keep in mind that the Other Side has never before been so on top of silencing all revisionism in the press and on campus. So this is not something that we will be able to see results from immediately. We have to work on it. I have to remain focused. I will. The guys who are running these programs for me will help me stay focused.

The long and the short of it is, that while the processing of the work is inexpensive, everything considered, doing it on the scale that we are doing it here does cost me real money. If you find this concept for taking revisionist ideas to a wide public audience on campus, in the press and on the Web to be a valuable outreach concept, and if you believe that I will remain focused on it, I urge you to contribute to the cause. I really do need your help.

When I ask for contributions I sometimes think to assure you that the money is going to the work, not to family expenses. We own our own house so there are no mortgage payments. The majority of my health issues are taken care of via Veterans Services. I have a Chinese machine gunner to thank for that back in the time, and now my new oncologist at the VA is a Chinese lady from Taiwan. Is that what they mean by what goes around comes around?

Okay. Okay. No more joking.

I hope you will contribute to carrying out this concept in the depth and the breadth that I have planned. I assure you I will remain focused and on top of it.

Thank you.

Bradley R Smith, Founder
POB 439016
San Ysidro, CA. 92143
CODOH Founder | Codoh Founder
[email protected]


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