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The Red Baron
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Originally Posted by The Red Baron
I realized that's what we need, a code of living, a guide to behavior...
How odd! I thought Aryans had a very strong Moral Code!

But then as a friend of mine said:

"Christianity has pushed so many foreign values upon us.
Our culture has, for a very very long time, been a Judaised
culture. We lost our real culture hundreds of years ago with
the death of the pagans.

With the values of our ancestors, there is no need for laws,
as everyone is too damn afraid of losing their honour!"

Some Observations On Personal Conduct

What the Way of National-Socialism Is:

First, let us be quite clear what National-Socialism is. It is the way of Adolf Hitler and the warriors of the SS: that is, the Way of personal honour, the Way of duty to the community before self-interest and self-gratification, and the Way of steadfast loyalty unto death.

Thus, National-Socialism is the Way of the noble individual - the individual who is civilized, decent, fair-minded, idealistic and who seeks to aid and further evolve their own culture.

The true National-Socialist seeks to do what is noble, right, decent, and idealistic. A true National-Socialist tries to set an example for others to admire and follow.

All of this arises because the Way of National-Socialism is ethical and moral - it has its own unique ethics, based upon honour. Thus a National-Socialist warrior is not someone who simply desires or is trained to fight. Neither is a National-Socialist warrior someone who just takes part in some combat or belongs to some professional Army. Rather, a National-Socialist warrior - like all National-Socialists - is someone who lives by the high ethical standards of honour, loyalty and duty and who is prepared to die in the service of those standards.

We must be quite clear what such ethics mean in practice. They mean that the ends do not justify the means. A true National-Socialist would only ever use honourable means and methods - for anything and everything else is simply unethical - it is wrong. Honour can only ever be achieved through honour just as civilization can only ever be created and maintained through civilized means: those who cannot understand this do not understand what honour and civilization are.

You either know what honour and fairness are - you feel them in your heart and your very being - or you do not.

What the Way of National-Socialism Is Not:

1) A true National-Socialist does not act in a cowardly or unfair way. Thus a National-Socialist would not, for example, be part of a gang which attacks one person, regardless of the culture, way of life, religion or race of that person, and regardless of what that person is alleged to have done or even may actually have done.

A true National-Socialist admires toughness and the combative warrior spirit, and seeks to be tough and combative in a warrior way, but they always seek a 'fair-fight'. Several individuals attacking one individual is simply unfair.

Nothing justifies a person or persons being unfair or acting in a cowardly manner. One of the things which makes a person a true National-Socialist - a follower of Adolf Hitler and admirer off the SS - is self-discipline: that is, an individual using their own will to do what is noble, right, decent, and idealistic. If a person cannot use their own will to stop themselves from being unfair or acting in a cowardly way, then they are not true National-Socialists: they are simply weak individuals who lack the noble character which all true National-Socialists have or strive to have through using their will. In brief, a true National-Socialist puts the noble ideals of the National-Socialist way of life before their own personal desires and feelings.

2) A true National-Socialist does not spread rumours or make or repeat any personal allegations about any individual or individuals because such conduct is dishonourable - it is unfair.

A person of strong character - that is, someone who puts noble ideals before their own feelings and desires - keeps his/her opinion of others to themselves, and only makes a personal judgement about an individual when they have personally met that individual.

It is only individuals of weak character who "cannot keep their mouths shut" and who repeat or who make-up rumours and allegations about someone. Once again - nothing justifies a person being unfair: not what you personally may intensely believe about someone. You must put the ideal of fairness, of honour, before your own personal belief and even your own personal desire to seek revenge or whatever.

3) A National-Socialist does not approve of or take part in any act or acts of cruelty toward either humans or animals because such cruelty is uncivilized - it is cowardly, unethical and unfair.

Thus, a National-Socialist would never torture any person, even if such a person is a sworn enemy and even if by such means some "valuable information" could be obtained. Torture is simply unfair. To be humane is to be fair and thus civilized.

Furthermore, true National-Socialist warriors do not condone those modern methods of warfare which by their nature are cowardly and dishonourable. These methods include aerial bombing of civilian targets, and most modern technological warfare itself where the "enemy soldiers" (and often civilians) are targeted by weapons fired from a great distance, without the warrior being at risk, and able to personally confront the enemy.

The true National-Socialist warrior prefers combat to modern warfare. The essence of combat is personal knowledge of the enemy - the enemy is known to you, or there is chance to personally confront the enemy and have dialogue with them and possibly honourably settle the dispute, and there is a principle of honour involved in the dispute.

The essence of modern war is the impersonal idea of "the enemy" who is not personally known to you, with there being no chance given for any dialogue with them, and with the war being about impersonal, abstract things such as the government of one nation having declared war on another nation, for some political or economic reason. Furthermore, war involves propaganda - the demonizing of "the enemy" and thus dishonourable deceit.

4) A National-Socialist does not lie, cheat or steal because such things are dishonourable, the sign of a weak character - of a lack of personal will: of an individual placing their own personal needs, feelings and desires before the noble ideal of honour.

5) A National-Socialist respects people of other cultures, and strives to treat them in a courteous and fair way.

6) A National-Socialist does not give in to temptation and do something ignoble, unethical or selfish, for example just to "fit in " or be "one of the lads" or because friends expect it. Rather, a National-Socialist uses their will to do what is noble and idealistic, regardless of what others expect, do or say.

The most fundamental principle of the way of National-Socialism - and of civilization itself - is that an individual can change themselves for the better through a triumph of individual will.

David Myatt
Much more here:
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The kind of code where you say things like "honor and shit"? And "fuck Jap cunt"? That kind of honorable code?
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Default Code of Honor

The code of honor is good in a civilized society of like minded individuals, but in warfarw, THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS. ONLY VICTORY IN WAR MATTERS.


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