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Old August 17th, 2008 #1
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Mudshark Misery


[Name withheld] mudshark gets acid thrown in face by nigger she met through Facebook.


Jan Pawel Pietrzak (male mudshark) and black wife murdered by four nigger Marines

Jolyn Vigen (mother), Jennifer Vigen (sister), Angela Vigen (mudshark) stabbed to death by Johnny Lee Ellis (nigger)

Nacole Winter stomped to death by Christopher Dwayne Hall (nigger)


numerous women (Poland) raped/seduced by Simon Mol (nigger)
[Mol has AIDS; told women it was racist to make him wear condom]

Jessie Marie Davis (Ohio) murdered by Bobby Cutts (nigger)
[mudshark's cop boyfriend kills her and prenatal child]

Kyron Darren Benson (nigger) and Paula Rena (mudshark) (Michigan) murder Stephanie Michelle McClure

Baker family (Oklahoma): older sister involved with Marquis Milton Bullock (nigger), in jail for killing her 13-year-old sister

Elizabeth Ann Poulson (Utah) murdered by James Tolson (nigger)
[platonic mudshark - he was in jail for murder; she befriended him; he came by when he got out]

Corrine Soissong (mudshark) and Keith Harrison (nigger) (Indiana) make sex tape in front of two-year-old

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coal burners, mud shark, mud shark misery


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