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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl
Default Dresden Burning's Xanga

I was asked to post this here by DB so her readers are aware of the situation and to also state that there will be a new blog coming in due course. If this is the wrong section please can one of the mods move it to an appropriate forum.

Unfortunately a few weeks ago our friend Dresden Burning’s ‘Xanga’ account was shut down due to Xanga claiming she had breached their Terms of Service. We would like to mention that Dresden Burning has contacted us and would like us to inform our readers that those responsible for making a barrage of complains to Xanga belong to Barack Obama’s political camp and those backing them up with legal jargon and assorted claims to railroad Xanga into shutting down a long term paying customers account from some New York City jews who we don’t wish to identify here.

The reason for this shut down seems to be that Dresden Burning posted a political cartoon of Obama, which wasn’t entirely flattering to his ego and wasn’t also very nice about jews. Can this be construed as ‘hate’ or ‘encouraging discrimination’? Well perhaps it can yes but then so can a great many Xanga blogs, which are out there and obviously quite partisan in their leanings as well seeking to propagate ‘hate’ of the other side. The difference is apparently you can be rude about anyone in anyway other than of course if you offend the current American political messiah or the jews. The latter of course are far more important with jewess’ like ‘Atlas Shrugged’[1] feeling free to make things up about Barack Obama; like alleging he is in the pay of Iran (!?!), but such blogs like these aren’t shut down but rather it is paid for long term customer like Dresden Burning who has had her account terminated without even being consulted in the matter.

Neither we nor Dresden Burning support or even like Barack Obama or for that matter John McCain, but we are opposed to the double standards that prevail where jews are allowed to say whatever they want and gentiles are not. Such a double-standard on the part of Xanga is really quite disgusting and should be challenged even if it is futile to do so. Although as a company with a considerable number of jews at the top, one of whom attended an Anti-Defamation League conference/open forum discussing ‘hate on the internet’ as a panellist their actions should not be surprising but never-the-less they are disappointing.

So I think I can say this to all our friends and the jews who are reading: you won’t stop us. Not now and not ever. The jews will be held responsible for their actions and the world at large will be reminded that jews deserve no special protection from criticism, exposure and punishment.

Dresden Burning of course will have a new blog up in due course when she returns from her travels in Europe.

[1] Yes, that really is a very bad pun on jewess Ayn Rand’s book by a jewess who I think epitomises the dual terms of chutzpah and lunacy.


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