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Hollywood Nazi
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Default The National-Socialist Swastika: Its Meaning

The Eternal Jew
By Robert Ley

“This war is a battle between worldviews, and the side that has the strongest faith will be victorious. Only he who is convinced of the justice of his cause, and who in fact has justice on his side, who acts reasonably and correctly, who recognizes and follows the laws of nature, can have the strongest faith.

All natural life is eternal battle, and battle is the father of all things. Battle, however, is possible only between two opposing poles and powers. Mankind has named these battling worlds "good" and "evil," "God" and "Satan," "noble" and "crude," "construction and destruction," "life" or "death." These are all ways of saying that nature is a constant process of coming and going, a constant transformation of forces and materials. Science has a chemical and physical law that says: Nothing perishes; everything is constantly changing. Whatever we call it, whether we use the words of science or say it in a more primitive way, the eternal, inescapable law is that life means battle, that battle comes from competing energies, and that something new comes from their meeting….”

“…Everything in nature obeys ancient and unchangeable laws. Nothing happens apart from these natural laws. The laws strive toward harmony and construction. Every natural creature must obey some of these countless laws. It has a mission, thereby obeying its drives, its instincts, and its understanding, if nature has given it that. The opposite of harmony is chaos and disharmony. If racial community displays harmony in blood and nature, the Jew is the chaotic, disharmonic factor in such human harmony. National Socialism wants to release energy by promoting communities of race and blood so that humanity can develop its abilities and virtues to the highest level. National Socialism thus strives for the highest level of culture. It respects beauty and joy, health and human satisfaction, strength, development, and progress. Each of these is insufficient by itself without the will to defend this ideal from the danger of chaos and destruction.”
The Swastika Cross in National Socialist theology represents Order, evolution, and victory. Hence the statement in Mein Kampf:

“..In the Swastika the mission of the struggle for victory of the Aryan man [evolution], and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work [Order], which as such always has been and always will be anti-Semitic.”

Mein Kampf box: Notice the Swastika in the middle at the bottom, and the Hagal rune (destruction) at the top in the middle. I believe this combination symbolises 'Order and chaos'.

Order and chaos are two opposing forces of Nature. The picture below is of an early National-Socialist propaganda poster during the 1920s. The two Swastikas, right handed and left handed, represent the opposing forces of Nature: Order and chaos. The picture of an Aryan woman and a Jew silhouette depicts racial mixing. Below is the word, ‘Germany’ with a coffin. This signifies Germany’s fate if the blood is defiled by race mixing. Note the artist's initials 'AH'!

Harmony of opposites symbolised by the Swastika: Order and chaos; creation and destruction; life and death.

Above: The Indo-European origins of the Vikings is illustrated by this detail from a very well preserved Viking ship uncovered by archeologists in Scandinavia, known as the Osberg ship, circa 800 AD. A handle mount on a bucket found in the ship depicts a figure carrying a shield with four swastika sun emblems in its corners. The fact that the swastika appears as a symbol from Scandinavia to Italy to India indicates precisely how far the Indo-European influence was felt.
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Hollywood Nazi
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: In a nice Jewish part of town
Posts: 239

Above SS officers being taught the meaning of NS runes. The eight pointed star is a chaos star, so maybe I got it wrong about the Hagal rune representing chaos, as this rune is also on the chalk board.
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Oy Ze Hate
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Oy Ze Hate

I believe the Swastika captures the essence of spin. A still symbol representing turning or revolution or simply spin.

The constant for all heavenly bodies.

Spin spin spin. No matter what it is in space, it spins.


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