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Default Breaking Bad and the glamorizing of everything that is wrong

You want to watch Breaking Bad season 5.

Notice how the normal Whites are portrayed as Nazis, with swastika tattoos. I know right, as if anyone would actually do that? It was HILARIOUS to watch and I couldn't stop laughing.

Ok so what I gathered from this show is, despite not saying so, the main family, Walters family, is Jewish. It's like an insider thing that only all the Jews in television would be aware of. So when they portray the mere gentile as Nazis it's a whole in group out group dynamic that is a treasure to have captured in immortality in this show, as it is validation that everything I have learned about the invisible people is true.

Notice how Skyler ALWAYS has her arms covered? Such a traditional Jewish gal.

And the glamorizing of everything that is wrong. As the Talmud says, everything that is wrong will be right. Well this show epitomizes that statement.

Do the actors even care that their glamorization of the portrayal of drugs has HAD REAL WORLD CONSEQUENCES ON REAL PEOPLE at all I wonder? You can't tell me the drug epidemic is not related to these portrayals by Jews of drugs as trendy, hip, cool, and the normal thing to do. Sorry kiddos, but they are anything but.

These actors have never had to live with the consequences of drugs. The family break downs. Years spent in prison. Lives completely devoid of their potential. Never had to deal with ice rampaging nutcases who are completely out of their minds trying to break into their houses.

These actors have all become very rich personally, but contributed nothing meaningful to society. How do they live with themselves knowing the real pain they have caused?! I don't know.
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Breaking Bad is a fantastic show. Better Call Saul is a great prequel.
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