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Old October 6th, 2017 #1
Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson
Unhappy Horrifying Cake Commercial

...But perfect for Halloween.

More gag inducing than horrifying, but it's October, so I'll say 'horrifying'.

I like how Martha Stewart does things correctly, although she does act like she'd go into thermonuclear meltdown if a cake were not iced properly, which is a little overboard, but now I see this ad over a knitting vid today so go looking for it.....

Snoop Dogg and Martha slopping a choco cake together, all romantical an' sheeit.

Apparently they have a show together. Cuz drug dealerz like to bake apparently. How charming.

Far more gross than funny, VH1. Those of us displaced by niggers understand that this is fantasy, but the purpose of this blurring of the lines between ghetto shit and normal White stuff like baking food is to create a false narrative, where people associate ghetto thugs with normal life.

Doesn't work for those who know. Electric Picture Box Whores fail, yet again.

"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier
Old October 6th, 2017 #2
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this is a trend in American advertising that my wife brought my attention to not long ago. Increasingly. Advertisers have been developing propaganda that shows the nigger participating in things, making decisions, planning a course of action that no rational thinking white person would see as typical nigger actions. Buying a car, investing in the stock market, buying a home through a traditional mortgage, buying life insurance, etc. It is indeed a "false narrative" as Emily says in an attempt to portray the nigger as our social and political equals. It should not surprise us that the perpetrators behind these commercials, the things that own these firms are kikes. Always promoting their pets at the expense of us White people.


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