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Default The Africanization Of American/European Culture

Suppose a spaceship lands in a deserted part of America circa the year 2525 (that's six generations from now). The alien visitors uncover abandoned artifacts of an advanced civilization. The local inhabitants look different from those depicted in the artifacts. As in other civilizations long gone, we assume that the people then are the same people today. So we are left wondering, maybe aliens kindly left us some of their secrets. The "History Channel" is guilty of assuming that the later "Black Pharoah's were the same people who built the pyramids earlier.

Europe is now treading the same path of obliteration as America is. In my own travels, I've witnessed the same phenomenon - who created what? Cause those left now don't appreciate or care about our past. The Black kneelers at an NFL game do what is expected of them (they are Black).

Civil war monuments are being torn down (reminds me of the statue of liberty in the futuristic "Planet of The Apes"). Americans died on both sides of the civil war.

In the U.S. Blacks represent 13% of the population. In Canada Blacks make up 2.5% of the population (and there are mixed races). Yet Blacks are over-represented in newspapers, articles, commercials, news teams, actors, reality shows and advertising. Is it rising Afrocentrism or just really deliberate Africanization?

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