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Woodpecker Where are the California people?!?!?!

I am looking to put together a compilation of stories about life in Mexifornia and would like you to share your experiences.

I'm sure many of you have been experiencing the "joys" of multiculturalism first hand in your state, especially the things that come with being a white minority in an anti-white, liberal environment. For example, what can you tell me about the appeasement of non-whites, gang problems, problems with language barriers, racial tensions, anti-white discrimination, and so on? What are your experiences at work, in school, on the street, etc?? If you are old enough, California's glory years might also be a good topic...what has changed? And when?

All of this is open-ended, so think of this as your chance to tell YOUR story. Have some fun with it! To my knowledge, nobody has attempted to put together a compilation of experiences like this. As experiences shape men, I think this would be a great, up-close-and-personal way for us to reach out to unawakened white people and share what we have seen. California was "the first to go"...

Send your stories to me in a private message or post your story on my website's comments section. I RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT POST ON THIS FORUM, BECAUSE I CANNOT BE THE SECOND OPINION ON WHAT IS TOO PERSONAL TO POST...YOUR POST WILL BE PERMANENT!

A few other things:

Please: be truthful, mindful of your audience (watch the swearing) and include a signature at the end of your post (for example "Steve, Ohio" or "concerned in California" know, like you were writing to "Dear Abby"!) As far as length is concerned, anything is acceptable. About content, know that minor edits may be made to what I ultimately decide to post...

Thanks for your help, I'm hoping this project really takes off!

Armed With Knowledge!


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