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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Piss Takes: Weaver on Franco

Jesus said one of the most -- nay, the most -- imp thing we can do is love one another. He said that. Or god. Or he is god. Or he is 1/3 god. These things were never clear. Anyway, that standard's too high. If it's a standard. I don't consider it a standard. I think the real standard is love what's loveable and hate what's hateable and god give me the functional sensorium to tell the difference. Is sensorium really a word? Someone used it. I copy him.

Rather, our job is to take the piss of people too high on their own ether. That would be a creature called James Franco, and his piss-phlebotomist wold be Caity Weaver

Consequently, we at Gawker would like to congratulate James Franco, of Huffington Post Media Group, for his National Entertainment Journalism Award nomination for best entertainment blog by an individual. We would also like to congratulate Elizabeth Leonard of People Magazine on her National Entertainment Journalism Award nomination for best feature under 1,000 words for her piece "Kristie Alley's 100 lb. Slimdown!" and the only nominee in the best tweet category, Dylan Howard of Celebuzz for his work live-tweeting the death of Whitney Houston, "Whitney Houston's Death – Happening Right Now."

Best of luck to all nominees and Yale doctoral candidates. We look forward to reading your poetry.

That is just...delicious. But you have to read the first part truly to appreciate it.

Now, ye monsters of uncorrupted nescience, to follow in the indicated path, post only in this thread high-quality piss-takes such as you might come across in your fruity peregrinations about the internet.

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